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  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. Large Masthead School logo in topat the top which corner, which isclearly stands out visible to thefrom the given reader so theybackground. The know what schoolfont is black and they are looking at.has a green glowwhich will attractreaders. Facial expression is smiling and happy which shows that sixthCover lines down form is a happy andthe left hand side of cheerful place to bethe page to tell the and that the studentsreader what sort of enjoy it.things are in themagazine. In a Strap line at bottombright yellow colour of the page, to showto match the picture the lead story that’sand stand out. included in the magazine. Use of A barcode makes the magazine look rhetorical question to professional and that it means business. target readers
  3. 3. In publisher, I decided to use a background so the front cover has agood colour scheme. I did this by pressing format, then backgroundand the screen to the left popped up; I I chose a colour that I liked.
  4. 4. For the cover lines on my front cover and my contents page, Iused the website cooltext.com to provide me with a good font formy magazine. I downloaded the font and applied it to mymagazine.
  5. 5. For my barcode and schoollogo, I used Google images tofind the image. As you can seein the in the images I used,they are appropriate for mymagazine and targetaudience.
  6. 6. Logo, large and clear at top corner of the page so the reader always knows what school it isThe masthead of thepage is right a thetop, this will be one Clear and neat text forof the first things the the reader to read andreader will see ands so they can beits large, bright and navigated through thestands out. magazine by knowing the page. Same background as the front cover so its all the same layout through Two pictures the magazine. placed at bottom of the page showing the school. The pictures are bordered to make them look neat and presentable
  7. 7. For my contents page I used some pictures, todo this I clicked on insert, picture then from fileand I chose a appropriate picture to put on mycontents page.
  8. 8. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products ? The ways in which my media product uses, develops orchallenges forms and conventions of real media products would be the way I’ve set up text on my magazine. I’ve used a largemasthead on the top of my magazine like a typical magazine. It’s large bright and bold, so makes it stand out to the reader, sothey know that there reading. I’ve used cover lines down the leftside of my page like any average magazine would as it’s the firstthing the reader will read. I’ve used a cover line at the bottom of my page using a rhetorical question which a magazine would use. My magazine has used one big centre image as the focusof the magazine. Quite a lot of magazines use one image across the whole front cover and others use a variety of different images.
  9. 9. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why ?The kind of media institution is for my magazine would be college and school magazines. This kind of institute may distribute mymagazine because it looks professional and presentable to read. Ithas a lot of relevant information relating the school and college life and a guide of what the sixth form is like. Students looking for a college or sixth from would want to buy this magazine so it canhelp them to choose a good sixth form or college to attend so this would be distributed as it can make money and help students.
  10. 10. How does your media product represent particular social groups ? My media product represents particular social groups by beingaimed at 16-18 years olds who are looking for a college. It’s a good representation because the type of picture and fonts used are appropriate for the age’s group. The font uses is styled and has a glow which typically might attract 16-18 to it. The main image of abook being read in the library shows it’s a place for students in sixth from to learn and study. It shows how this sixth from is for hard working students and for students who want to succeed in life.
  11. 11. Who would be the audience for your media product ? The audience for my magazine would be students who have left year 11 and it’s for students who attend this sixth from. I handed out questionnaires to people in this sixth from and a few of thestudents said they would find the magazine useful. This would be because the magazines updates students and gives them useful information aboutthe sixth form. All the information given on the frontpage and the picture will attract this target audiencebecause of how useful it can be and it’s like a guide to them
  12. 12. How did you attract/address your audience ? I attracted and addressed my audience by using a bright glowingmasterhead on the top of my magazine by using a quite cheesy title. I used the logo of the school on my front cover because if a studentsees this they may be interested in what’s going on around sixth fromand what they need to be updated on. I also used the word sixth from in a bright yellow colour going down the page on the right hand side so by using the worked sixth form it attracts a student of sixth because they know it’s targeted at them.
  13. 13. What have you learned about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product ? What I have learned about technology’s while constructing this product is all the different features you can use on magazines. I’ve learned that publisher is quite limited with a choice of things to help produce the magazine. Like choosing a background for the magazine it was quite difficult as there was a limited choice of backgrounds. Also there is a limited of fonts for a good glowing title so I had to use the internet to find a good masthead for my magazine. The internet was very useful for images and for a barcode and the school logo.
  14. 14. Self AssessmentFor research and planning I would give my self a level 3,Mark 15.This is because I thought I worked well and put effort intomy research through questionnaires and analysing similarmagazines and seeing what I could do better. I kept mytime management up to date and I planned my magazinecovers by doing 3 drafts and evaluating them to see whatwas the best one. I could improved using my time wiselyand going more into depth.
  15. 15. For the production of my magazine I would give myselfa level 4, mark 51.This is because I producing a good magazine coverwith a very good house style and theme to it. I used ICTand integrating illustrating and text appropriately. I havehad positive feedback from my peers about themagazine. I used appropriate text and I used everyfeature such as barcodes, issue number and price. Iused a good strap line and the magazine stands out toits target audience. I could of improved by looking atdifferent methods in producing my magazine like usingdifferent colour schemes and text fonts.
  16. 16. For evaluating my magazine I gave my self level 3,mark 14.This is because I evaluated my work well byannotating my front cover and contents page andlabelling all the features of my magazine and what Idone well, and how it attracts the target audience. Ianswered questions evaluating my work in somedetail. I said what was good about my work and howthe audience was attracted and how the magazinewould work. I could of improved putting some moreeffort into my work and going into more detail.