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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. It is seen that people who use Mac machine do not prefer to work with any other application until and unless it is required. It is the best system to share your videos, photos and audios. Compared to other operating systems, a MAC user generally enjoys many features. . Most of the software is available in the market or in the internet are not suited for MAC systems. Thats why; sometimes problemsarising in such machines are difficult to be dealtwith. One of such problems is losing any storedinformation in your memory card. This happens due to some unexpected circumstances i.e. your hard disk may be corrupted. In such a case, it really becomes difficult to recover the data lost from your storage devices such as a memory card.memory card error
  2. 2. Lets take an instance into consideration At the time of connecting yourmemory card to your MAC running desktop or laptop and your trying to transferthe stored photos and images from memory card to your system Suddenly,the computer flashes the message of Memory Card Corrupted so that thecomputer fails to detect the memory card
  3. 3. These are the following possible reasons which will the cause of such anappearance of error message: the memory card was not properly placed orinserted into the reader port of your system There might be some hidden virusin your memory card or in your system Your card might have got corrupteddue to repeated and quick clicking followed by deleting files from the memorycard
  4. 4. Lot of quick clicking due to memory card was fully loaded
  5. 5. So that problem occurs in memory card Solution: To deal with such aproblem, the first step you have to take is to format your memory cardcompletely
  6. 6. We can easily format the memory card As soon as you format your memorycard, simultaneously, all the possible problems present get cleared off fromyour memory card
  7. 7. Next you can download the photo recovery software with MAC compatibilityTo start the recovery process it is necessary to install the recovery software
  8. 8. Once the drive of memory card is selected, the software will start the scanningprocess of missed files Hence, you recover all your lost data and soon, createa back up of those data so data you do not have to worry even if memory carderror something goes wrong with your memory card again
  9. 9. Know more about somekeyword and somekeyword
  10. 10. memory card error