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  1. 1. Jalila D. Williams Press Release Writing Samples Production: Artist Evolve Artist Evolve, November 6, 2015 Event Industry: Visual Arts, Music Event Announcement and Details Do you love to draw or paint? Are you a photographer? Artist Evolve is a special event where visual artists like yourselves can channel your creative energy! The Mousai House has created a space for you to come express your talent and network with other great creatives. Evolve with other artists during a three hour figure drawing session. Live models will be posing for you to transfer images to your sketch pad or capture in your lens. Mousai opens its doors to all great people, so if you are just coming to enjoy the energy, you are most welcome! DJ Aquarian will have the tunes in rotation with delicious food & refreshments prepared by vegan culinarian Rakhel Yisrael. Our vendors feature exclusive clothes and accessories by Kari Boogie Nmotion Lb, and Black Pearl stone and crystal jewelry by Raven Dani. Hookah will also be available! Mousai is a community where artists of all sorts as well as enthusiasts are free to enjoy a positive atmosphere. Artist Evolve invites you to express your craft, rather to than promote or sell it. Enrich your artistry with the beautiful nature of life that’s in front of you! There will be three figure models posing, each for one hour from 9:00pm to midnight. Space is limited, so get there early to ensure you’ve got a great point of view. Please bring your own supplies. Buy your tickets online soon! $15 door entry. Spread the word and tell a friend! Hope to see you there! Artist Evolve: Agape, February 12, 2016 Event Industry: Visual Arts, Music, Fine Arts Event Announcement and Details It's the second series of Artist Evolve: Agape. If you attended the last one, you were one of many people who looked forward to the popular demand, it's back! This time, we celebrate Agape: universal & unconditional love amongst kindred spirits through mutual interest & creative expression of visual artistry. Taking place at the Mousai House, we're opening doors for those who love to participate in photography, sketch/draw, paint, or just enjoy the scene! There will be food and refreshments served, dope tunes in rotation, beautiful models, pop-up shops and art all around! Come witness the greatness that's about to take place! There will be figure models posing. There is a 3 hour figure drawing session that begins promptly at 9:30pm and ending at 12:30am. Each model will pose for anyone wanting to paint, draw, or take photos. Artists, please make sure to bring your own supplies. Our two pop-up vendors Raven Dani and Kari Raynor will be selling exclusive merchandise; DJ Geena Marie will be keeping the music afloat, spinning DOPE tunes and Dani Marie Harris will be serving delicious food & refreshments! Keep in mind that this is not an artist showcase; instead Artist Evolve is a haven for visual artists to express their work, not sell their work. Recreate the beautiful raw nature of life that's in front of you! Tickets at the door are $15 so be sure to purchase them online while you can. Artists are also required
  2. 2. to pay admission! Please help our movement in supporting the arts and young entrepreneurs! Help us help you! Spread the word and tell a friend, everyone who brings positive, chill energy is most welcome! Feel free to contact me (Jalila) if you have any questions via email: Thank you so much for the support! Artist Evolve: Diaspora, May 13, 2016 Event Industry: Visual Arts, African-American History, Fine Arts, Music Event Announcement and Details The time has arrived again for all visual artists to step out and experience the third series of Artist Evolve: Diaspora! We are emanating, appreciating, and embracing everything that involves the diasporic culture. The African Diaspora refers to the communities throughout the world that have resulted by descent from the movement of indigenous people of Africa brought over to the Americas and other continents across the globe. Artist Evolve: Diaspora cultivates the African-American community by grasping art from its roots. If you are a visual artist who loves to sketch, paint, or practice photography, this event is especially for you! Live figure models will pose during a non- instructional drawing & photography session. Delicious Afro-Latin inspired food will be served while the DJs rotate all the sounds to keep your hips and feet moving. Come relax and enjoy the scene or evolve in your artistry, exchange with creative souls, and vibe right! Artist Evolve is held at the Mousai House, in the Union Arts building, located in Northeast Washington, D.C. The Union Arts building is threatened with displacement of artists along with inconvenient and unfortunate renovations bought out by the zoning commission. Let’s help fundraise money to keep this historic haven in the city! Artist Evolve encourages visual artists to enrich their talent with the beautiful nature of life in front of them; usually this is not an event where anyone is to showcase or sell their artwork. However, only a select few of art entrepreneurs who have supported Artist Evolve in the past will feature their work and have art for sale. Three beautiful models will each pose for one hour from 9:30-12:30 for the visually creative, so bring your paintbrush, pastels, sketchpads, pencils, cameras, and bring art to life! Chef Dani Marie Harris is going to prepare a delightful Afro-Latin cuisine with vegan-friendly options, so make sure to come with an appetite. Raven will be back for her third pop-up appearance with Black Pearl, aligning your chakras with stones and crystal jewelry. DJ Aquarian & DJ Geena Marie are gonna spin some dope tunes throughout the night with hip hop, reggae, afrobeat, and more! Are you excited yet??? ***KEY THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND***  Visual artists participating must still pay admission…no exceptions. Please understand our efforts in supporting the arts and young entrepreneurs.  Space is limited and seating is on a 1st come basis. We encourage you to get there early.  Please bring your own supplies. Keep in mind each model will be doing 10-15 minute gesture poses for one hour; only bring tools that are necessary for the time allotted to save space for others.  Please do not bring any artwork for purchase unless you are an authorized vendor. Early bird tickets are on sale for $8 but for a limited time only! ADMISSION AT THE DOOR IS $15.00. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jalila by email The third series of Artist Evolve: Diaspora would not have been possible without the support and demand from you, so spread the word and tell a friend. I am forever grateful for your support!
  3. 3. Artist Evolve: Revolution, September 2, 2016 Event Industry: Visual Arts, African-American History, Fine Arts, Music Event Announcement and Details Get ready to express yourselves creatively for another series of Artist Evolve, the Revolution! We want you to start your Labor Day weekend off right and join the creative atmosphere of visual artistry, delicious food, dope music, figure models, and vendors all around. Spread the word, it's a sexy, artistic, event with gorgeous figure models coming to gravitate your concentration. Artist Evolve is an event held for visual artists in the city to participate in live, non-instructional figurative drawing or photography session. Remember to bring your camera and best lens, canvas, paintbrushes and charcoal to get your best capture! Artist Evolve: Revolution will not be televised. Our expression of our oppression will not be silenced. Let us all do our part in art to progress towards change and evolution! Three (3) models will each pose for one hour betweenn 9:30 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. Models will do 10-15 minute gesture poses within their hour while photographers, painters, and sketchers capture from their perception. And please feel free to just do a live painting, even if it's not of the figure in front of you! Artist Evolve allows you to freely express your visual capabilities. A select few of featured artists who have supported the movement in the past will be showcasing and selling their artwork (if you are not an authorized art vendor, please do not bring any artwork to showcase or sell). We want our artists and photographers to immerse themselves in the beauty of life that surrounds them. We will also be serving a delicious vegan dinner so come with a nice appetite! There will be dope tunes in rotation setting the vibes right as well as vendors with awesome merchandise. Artist Evolve is an event sponsored by Bohemian Footprints, which is partnered with the Mousai: Young Artist Coalition. We work together to provide a haven for growing entrepreneurs and artists to evolve within their prospective skill or craft! Your support will help us #SaveDCArts and profit towards building a new community with new opportunities. In order for us to reach this goal, please keep in mind that artists and guests must pay admission. Door price is $15.00. Space is limited so make sure to get there early before the room fills up. This is the FOURTH (IV) Artist Evolve and you all have made each event amazing. Thank you so much for continuing this unique vision!