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Wp JSON API and You!


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My WordCamp Atlanta presentation on the WP REST API plugin, hopefully soon to be WP Core feature.

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Wp JSON API and You!

  1. 1. WP JSON API and You! The Next Journey in Your Career
  2. 2. What You’ll Be Learning ●What Is JSON ●REST and Its Best Practices ●The WP REST API ●How to Engage Clients With This
  3. 3. API Primer
  4. 4. What is JSON ●JavaScript Object Notation ●Supports Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Arrays, and Objects ●Client side communication between different domain servers through callback(JSONP)
  5. 5. JSON Example
  6. 6. REST ●Representational State Transfer ●Architectural style for scalable web services ●HTTP requests for CRUD operations ●Auth methods like Basic and Oauth
  7. 7. REST Best Practices ●API located at base URL, i.e. ●Separate actions for GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE ●Maintain a Version History ●Get a SSL certificate ●Keep it simple
  8. 8. Using the WP API!
  9. 9. The Setup ●Download source from WP Plugin Repo, or GitHub for beta version ●Activate the Plugin ●Go to and view your recent posts in JSON ●Easy right!
  10. 10. Now Lets Extend It A Bit! ●Change JSON Response Output ●Create custom endpoints
  11. 11. Extending The Response
  12. 12. Extending The Endpoints
  13. 13. Extending The Endpoints
  14. 14. How You Can Sell It
  15. 15. People Already Doing Similar
  16. 16. Resources ● ● ● ●
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Reaching Out! | |