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Third presentation do we govern our body’s life


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Role of the Body Clock in context of biology of our organism and related to complementary medicine. This can help to find out how we are able to be responsible for our active life.

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Third presentation do we govern our body’s life

  1. 1. DO WE CONTROL LIFE OF OUR BODY ? Supreme systems & the body clockIn aspect of Complementary Medicine Dr Jakub S.Malinowski Knowler Biologist and Doctor of Medicine Copy right
  2. 2. Biological processes of organism are under self-control of many mechanisms ensuring that perfect equilibrium is preserved. This warrants health. Although our body consists of many anatomical & physiological systems, ones listed below are managing all body functions and thus are the most important: Nervous system- central & peripheral; Central & Autonomic Hormonal system- endocrine glands producing hormones Blood circulatory system- heart, arteries, veins & capillaries Immunological system- cellular & humoral
  3. 3. These four Vital Systems contribute to a healthy life not only by a single loop of sending signals to other parts of the body and receiving a feedback from them, but also by a very sensitive mechanisms which enable them to decide what subsequent response to each message has to be. Each of the four also communicate with each other. So there is a co-operative network of constant supervision of all the processes within the organism. Body management is a direct result of this co-operation and we call it: the Body Clock .It is a special mechanism which controls our biological rhythms in accordance to their function in time: day/night Week/weekend Seasons and… Age of the individual’s.
  4. 4. In a normal, healthy condition each of the vital systems secures thebody function so that our individual Body Clock supports our behaviour & life activities. From a length of sleeping and a time we wake up,trough basic feelings of hunger and thirst, physical andmental work efficiency to appropriate reactions to stress and tiredness. Every reaction of our body has been scaled to whole organism ability enabling us to achieve our best.
  5. 5. As long as the body function is not disturbed we can successfully carry out every task!However, this is not easy situation in today’s world. We are facing constant difficulties, more and more demanding challenges every day just to manage our goals and advance them. This in turn requires us to prioritize what is currently the most important and thus direct our body’s strength to only main task. Therefore, we may neglect the rest of the sphere of our life thinking that it’ll be all right, and we manage this somehow … Nothing wrong has happen to our body until now as we follow the Body Clock guidance. But, at this moment, we are on the verge of our health safety, especially when such condition lasts for prolonged periods of time. Then: We need to minimise such situations if we want to keep healthy!
  6. 6. Now it will be our own responsibility to take life in our own hands… and constantly bear in mind - what is bad and what is good for my body . That is a turning point when we take over our Body Clock to tune it . First, let’s answer this questions: What do we want to achieve – change pattern of our work, adopt a different life style…? Working irregular periods of time, Changing eating time and habits …our diet… Sleeping time… Climate or atmosphere of our surrounding?
  7. 7. It is possible for the organism to adopt some new rules & patterns we introduce and it will work for us! Yet, there also is a restriction: if we place weight on one side of the scale we should adjustthe other side as well to keep the equilibrium – same applies to of our organism .And this is exactly about tuning the Body Clock so it will still accurately manage our life. To apply it, take into consideration that our organism possess only one, not expandable, pool of potency from beginning our life till its end. There is no second life or other, new supplies. In other words, we have to consciously manoeuvre with what our body already possess to not fall into debit. It is vital for safety of our health! Once our individual biological rhythm is being diverted away from its natural biological regularity, it may never be reverted again…
  8. 8. Sooner or later everyone learns that health is our most precious commodity To sustain it throughout our life it is necessary to allow the Body Clock to work within resonance of biological rhythms of the four main systems, so that the organism’s response will be positive for our body, mind & spirit!As the Central & Autonomic Nervous Systems supervises our body’s life, the master endocrine gland – the Pituitary - manages the rest of hormonal network along whole Circulatory System, including the Heart. It will entirely govern the organism processes together with army of private body guards, T & B –cells of the Immune System. Relevant signals across the body are constantly sent to supervise all the functions.
  9. 9. When, however, the normal healthy condition should get out of control a help from a doctor would be required and medical solution should be adequate to the condition. Eventually, we may have a dilemma: what kind of medical specialist should we go to with our problem. The GP may not find that his help is essential. What do we do then…? A conscientious doctor will always help us with a solution, nevertheless conventional medicine may not always be adequate to some of our requirements. It may degrade our problem or take it too seriously, offering too strong medicine to arrest the situation. Good example is frequent prescribing of antibiotics when they are totally unnecessary. Let’s discuss with the doctor and ask for as mild and yet effective treatment as possible to protecting us from unwanted side effect. It is when the Complementary Medicine treatments come to their own … Considering that general medicine deals with health disorders, Complementary Medicine, deals with treatment of both aspects: curing & being biologically supportive . This works sufficiently as it offers supplements and biological condition boosters, like herbal remedies, various types of massage, irradiations, hydrotherapy & relaxing techniques along with life style coaching based on natural and holistic methods. Great majority of these methods are already well proved to work based on medical evidence .
  10. 10. An appropriate Complementary Medicine treatmentwill be of great benefit to us , and will ensure that our Body Clock is working to its best ability.And, this way, we manage our Body’s life.., don’t we?  Should you need any further explanation or a practical help with your individual health situation, Please go to: