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Info pack multichannel

  1. 1. Drive sales online & in-store with
  2. 2. Timeline The story so far Invitation Media vouchercloud dealcloud launches BlackBerry launches the Invitation launches on to explore the smartphone Book in Bristol Android daily deal space app launches April 2005 Feb 2010 April 2010 May 2011 Nov 2011 Jan 2012 vouchercloud app vouchercloud takes vouchercloud launches in the investment from v.2 website UK on iPhone Vodafone Ventures launches and WP7 version  
  3. 3. What is vouchercloud? The UK’s number one mobile voucher platform   Mobile and SMS vouchers for national and local brands   Smartphone application   Online voucher codes and printable vouchers   Merchant dashboard allowing businesses to manage and create  
  4. 4. The vital stats since we launched 2.4 million UK downloads to date 127,000 New members joining every month 5.5 million Vouchers downloaded since launch 3.1 million Vouchers redeemed so far 53% / 47% Male to female ratio 18 – 45 The vast majority (90%) of users are high- spending consumers aged 18 -  
  5. 5. UK Brand Partners A selection of brands we’ve worked with Over 18,000 merchant relations Over 22,000 offers across the UK Across 30,000 stores in the  
  6. 6. What our clients say… “With mobile marketing becoming a key part of our Gill Makepeace digital marketing strategy, we see vouchercloud as a Affiliate Marketing Manager preferred partner for mobile vouchers. ” Debenhams “We achieved some great results the first time we promoted an offer via vouchercloud. We would definitely Andrew Ellis CRM Manager use this platform again to promote similar projects. ” Gap “We have worked closely with vouchercloud since day one. The location-based offers served via vouchercloud have helped Matthew Keys drive incremental footfall, more repeat Online Marketing Executive purchases and have raised average Hotel Chocolat transaction values across our retail estate. ” “vouchercloud acts as a reliable platform of responsive users which has been a staple part of new customer delivery Nicholas Cropp to the Virgin Wines business, especially during seasonal Business Development Manager periods...confirming vouchercloud as a key Virgin Wines partner who are absolutely capable of delivering quality new customers into our business. ”  
  7. 7. How it works Browsing and finding offers 1. 2. Users open the vouchercloud The Venue page shows more application which uses GPS to details including : automatically detect their   Your offers location.   Terms and conditions   Maps and branches The app shows offers nearby where the offer is valid sorted by distance, popularity   Information on your or AtoZ. business   Phone number and website Users can choose a category or search if they know what they This screen is also where a are looking for. customer can download an offer (this means they can use it Tapping an offer takes them to without a phone signal). the Venue page. When they are in store and want to use a voucher they simply press USE VOUCHER and we send you a  
  8. 8. How it works Redeeming an offer and redemption mechanisms 3. 4. The first part of the redemption process is for your staff to make sure The next screen is the tracking screen and will display either a alphanumeric that the correct branch is selected, as well as knowing what offer the code or a barcode. We accept the following : customer wishes to use. You need to tell your staff to ask the customer   reason code (with or without a randomly generated 5 digit number) to press SHOW CODE   sap code   voucher code   till code   barcode (EAN13 or CODE128 )   A pre-provided set of unique codes which we upload to our system PLEASE NOTE: to accept barcodes you must have a LCD/CCD scanner that can read 2D barcodes or images from a mobile phone  
  9. 9. You’re in control Merchants have access to a powerful merchant dashboard, giving you detailed information about all your current and expired offers (including branch and redemption statistics). You will also be able to create new offers whenever you like. Creating offers We know how important flexibility is when running an offer. vouchercloud enables you to control:   The total number of times a voucher is downloaded   The number of times an individual can use a voucher – single usage, unlimited usage or whatever you choose   Which days and months vouchers are valid. If a voucher is not valid then the user will not be able to redeem it   The terms and conditions of your offer Reporting We also provide a detailed reporting mechanism - all redemptions are logged on your merchant dashboard where you can browse redemption stats by date, branch or offer. Reports can be delivered in real-time (as voucher redemption takes place) or we can deliver a daily, weekly or monthly summary. All receipts tell you the branch the voucher was used at, the offer title and the redemption  
  10. 10. Additional exposure MobileFeatured Push notificationProminent position on the a message that is sent to thevouchercloud app. The featured user even though they are notsection is the first category that in the appusers see when opening the app. (150 character max)  
  11. 11. Additional exposure Mobile Category advert A pop up advert will appear every time a customer enters the category within the vouchercloud app (320x460 pixels) Banner advert An advert positioned at the top of the listing page Hyper local advertising (320x50 pixels) Is a category advert as above (but limited to a 1 mile square radius). Ideal for promoting single branches (320x460 pixels)  
  12. 12. Additional exposure Online Homepage Hero banner Prime space on the homepage Listing page banner (MPU) A 300x250 pixel rotating banner space Website Takeover A custom designed background to the entire site, used in conjunction with the various banner types described above, to provide full brand exposure Themed pages Used in conjunction with our themed emails, a page that we would push traffic to from our themed emails Homepage Top offers A section that shows a selection of top mobile, printable and voucher  
  13. 13. Additional exposure Email Hero header promotion 800% uplift* Featured offers section 500% uplift* Email statistics   1.4 million email database   53:47 male / female ratio   90% aged 18-45 years old   Mobile voucher newsletter sent to database every Thursday   Voucher code newsletter sent to database every Tuesday   23% open rate   Solus emails are available which can be segmented by gender, age and location *average uplift in  
  14. 14. Features: M-commerce M-Commerce platform allows brands to drive traffic to their mobile websites enabling vouchercloud to generate affiliate  
  15. 15. Features: Vouchercloud Stores New stores feature will allow brands to add their own channels to the app. Consumers will then be able to install the channels they wish to have and organise the category carousel as they  
  16. 16. Features: Deals vouchercloud will be taking the deal space mobile by allowing consumers to buy deals on the go and redeem instantly  
  17. 17. Get in touch General enquiries for anything affiliate related Mark Andres Jake Mazan Paul Beadnall Head of Affiliates National Account Manager Partnership Executive +44 (0)117 934 1493 +44 (0)117 934 1369 +44 (0)117 934 1358 +44 (0)7968 625 273 Clare Joslin Ami Spencer Rachel Crocker Partnership Executive Partnership Executive National Account Manager +44 (0)117 934 1489 +44 (0)117 934 1485 +44 (0)117 934