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  1. 1. For many women, the dream of being ableto give birth to a happy, healthy baby boy or girl is strong in their minds. When thathappy day comes, they often feel incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to bring another human being into the world and to guide them through the formative stages of their lives. However, there is one thing which most women hate about pregnancy: the toll it has on their bodies. The excess weight gained in pregnancy can be lost through hard work; the skin blemishes aremuch harder to shake. People therefore ask how to get rid of stretch marks.stretch mark cream
  2. 2. They are not alone though Even those women who have neverconsidered becoming a mother can suffer from this problem as wellThis is because all women go through puberty, and a natural part ofthat involves the stretching of the skin beyond its tensile limits It isnot just the amazingly large proportion (half) of all pregnant womenwho report this problem Almost every woman has the scars ofstretching on their breasts and hips as their body reworked itself intowomanhood
  3. 3. These scars people see on their skins are tiny tears in the inelasticconnective tissue of the skin Initially, they look pink or red and verysore, but over time they fade to a more neutral color This makesthem less visible as time goes on They will often blend into the skincolor somewhat, but can still be noticeable
  4. 4. Others turn an unpalatable shade of gray, which is the point atwhich most women seek treatment Luckily, there are many ways todeal with this problem However, they have differing success ratesbased on what they do and when they are invoked Getting on top ofthe problem early makes it more likely to be successful
  5. 5. 90% success rates are reported by those who catch it when it is stillpink and stretch mark cream raw Those who leave it until they fadeto begin treatment have a lesser - but still significant - success rateUnlike many other treatments for medical problems, dealing withthese things is a case of cumulative action The more often peopleseek treatment and the more regularly they use creams andointments, the more likely the problem is to fade away
  6. 6. That is not to say that there are not single treatments which work,however These include laser treatment, chemical peels or dermalabrasion This form of treatment is very expensive and riskier thanother non surgical methods, and so it should only be used as a lastresort if everything else does not have the desired effect But thereare more sensible, affordable ways somekeyword
  7. 7. Chemists will offer paraffin wraps which can be worn and soothe theskin There are also countless creams, ointments and lotions whichdo the same work and cost less, and are less likely to result in aproblem in the long run It is a more natural way to deal with theproblem
  8. 8. stretch mark cream