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Podcasts in the esl classroom 3


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Podcasts in the ESL Classroom - Simplified.
They are great in any classroom, for any level or age of learner.

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Podcasts in the esl classroom 3

  1. 1. PODCASTS IN THE ESL CLASSROOM They are great in any classroom, for any level and age of learner
  2. 2. Download this App to use later in the presentation
  3. 3. A Podcast is NOT:  Video → those are vodcasts, or vlogs  Private → shared with the public  Singular → series, think episodes  Music → focus is voice  Live → can be downloaded, replayed and saved  Restricted → open to all subjects and methods, and to anyone  STATISTICS Fancy, complicated equipment not needed
  4. 4. A couple of very different podcasts Pleasure Studies Podcast Burst and Bloom Podcast
  5. 5. Have you used Podcasts in the classroom yet? If so, how? Talk to your neighbours. (3min)
  6. 6. LISTENING TO PODCASTS • Smartphone. Language Lab. Classroom speakers. • • one • Quizizz for SERIAL podcast • Discussion area – online or in classroom • Last podcast listened to • What did you like or not like about it
  7. 7. Benefits of Podcasts in the classroom
  8. 8. Research Project for Students 1. Find a podcast that is under 7min 1. 6 MINUTE VOCABULARY 2. EnglishClass101 3. Scientific American podcast 2. Fine one where they use slower speed speech 1. CULIPS  Voa – learning English  English Naked and Raw Radio
  9. 9. Research Project for Students 1. Podcasts with transcripts 1. Better at English 2. Down to Business English 3. 99% Invisible 2. Find one that you would like to imitate if you were going to make a podcast 1. Rachel’s English 3. Find one that is funny, inspiring or motivating 1. Onbeing
  10. 10. Making a Podcast Types of podcasts:  Weekly classroom news broadcast  Document a field trip  Record a class discussion  Share book reviews  Conduct interviews  Review curricular content  Student created podcast episode
  11. 11. Here are popular ways to use podcasts in your lesson plans:  Audio Tours: Students record school tours, acting as the tour guide so newcomers can explore the school through the eyes of a peer.  Celebrate Culture: Students podcast about important cultural events and share these with parents, the school, or the community around them.  Current Events Newscasts: Students deliver weekly or monthly podcasts on interesting current events.  Debates: Hold a class debate. Record it in audio and have other students listen and weigh in.  Guest speakers: Make podcasts of class guest speakers to share with absent students or future classes. This can be stored in the podcast library (mentioned below).  Interviews: Have students interview each other as well as teachers and administrators about important school-wide events such as a sports competition or an award ceremony.  Musical Podcasts: Have band or orchestra students create podcasts for each instrument, detailing its specific sounds and characteristics.  Podcast Library: Curate the varied student-created podcasts into a library of podcasts for present and future students.  Publish Presentations: Instead of writing a book report or acting out a play, students record the presentation as a podcast, using only their voice to communicate ideas and build excitement.  Radio Show: Students make short radio broadcasts summarizing the books they are reading.  Roving Reporters: Send students out into the “Field” (read that: the school campus) to interview key players in important events. 
  12. 12. Let’s make a podcast!  Open your newly downloaded App ANCHORFM  All instructions can be found here 1. Hi, my name is ______________ 2. When I think about the travelling I have done, the one place I would like to return to is ______________ because _____________.