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  • Brand identity

    1. 1. Jalesia Offer
    2. 2. Brand Name : BackgroundM.A.F.I.A. is a music store dedicated to selling music, fashion and artfrom independent artist. Coming from a city like bal timore i see So much great talent get overlooked and I want to open a store where independent artists can place their work and build awareness. I’m building not just an opportunity for me but an opportunity for indie artist to be seen and heard.
    3. 3. Brand Name: Pros and Cons The strengths this name possess is its uniqueness and itscreative meaning behind it (Music Art Fashion Independent Artist). The word M.A.F.I.A. is a reall catchy word. y One concern with the name is when people hear or see M.A.F.I.A they will think of mobs but when they find out the creativity meaning behind they will be like WOW that’s creative.
    4. 4. Brand Name: Protection There are many companiesnamed MAFIA but none with the same meaning behind my company M.A.F.I.A. Most of theMAFIA brands refer to mobs not music.
    5. 5. Logo: LaWs The Law of Shape is horizontalThe logo utilizes a white font and black background because M.a.F.I.A. wants the products to speak for itself.The color black represents luxury, mystery, and sophistication. The white helps represents purity and innocents
    6. 6. Law Effectiveness/ Wordmark This logo is very effective because it simplicity and the uniqueness and creativity behind the meaning of M.A.F.I.A.Wordmark suited this logo best because the logo is just letters and it has a stylized font.
    7. 7. Logo: Brand ReflectionThe logo reflects my unique brand because it gives it a cool, futuristic,artistic and creative look that represents the brand perfectl I want y. my brand to speak for itself.
    8. 8. Logo: CompetitorThe design for the logo is simple, it uses the colors orange and blue with orange representing creativity, energy and warmth and blue representing leadership. The logo has F.Y.E. As an acronym that is very catchy and creative. Thelogo informs the consumer on what the brand is an entertainment store.
    9. 9. Logo: InspirationNIKE logo is a inspiration to me because its simple and I feel like NIKE is expressing that their brand speaks for itself and wants their customer to believe in the brand. I also like the mystery being Nike’s logo you never no what to expect but the alwa seem to meet consumers needs. ys
    10. 10. Corporate Culture M.A.F.I.A. will be a store providing consumers with music, art, and fashion from independent artist at an affordable price. The company will also being having Open Mics nights for the community to come out, relax and enjoy some great performances.Our vision is to provide independent artist a place to put their music , art, fashion and an opportunity for independent artist to be seen and heard. Independent Painters, Drawers and Furniture designers will design the store. M.A.F.I.A. is reall dedicated to supporting y independent artist in any wa we can and that’s by showing y off their talents.
    11. 11. Mission StatementTo allow aspiring independent artist a chance to shine and influence the world in a creative way.The Mission statement will be placed over the register and in the middleof the store to remind our customers and employees the main reason weare in business right as they enter the store and before they leave the store. Also to let them know that they are supporting a good cause.
    12. 12. Tagline : Its more than just the M.a.f.i.a. its our lifestyle! The tagline is very effective because it let’s our customers know itsmore then company, it’s our passion, its what we live by and it shows weare dedicated company. With our company tagline we want to build trustwith in our consumers and we want this to be the first place come to for exclusive music, art and fashion.