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  1. 1. In what way does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real mediaproducts?The ways in which my media product use forms andconventions of real media products is by it being similarto other music magazines like kerrang, NME, DJmagazine and top of the pops. My magazine is similar toNME because they are both in your face with basic blocktext and its got a big font. Also the colours are similar byusing light blue as backgrounds and this challenges theforms and conventions of this magazine. Also myMagazine challenges the forms and conventions of DJmagazine as they both have the same type of targetaudience as people of a young age especially 16-25enjoy listening to Dubstep and drum and bass that DJsare likely to produce. Also my music magazine developson the masthead of DJ magazine because my mastheadit bigger and uses brighter and more attractive coloursand its more noticeable. Also my magazine developsfrom the cover lines on DJ magazine as mine are in moredetail and to the left of the magazine front cover so thereader will have more insight of what is in my magazinecompared to DJ magazine.
  2. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?My media product which is a music magazine represents particular socialgroups by some of the language used on the front cover. Such as the strapline ‘Complete Dubstep Madness!’. Social groups between the age of 16-25would be mostly interested in Dubstep the genre of my magazine. Mymagazine represents people In this age group because the style and tempoof the music is fast and very energetic like people in the age groups of lateteens and young adults. Dubstep is seen as a good genre for music innightclubs etc where you are most like to find young adults so it representsthese social groups. Dubstep can also represent people from working-classbackgrounds as it’s a popular genre of music and has established itself inthe charts and anyone from any class can listen to it.
  3. 3. What kind of media institution might distributeyour media product and why?The kind of media institution that mightdistribute my magazine would be IPC Media, as itis a consumer magazine and digital publisher inthe UK. IPC Media distribute many differentmagazines such as NME which is a musicmagazine similar to mine. IPC Media woulddistribute my magazine because it is a musicmagazine with a young target audience and theyare located in the UK. As my magazine is I theUK and my target audience are based in the UK itis relevant for IPC Media to distribute mymagazine. Also as this institution is known in theUK and sells over 350 million magazines a yearand there headquarters is based in London. Theymay also distribute my magazine because mymusic magazine could turn out to be verypopular in the UK and IPC Media would want todistribute it because it will help there businessand they can make profits.
  4. 4. Who would be the audience for your media product ?The audience for my media product would be people between the age of 16-25 as music can have a big influence on people in this age group. Mymagazine is targeted at this age group because of all the bright appealingcolours used and the price of the magazine is £3.99 which is affordable forpeople in this age group and the price doesn’t automatically put people ofthe magazine. Also the bright colours attract people especially at a youngerage as they are bright and would stand out on a magazine shelf. Also mostpeople into Dubstep would be in this age group as its not really an old genreof music so is more modern and keeps up to date so this age group, whichis my target audience will be more likely to buy my magazine.
  5. 5. How did you attract/address your target audience ?First of all I addressed my target audience by producing a questionnaireabout music magazines and asked for opinions in the questionnaire andwhat my target audience wanted to see in my music magazine. By using myquestionnaires to address my target audience, I gained knowledge of mytarget audience by the answers given in my questionnaire and this wouldhelp attract my target audience because it would include content they wantto see. I attracted my target audience by the colours and language I used inmy magazine. The strap line ‘complete Dubstep Madness’ attracts thetarget audience because it’s a high pitched tone and its full of energy likeyoung adults are so it can compare to them.
  6. 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructingthis product ?I have learnt how to use different technologies such as Microsoft publisherand fireworks. I have learnt that certain technologies in constructing mymagazine really help to edit text and images like how I’ve learned to blurphotos, add saturation and brightness. I found this relatively easy to dowhich was a surprise for me as I thought it would be a lot harder for me toedit photos and text. This has made me realise that actual music magazinesuse these types of programs to make there magazine a lot better and evenuse more advanced technologies like Photoshop etc. Also by usingprograms like fireworks I felt they wasn’t really that time consuming aseverything was easy to find and the program was fast and easy to use and Ihad no difficulties using the program.
  7. 7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt inthe progression from it to the full product ?In the progression from my preliminary task to my full product I feel I havelearnt how to analyse different magazines a lot better than I could whiledoing my preliminary task. This is because during my preliminary task Ianalysed different school/college magazines which didn’t have that muchdetail and wasn’t actual published magazines. However in my main task Ianalysed different published magazines such as Kerrang, Top of the popsand DJ Magazine. By doing this I learnt how much more detail there is inmusic magazines than college magazines and how much moreprofessionally they are laid out. I have also learnt how to take picturesbetter for my music magazine compared to my school/college magazine.For my preliminary task I took a few pictures around school for it withoutreally focusing on the detail in pictures such as composition and thepersons body language in a picture.
  8. 8. In contrast for my music magazine I focused on taking pictures for it in a lotmore detail and got my model to stand in many different poses so I could pickout which was the best pose so I could use it for my magazine. I have alsolearnt how to use better programs for my text and images. For my preliminarytask I used Microsoft excel which limited me to use certain text and I couldn’treally edit any pictures in detail compared to fireworks which I used for mymain task and this program enabled me to edit my pictures in a lot more detailthan excel. Preliminary task … My front cover and contents page