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Task 7

  1. 1. Q7:Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt n the progression from it to the full product ?
  2. 2. framing Firstly, throughout our preliminary film I felt as if there was bad framing throughout. For example there was one scene shot where we could she another media group working in the background. This to me is a clear example of bad framing. I felt as if the bad framing could have been improved if we had more time to create out film. However from this experience I learnt that good framing is important when making our official opening title sequence for our film, and because of this lesson lesson learnt, we as a group improved the framing of our shots
  3. 3. Example of bad framing from preliminary task.
  4. 4. Improvements on framing in our final opening title sequence
  5. 5. Match cut Within our preliminary task we were in experienced in the sense that we didn't’t know how to successfully execute a match cut. And in result of this, within the preliminary task we ended up having a terrible match cut or two. However once we reviewed over our footage that we had filmed and edited and realized what we did wrong and what we hand to improve on when it came to our official opening title sequence.
  6. 6. Example of bad match cut in our preliminary task
  7. 7. Example on improvements on match cut in the official opening title sequence
  8. 8. Title credits Within our preliminary task we used a title font and size that was unprofessional. It was bland and was shown at the end of the opening on blank screen without any music or sound effects to back it up. Also we didn’t credit everyone involvement in the making of the film which was unprofessional. This for us didn't’t work due to the fact that originally we wanted our credits to go over moving images but at the time we didn't’t know how to do that. But from doing our official opening title sequence we learnt that that when using adobe after effects we could put title credits over moving images.
  9. 9. Title credits for preliminary task
  10. 10. Title credits from official title opening title sequence
  11. 11. Acting Throughout our preliminary task I felt as if the acting wasn’t that great, although that isn’t the key element in the task, it was a little bit off putting to see one of the actors smiling in what was supposed to be a serious interrogation. I felt as if within the preliminary task, we as a group didn’t take the task as seriously as we should have, and as a result of this, our main actor who was interrogating was smiling and laughing in some of the scenes. However within the official opening title sequence we learnt that it was important to be serious, and keep up our roles when on camera.
  12. 12. Acting in preliminary task
  13. 13. Acting in official opening title sequence