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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Are you getting memory card parameter error after inserting the memory card in your digital camera? That is a commonphenomenon. Basically, memory card uses flash memory which empowers it to store large amount of data in a small area. If a memory card is not correctly formatted, it will definitely pester you with parameter errors. Due to such errors, the photos stored on a memory card becomes inaccessible. Therefore, in order to overcome such errors, you would be required to reformat the memory card in a correct way. After reformatting, you can restore the lost photos from a backup. However, if there is no clean and updatedbackup available, do not think the time hasto come to do away with the memory card. You can recover lost photos from the memory card by using an efficient video
  2. 2. recovery software.memory card error
  3. 3. Consider a scenario, wherein, you insert the memory card in adigital camera to view some photos from a recent family function,held at your place, and receive the following error: "Memory cardparameter error" Due to the above error message, the photos onyour memory card would become inaccessible And, before you trydifferent strategies to perform photo recovery, it is important for youto understand the major causes behind the problem
  4. 4. Cause The above error can surface in the following situations:The memory card is not properly formatted in the camera If you areusing a faulty card reader Or if the memory card is corruptResolution In order to rectify the above error message, you can trythe following methods: Reformat the memory card to curbparameter errors Replace the faulty card reader with a new one Toovercome corruption issues, format the memory card Sinceformatting deletes all the data from a memory card, you must restorethe lost photos by grabbing a third-party somekeyword Such toolsrecover lost or deleted photos from a formatted card withoutmodifying the original content
  5. 5. memory card error Moreover, they come loaded with a simple andgraphical user interface which makes the recovery task very simple
  6. 6. somekeyword is a comprehensive utility which recovers lost ordeleted photos, and other multimedia files (audios, videos) from arange of digital cameras including Canon, Sony, Kodak etc
  7. 7. Available for in two versions for both Windows and Mac users, thisphoto recovery application recovers all photo formats
  8. 8. Simpson Raid has 6 Years of Experience in the SoftwareTechnology researching on somekeyword and somekeyword
  9. 9. memory card error