Study Day 10.11.12 Evaluation


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Summary evaluation of Study Day on 10 November 2012

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Study Day 10.11.12 Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation of Year 2 First Study Day PGCE/Cert Ed (PCE)University of Bedfordshire 10 November 2012
  2. 2. Notes• All figures based on 128 returns.• Pie charts are used where respondents had to choose just one answers from several alternatives• Column charts are used for “tick all that apply” questions• Write-ins have been lightly edited• Spreadsheet with raw data available on request.
  3. 3. Q1—Were you prepared for the work of the Study Day?Not at all No answer 13% 3% Well 33% A little 51%
  4. 4. Q2—Was the topic for the day relevant to your work? Not at all No answer 8% 4% Very 19%A little 29% Quite 40%
  5. 5. Q3—Was Bill Rammels session stimulating? No answer Very 2% 8% Quite 13%Not at all 35% A little 42%
  6. 6. Q4—Was the question time exercise; 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0%
  7. 7. Q5—Comments on the keynote and question time exercise;• Party political broadcast (7) / too political / Very biased• He skirted round the questions / Bill never answered the questions; he talked like a politician / Questions avoided / Most questions not really answered / did not address the questions / Should answer the questions! / Didnt answer questions/ Questions not answered--too political• Questions asked were irrelevant / Some questions too political / Q&A too political; little impact at college level• Horrendous; bad presentation, bad Q&A / Not arguing with content--delivery was terrible / contrary to all we are being taught about good practice / Terribly dull powerpoint / Slides over-crowded• More time for Q&A please / QT good format /• not current; not linked to Unit 7 / Relevant to U7; more relevant to politics students / He misunderstood the object of the day (U7)/ "All about Bill"; should have been better briefed• Very boring / Boring, not relevant / no relevance to actual practice; infuriating• should have had another viewpoint too• He talked very fast / Delivery not inspiring / Could have dealt with points more quickly
  8. 8. Q6—Was the briefing for the interest group work; No answer 11% Too vague 18% Clear 70% Toodetailed 1%
  9. 9. Q7—Was the timing for the interest group work... No answerToo long 10% 3%Too short 28% About right 59%
  10. 10. Q8—How do you rate the work you did in your group?Not at all No answer useful 9% 9% Very useful 27% Quite useful 55%
  11. 11. Write-in comments on Interest Groups• Didnt get there because of consultative committee (9), so excluded from getting evidence for U7• No tutor visited (2)• Could have done something relevant• Would have been useful to have a copy of the presentation• Worked well as a group this time• Never enough time for groups
  12. 12. Q9—How would you rate the ICT session? Not at allQuite useful No answeruseful 2% 2% 14% Very useful 82%
  13. 13. Write-in comments on ICT session• Excellent (38) Brilliant (38)• Enthusiastic delivery; inspiring; enjoyable / Incredible, inspiring, relevant, interactive• informative and engaging; thank you, Mark• Awesome! --come and kick ass in our IT dept!• Very interesting and motivating presentation / Motivational; down to me to embed / More please; inspiring and motivating• Can we have him again? / More please / More needed! / An absolute inspiration; give him a longer slot!• loads of ideas / Fantastic resources; will use• Best speaker yet / Best bit of the day; Bill could learn from him! / Best part of the day by far / Great; should have been for longer in the morning / Made the day for me / Best session of the day--thanks, Mark• Inspiration, useful; models what good teaching should look like.• Info. on how to use these sites would be useful / Would like links in Breo / Should have worked through one of the tools to show in action• Highly motivating--and I dont even use IT! / IT access restricted, but the speaker was great.• Marginal usefulness for non-IT-literate learners / Felt marginalised because I do not have a smartphone• Passionate, and that rubs off; but not what I needed
  14. 14. General write-in comments• Doesnt link to Unit 7 (2)• Working lunch a good idea• Study Days should be inspiring us, and less of what we already have to suffer in evening classes• Question Time well-organised• Some of us work in prisons; we are never included in the design of these study days / My setting never mentioned• Need to be more relevant to working with older learners / Could have been much more relevant• Still no consideration for disabled people--too much walking• This is supposed to be about Post-Compulsory!• Present giving is wrong / I wasnt consulted about the present! / Should have paid the heating bill rather than give presents to ex- MPs