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Photo Essay

  1. 1. The Power Of People Through Nike Culture
  2. 2. • The Nike swoosh emblem has become a major symbol to people across the United States since 1971. Nike was originally started and branded for the use of athletic purposes, and to an extent, still is. In modern day culture this brand has become more than just a reliable athletic brand, but also has transformed into a fashion statement, with Nike swooshes, and of course including one of the most modern and well-known mottos of Nike, “Just Do It”. Songs, TV, music, stores, internet, social media, and most of all, people have made this brand more than what it was originally intended to be. I encounter people every day who wear and utilize Nike products, without realizing the original purpose of the products. Consumers go out and buy a pair of the best Nike running shoes with the most appealing colors, and may use them for running two or three times. What makes this athletic gear different than all of the other brands of athletic gear? Is it the quality? Is it the company? Or is it the Nike swoosh that is plastered on every single product? People want to embrace the Nike swoosh. People want to let other people know that they are a part of the “Nike Family”. The photos in the essay depict the modern day usage of Nike products, being used against original intentions and purpose.•
  3. 3. Above is a pair of Nike shorts. I see this pair of shorts in a variety ofdifferent colors countless amounts of times throughout a single day ofcollege.
  4. 4. Above are the feet of two teachers. The teacher on the left is not acoach.
  5. 5. I visited a community track practice that students of all agesparticipated in. I asked a teenage girl what exactly she likedabout her Nike shoes, which were bright pink, green, and orange.She responded with, “They make me run faster than ordinaryshoes”. So I asked “Well, what about the other athletic brandshoes, such as Avia, Reebok, and Adidas? Those are supposedto make you run fast too.” She replied, “Those brands are notcool. All of the runners wear Nikes. They look the best.” Insteadof Nike being an athletic brand of clothing, it has become justanother ordinary popular brand that everyone wants to have.Some athletes want them for better performance, while somewant them to fit in with the better performance. While walking toand from class, Nike is a brand that is guaranteed to see morethan once on the way there. Nike shorts, Nike shirts, Nike bookbags, Nike caps, and Nike sweatbands are just a few of the itemsthat one may encounter. School is not a gym, or a soccer field, ora track. School is not a place that the majority of peopleparticipate in athletics. So why are the majority of studentswearing the same type of athletic gear? Nike has evolved into astyle, a way of being, not just a brand.
  6. 6. Above are the feet of the interviewed girl who runs track . In the background there is another child who is wearing a pair of Nike tennis shoes as well.
  7. 7. This one photo shows hope that there are students that are utilizing andunderstanding the purpose of Nike. The corresponding Gatorade bottle gives asense that the person may possibly be an athlete carrying athletic material .