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  1. 1. Purposes  &  Approaches   For  Social  Media  Tools  
  2. 2. SEO  Book  Tools  measure  for   blogs,  tags,  etc.  
  3. 3. Purposes  &  Approaches   for  Social  Tools  !   Twitter:  Mentions,  hashtags  and  RTs  –  share  content   with  others,  hoping  to  grow  and  share  followers.   Drive  them  to  your  content  hub  (e.g.,  blog  or   website).    !   LinkedIn:  Build  your  professional  network  –   personally,  invite  those  you  know  (especially  those  in   your  business)  to  connect  to  you.  As  a  company,   incite  your  customers  to  Follow  your  company  page   or  group.    
  4. 4. Purposes  &  Approaches   for  Social  Tools  !   Google+:  This  is  great  for  SEO.  If  others  in  your   industry  are  using  this  heavily,  by  all  means  do  as   they  do  to  follow  others  and  have  them  follow  you   (share  content  like  Twitter  or  Facebook).    !   Google+/Local:  This  is  your  “Location”  page  in  Google   (appears  from  Google  searches  in  Google  Maps;   formerly  Google  Places).  This  is  where  customers   post  reviews  of  your  company,  so  pay  attention.   Google  does  offer  some  opportunities  for  response.    
  5. 5. Purposes  &  Approaches   for  Social  Tools  !   YouTube:  Believe  it  or  not,  YouTube  is  the  #2  search   engine!  It  also  comes  up  heavily  in  straight  Google   search  results.  YouTube  analytics  integrate  well  with   Google  Analytics,  and  videos  can  be  hosted  in   YouTube  and  posted  for  free  on  your  website.  So   what  are  you  waiting  for?  Build  YouTube  content!    
  6. 6. Purposes  &  Approaches   for  Social  Tools  !   Facebook:  Incite  customers  and  others  to  follow  your   business  page,  and  keep  them  engaged.  Many  companies   today  post  “cutsie”  pictures,  which  have  nothing  to  do   with  their  business,  and  ask  for  viewer  response  and   captions.  It  works!  It  keeps  viewers  engaged  –  far  more  so   than  on  business  content.  So  a  balance  is  encouraged,  but   more  helpful  is  to  find  engaging  content  relative  to  your   industry  for  viewers  to  engage  with.  The  Ga.  Meeting   Planners  Int’l  association  posts  social  questions  such  as   “How  do  you  survive  business  trips  and  flights”.  They   achieve  high  response  and  relevance.    
  7. 7. Purposes  &  Approaches   for  Social  Tools  ! Pinterest:  Food,  Clothing,  Hobby  &  Travel  image-­‐ sharing.  Find  your  market’s  image-­‐sharing  content   relative  to  you  and  engage  with  them  there.  Provide   images  worth  sharing  to  your  market,  find  those   others  have  posted.  Incite  curiosity  among  casual   image  searchers/sharers  and  drive  them  to  your   content  hub  or  use  in  link  wheels.  Optimize  profile   and  image  descriptions.  In  SEO,  the  rising  tide  floats   all  boats  –  the  broader  one’s  quality  digital  footprint,   overall  search  results  (website  and  other)  grow.