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  1. 1. Laws passed against texting while driving provide examples of legal complicationsmatching technological innovation. While text messaging offers users the opportunity to send short communications to one another, namely for the purpose of either being more discrete or asking questions that might be considered too short for a phone call, it alsorequires more physical attention compared to conventional cell phone use. This has prompted lawmakers to react to the dangers of composing and reading text messages while attempting to drive as evidenced by several state and local laws banning the act. However, with technology centralizing underfewer types of powerful devices, especially in the case of application-heavy smart phones, the lines that divide legal and illegal machineuse have become somewhat grayed. In these regards, the use of portable GPS assistants has become relatively confusing.Mass texting
  2. 2. Electronic navigation aids have become commonplace in the modern world,replacing bulky paper atlases Most models offer users a clean visual display,simplifying visual cues for drivers, and audio assistance to announce directions
  3. 3. These features are intended to keep drivers focused on the road instead oftheir maps Some systems even include a pre-programmed warning when thedevice boots up, telling drivers that operating the GPS device while driving isdangerous and should not be attempted
  4. 4. These systems reinforce a hands-free and, in a stricter sense of the word,mindless approach to digital navigation assistants Portable GPS devicescome with some means to affix them to a vehicle, making them stationary
  5. 5. In this way, no physical attention beyond listening and, maybe, occasionallydouble-checking the map is paid to the device itself Drivers keep their eyes onthe road
  6. 6. Legislatures have tried to match this sentiment, many passing laws that allowMass texting for stationary or built-in GPS computers while disallowingvisually-based phone use For example, the state of Washingtons texting whiledriving law makes an exception for devices that are connected directly to thevehicle itself
  7. 7. The emphasis of this sort of law rests on hands-free operation, which rules outnavigational software available for smart phones For most drivers, thestationary device rule is a fairly safe rule of thumb, although your local or statelaws should be consulted first
  8. 8. While violations to texting bans can range between criminal charges andmonetary penalties, liability factors in accidents involving text messagingdepends on the case To learn more about liability, visit the website of theknowledgeable somekeyword attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier, S
  9. 9. C today
  10. 10. Mass texting