CenturyLink case study feat. All Nipon Airways


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Centurylink Technology Solutions helps Japan’s largest airline
cut costs, enhance performance and increase scalability of its
corporate websites.

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CenturyLink case study feat. All Nipon Airways

  1. 1. OVERVIEW Centurylink Technology Solutions helps Japan’s largest airline cut costs, enhance performance and increase scalability of its corporate websites. Established in 1952 to restore Japanese air transportation services disrupted by World War II, All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd. (ANA) has grown steadily over the past almost 60 years to build a strong international business that in fiscal 2010 reaped revenues of US $14.6 billion. With the largest route network in Japan, ANA controls almost half of Japan’s domestic passenger market by revenue, and has been consistently rated top-class in quality, customer satisfaction and value creation among all Japanese air carriers. ANA also wholly or primarily owns a lot of transportation companies, including Air Nippon, Air Next and Air Japan, which in aggregate operate as the ANA Group. CHALLENGE Website hosting and management for all ANA Group companies was traditionally performed internally by ANA’s information technology (IT) department. But the monthly updates required to keep the more than 90 websites functioning reliably and at top performance consumed significant time and money — resources that ANA wanted to devote to other, more strategic IT tasks. CUT COSTS, ENHANCE PERFORMANCE AND INCREASE SCALABILITY ALL N MANAGED SERVICES IPPON AIRWAYS CO. LTD. (ANA) AT A GLANCE INDUSTRY: Biotechnology LINE OF BUSINESS: Cancer treatments TARGET MARGET: Global LOCATION: Seattle, WA Transportation Air passenger and freight transport Worldwide leisure and business travelers, and businesses shipping products from Japan to both domestic and international destinations LOCATION: Global CENTURYLINK SOLUTIONS: Managed Web Hosting, Managed Network, and Managed Security solutions SUMMARY: ANA Group chose CenturyLink to host and manage more than 90 continued
  2. 2. Services not available everywhere. Business customers only. CenturyLink may change or cancel services or substitute similar services at its sole discretion without notice. ©2014 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The CenturyLink mark, pathways logo and certain CenturyLink product names are the property of CenturyLink, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Not to be distributed or reproduced by anyone other than CenturyLink entities and CenturyLink Channel Alliance members. For more information about CenturyLink Technology Solutions, visit www.centurylink.com/technology. In fact, ANA found its internal resources stretched so thin that “it was not possible to build necessary infrastructure and im-plement new technologies in a timely manner,” said Mashahiro Tsukiji, assistant manager of technology and architecture for ANA’s information technology services department. “When manufacturers were no longer able to support their older products, it was extremely valuable to have Savvis [CenturyLink] behind us because it was very difficult to do this using our internal capabilities alone, said Tsukiji. Additionally, said Tsukiji, ANA needed more operational flexibility when it came to provisioning new servers. “When a server reached capacity and ANA needed to buy a new server, ANA was able to add more capacity quickly to support our business needs. This was difficult to do in-house,” he said. Finally, ensuring higher levels of availability and enhancing security were both top priorities. SOLUTION After much internal debate, ANA decided to outsource hosting and management of its dozens of websites to an external firm. Tsukiji’s team performed in-depth evaluations of Japan’s major IT outsourcers based upon the level and quality of services they offered. CenturyLink was the only non-Japanese vendor chosen to be part of this elite list, and was chosen because of its global presence, technological innovation — including its leadership in cloud computing — and cost competitiveness. Under the contract, CenturyLink provides an IT cloud infra-structure solution that supports ANA’s corporate sites across 90 domains. In addition to deploying CenturyLink’s managed hosting services, ANA depends on CenturyLink’s managed security services — including network intrusion detection and managed firewalls — as well as its managed network ser-vices, to keep its websites available and high performing. Because it had recently expanded its Tokyo data center by 3,700 square feet of raised floor space, CenturyLink was able to accommodate ANA’s requirements in addition to the increasing demand for cloud and hosted IT infrastructure solutions by CenturyLink customers throughout the region. BENEFITS CenturyLink’s hosting services have enabled ANA to rapidly scale the infrastructure for its corporate websites as needed. “All this allows us to meet our enterprise-level requirements much more effectively,” said Tsukiji. For example, take storage scalability, he said. “The amount of data needed by ANA Group users increases, and in the past it was very challenging to keep up with demand,” he said. “Today, we can easily add system resources, including storage, in a flexible manner, which is very beneficial to our company.” Keeping ANA websites available has also improved dramati-cally. With CenturyLink’s managed hosting solution in place, ANA can perform system backups without shutting down servers or slowing down performance. “In the past, system maintenance was an issue — we had such limited staff that it was difficult to do on a timely basis,” said Tsukiji. “Users are very satisfied that because system maintenance is performed regularly, they can always access the sites they need.” Most importantly, “choosing Savvis [CenturyLink] has enabled our IT team to move away from the day-to-day operation and management of IT infrastructure for the ANA Group’s corporate sites and instead focus on core business initiatives,” said Tsukiji. FUTURE Looking forward, ANA is eager to investigate other CenturyLink offerings, especially the CenturyLink Cloud Data Center (CDC) solution with multi-tiered security and quality of service (QoS) levels which would help ANA achieve even greater flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. “Because IT is such a critical function for the airline indus-try, it makes sense to utilize advanced technologies like Savvis’ [CenturyLink’s] cloud solutions to run our business better,” said Tsukiji. corporate sites. As a result, ANA has achieved greater performance, availability, scalability, and speed-to-market of new content and capabilities for its websites — all at a lower cost than doing it internally. continued