Social business the evolution into a media company-


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Social business the evolution into a media company-

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  • How Social Business Planning Can Enable Better Content, Smarter Marketing and More Effective Customer Relationships #IABCyeg
  • Researchers at the University of Washington sifted through more than 3 million tweets, countless hours of YouTube videos and gigabytes of blogs to find out whether the Internet, and social media services like Twitter and Facebook really played the revolutionary role many claimed they did. According to the study, online chatter about revolution often began just before actual revolutions took place. And social media also served as an outlet for citizens of the region to tell their stories of revolution, which played an inspirational role for neighboring countries, the study found.In Egypt, where the Arab Spring blossomed, Howard and his team found that the number of tweets that mentioned revolution in that country exploded from 2,300 per day to more than 230,000 per day. The number of videos, Facebook updates and blog posts about government opposition also rose dramatically. 
  • And guess what .. Brands DID join the conversation. And, they went overboard
  • And guess what .. Brands DID join the conversation. And, they went overboard
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  • Social business the evolution into a media company-

    1. 1. Social Business: The Evolution into a Media Company Michael Brito Group Director, WCG @Britopian on Twitter 415-871-5165
    2. 2. There is a content and media surplus @Britopian
    3. 3. Consumers have an attention deficit @Britopian
    4. 4. The customer journey is dynamic @Britopian
    5. 5. Consumers have tunnel vision The customer journey is dynamic @Britopian
    6. 6. Everyone is influential @Britopian
    7. 7. Marketers have different challenges, internally 78% of marketers say that their biggest challenge with content is "creating original content" and that they don't have enough time to do it 44% of marketers do not have a documented content strategy. @Britopian
    8. 8. Business objectives remain the same @Britopian
    9. 9. But why a Media Company? @Britopian
    10. 10. This type of evolution requires a radical change in thinking, communications and business operations. @Britopian
    11. 11. The evolution to a media company requires a social business strategy “ A social business strategy is a documented plan of action that helps ” evolve and transform the thinking of an organization bridging internal and external social initiatives resulting in collaborative connections, a more social organization and shared value for all stakeholders (customers, partners, and employees). @Britopian
    12. 12. Social Business Must Business Deliver Value PLATFORMS SOCIAL BUSINESS FRAMEWORK POSITIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES Online Monitoring Analytics Platform Internal Collaboration Community Platform Selection Social CRM / Content Publishing Deeper customer engagement Social Media Policies Technology Integration Customer Support & Crisis Workflows Measurement Framework Global & Enterprise Expansion ENABLEMENT PROCESS More effective and relevant content Smarter marketing that align to business goals Integrated and converged media PEOPLE Integrated community strategy Behavior Change Cross Silo Collaboration Executive Support & Participation Organizational Models Employee & Partner Participation Effective content operations and governance
    13. 13. How to facilitate this evolution…
    14. 14. BUILD A CENTRALIZED TEAM Build a “centralized” editorial team Research Segment Marketing Product Marketing CUSTOMER SUPPORT SOCIAL MEDIA DIGITAL MARKETING Events Employees BRAND & CREATIVE ANALYTICS REGIONAL EDITORS @Britopian © Edelman Digital Centralized Editorial Team
    15. 15. ASSIGN ROLES & RESPONSIBLITIES Assign roles & responsibilities (channel) FACEBOOK EDITOR TWITTER EDITOR TUMBLR EDITOR BLOG EDITOR BLOG EDITOR CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS (CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES AS BRAND JOURNALISTS) Brand Journalism Initiatives Employee Advocacy Programs Influencer Marketing Customer Advocacy Programs @Britopian
    16. 16. ASSIGN ROLES & RESPONSIBLITIES Assign roles & responsibilities (region) GLOBAL EDITOR @Britopian
    17. 17. DEFINE YOUR BRAND NARRATIVE Define your brand narrative BRAND PILLARS CURRENT AUDIENCE AFFINITIES What are the core tenets of the brand? What are the biggest customer support issues today? Tomorrow? What other topics and lifestyle interests are your fans passionate about? TARGET AUDIENCE What are the demographics and psychographics if your target audience? SEARCH Content Narrative COMMUNITY MAINSTREAM MEDIA In what context does the community talk about your brand? @Britopian CUSTOMER SUPPORT How does the media talk about your brand when they write stories? How do consumers search for your brand? Value proposition? CONTENT How is your content performing today? What’s working? What’s not?
    18. 18. DEFINE YOUR BRAND NARRATIVE Define your tone of voice Approachable Fun Smart Enthusiastic @Britopian Our brand is fun, easy to talk to; we answer questions even when they may not make complete sense. We are your friend and give good advice when you need it. We will never sound like a robot or share corporate babble. Going shopping is fun and we should have fun when talking about it. We are clever, witty and make people smile. We are subject matter experts in all things fashion and shopping. No room for error when it comes to talking about important things in life like looking good. We must strive to get customers excited and pumped for life events and milestones like bachelor parties, anniversaries, back to school or “girls night out”.
    19. 19. DEFINE YOUR BRAND NARRATIVE Establish an editorial framework & build content themes Your brand is the story Your brand is a character in the story Your brand comments on a story Master Content Narrative Product Launch @Britopian Events and corporate announce ments Highlight customer stories Proactive Customer Support Curated, 3r d party industry content Realtime, trendi ng and lifestyle
    20. 20. DEFINE YOUR BRAND NARRATIVE Prioritize and map narrative to channels Frequency of distribution Content Pillars 15% 40% 20% 20% 10% Campaigns Events Promotions Customer Stories Customer Support Lifestyle Content Real Time Content CONSISTENT STORYLINE ACROSS ALL MEDIA + @Britopian
    21. 21. ESTABLISH THE CONTENT SUPPLY CHAIN Optimize the content supply chain for planned content Content planning & brainstorming CONTENT BEST PRACTICES 24 hrs. yes Contributor submits content Post-ready & submitted via CMS Approved Submission emailed to Editors no Sent back to Contributor for revision or rejection Contributor may choose to revise & re-submit @Britopian yes Editor schedules post/tweet Approved Approval request emailed to Brand & Legal Post or Tweet automatically published @ scheduled time no Rejections sent back to Editor *Legal response required. Brand response not Digital © Edelman required Push to content to paid promotion
    23. 23. INTEGRATE CONVERGED MEDIA MODELS Build converged media models (integration of paid, earned & owned) SOCIAL MEDIA (Sponsored Posts, Promoted Tweets) @Britopian CONTENT SYNDICATION EARNED MEDIA AMPLIFICATION (Pushing owned media content into paid media) (Pushing earned media into paid/owned media)
    24. 24. Thank you Michael Brito Group Director, WCG @Britopian on Twitter 415-871-5165 @Britopian