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Wp JSON API and You!

  1. WP JSON API and You! The Next Journey in Your Career
  2. What You’ll Be Learning ●What Is JSON ●REST and Its Best Practices ●The WP REST API ●How to Engage Clients With This
  3. API Primer
  4. What is JSON ●JavaScript Object Notation ●Supports Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Arrays, and Objects ●Client side communication between different domain servers through callback(JSONP)
  5. JSON Example
  6. REST ●Representational State Transfer ●Architectural style for scalable web services ●HTTP requests for CRUD operations ●Auth methods like Basic and Oauth
  7. REST Best Practices ●API located at base URL, i.e. ●Separate actions for GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE ●Maintain a Version History ●Get a SSL certificate ●Keep it simple
  8. Using the WP API!
  9. The Setup ●Download source from WP Plugin Repo, or GitHub for beta version ●Activate the Plugin ●Go to and view your recent posts in JSON ●Easy right!
  10. Now Lets Extend It A Bit! ●Change JSON Response Output ●Create custom endpoints
  11. Extending The Response
  12. Extending The Endpoints
  13. Extending The Endpoints
  14. How You Can Sell It
  15. People Already Doing Similar
  16. Resources ● ● ● ●
  17. Questions?
  18. Reaching Out! | |