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Sample Dental Website SEO Research & Strategic Planning


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This shows our standard strategic approach for SEO for dental practices and medical clinic clients. We identify upfront problems to fix, and research competitors and keywords to grow targeted traffic to the primary audience.

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Sample Dental Website SEO Research & Strategic Planning

  1. 1. SEO  Audit  &  Strategic  Planning  for  dental  client  website   Sample  Website  Analysis,  SEO  Research,  Keyword  &  Strategy     Kick-­‐offs  for  dental  Client                           Jake  Aull    |    Zen  Fires    Digital  MarkeGng    |    |    |    @jakeaull    
  2. 2.     What  the  Research  Audit  Uncovered                               Jake  Aull    |    Zen  Fires    Digital  MarkeGng    |    |    |    @jakeaull    
  3. 3. ObservaGons  about  data  included  in  this  document   Major problems shown in website analysis: •  There are 16 bad links relative to the site that need to be fixed. •  Google lists 160 pages for your site. But we’re counting closer to 80. There are probably pages missing or duplicate content problems on your site (same pages with multiple URLs; canonicalization) •  Speed of your site is a big problem. That & other issues point to needs for hosting improvements (space, SSL, secure IP, etc.) •  SEO traffic went from ~300 clicks per month, to ~50 clicks per month, in about 6 months (in desktop search). This is critical, needs to be investigated & solved for future. •  We need to verify that social media are correctly integrated with your analytics (reports are lower than they should be regarding social media traffic and your website) •  The geo-local directory listings don’t even appear in neighboring towns. •  We will fix all the above and show growth of new visitor web traffic and contact form fills or calls.
  4. 4. SEO  Audit  |  Site  Performance  |  Website  speed  affects  SEO.  This  must  be  fixed.
  5. 5. SEO  Audit  |  Site  Performance  |    Website  speed  affects  SEO.  This  must  be  fixed.
  6. 6. SEO  Audit  |  Backlink  Analysis  | Note 16 bad links pertaining to the site which must be fixed.
  7. 7. SEO  Audit  |    Desktop  Traffic  Overview  |     Note  the  criGcal  drop  in  traffic  shown;  the  original  problem  needs  to  be  researched  &  fixed    
  8. 8. SEO  Audit  |    Traffic  Overview   There should be traffic coming to website from sources other than SEO exclusively. We need to get the website and analytics properly synced to social media, and improve backlinks, to build these alternatives up & to build overall traffic.
  9. 9. SEO  Audit  |    Top  Organic  Keywords       These represent top keyword phrases based on website’s current content. They may appear to be good keyword phrases, except that they don’t have high search volume. Higher search volume keywords should be identified, targeted and integrated for the website.
  10. 10. SEO  Audit  |    Mobile  Traffic  Overview     (Note  that  mobile  SEO  traffic  dipped  for  the  same  period  when  desktop  SEO  traffic  hit  boYom)    
  11. 11. This has only a 68% complete score for location directory listings (e.g., Yelp, GoogleMaps, YP)  
  12. 12.     Strategic  Plan  &  Keyword  Research                               Jake  Aull    |    Zen  Fires    Digital  MarkeGng    |    |    |    @jakeaull    
  13. 13. SEO  &  Messaging  Strategy  Brief   Background, notes and research into the client’s objectives (common to our strategic approach for clients): THE BACKGROUND, NOTES & RESEARCH: Over-Arching Sales/Mktg Plan: Focus on missing-teeth customer needs Primary Audience Target market definition: Baby Boomers, men and women; AARP Current Target Belief/Behavior: (My general dentist is not specialized enough… etc.) Secondary Audience Target definition: People who have been "putting it off” Objectives: Focus on implants,… etc. Drivers/Problem (the “why”) Strategy: Higher-end/high-quality dentistry
  14. 14. Our  Keyword  Research  samples  which  drive  our  Keyword  RecommendaGons  &  Strategy
  15. 15. SEO  &  Messaging  Strategy  Brief   Noteworthy SEO research takeaways specific for the client: •  Searches for “implant dentist” appear consistent, reliable (flat) over time (with a drop during the holidays). •  Searches for “dental implant near me” are highest among location-based keywords (XXX/mo searches in U.S.), with relatively low keyword competition. •  However “dentures near me” is also worth targeting (XX/mo U.S.). •  “crown local” achieves XXXX/mo searches according to one tool’s report, and with low competition, yet this may be a search for items not related to dentistry. •  Client’s stated primary competitors are targeting keywords on their site around “XXXX dentistry.” •  We will apply these into a final keyword recommendations list and implement on the website for targeted keyword SEO results for website visitors from search engines.
  16. 16.     Thank  you!                               Jake  Aull    |    Zen  Fires    Digital  MarkeGng    |    |    |    @jakeaull