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Gsu - Web 2.0 Technologies & Mobile

  1. 1. SoLoMo &TechnologiesJake Aull, GSU, 2012
  2. 2. •  Video on future mobile usability: v=g7_mOdi3O5E&feature=player_embedded•  TODAY’S TOPICS: •  Web 2.0 & Mobile Technologies •  Technologies consumption phases •  Location- and Mobile Technologies •  Power of Recommendations and Reviews •  Case Study •  Mobile Marketing ApproachContents
  3. 3. •  What are the technologies fundamental to Web 2.0?•  What are the technology platforms?•  How they influenced/birthed social media?•  What’s the role of mobile marketing and mobile web?•  SoLoMo = Social, Local, Mobile media marketing•  What’s the value and application of Geo-Local technologies?•  How can all above be applied?Topic Intro
  5. 5. •  Recommendations engines •  Algorithms •  Amazon•  Smart phones and mobile apps•  Geo-location •  Google •  Facebook•  SoMe dashboards•  Shared profiles and loginsWeb 2.0 Technologies
  6. 6. •  AJAX•  Widgets•  Mash-ups•  Use of enabling technologies•  Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)•  Linux open-sourcing •  vs. I.P. •  The Walled Garden•  Web 3.0 semantic web vs. contextual webWeb 2.0 Technologies
  7. 7. •  Mobile marketing - 2D scanning codes and mktg usage • - Generate a QR code by adding “.qr” to your URL •  Google Goggles to replace the need for QR codes?•  Journalism •  Photos/video •  Texting/Twitter •  The Arab SpringMobile & QR Codes
  8. 8. ConsumptionPhases
  9. 9. •  Daytime computer •  At work •  At school •  Short-time spurts•  Nighttime computer •  Home usage •  Relaxed, more timeDayParting Computer internet& social media usage
  10. 10. •  Mobile/smart phone •  In transit •  Shopping •  Short attention•  Tablet •  “semi-transit” state between home and mobile phone •  On vacationMobile Web & App usage
  12. 12. •  Many small retailers market via geo-local search •  For competitive edge in brand awareness (as well as instant couponing).•  Likewise, with the growth of smart phone usage, companies want to be present on mobile in general.•  The mobile web today is largely composed of websites consumers use anyway on desktop internet e.g. apps: •  Facebook, •  Weather, •  Google Maps, •  Pandora •  So if a company is available or advertising on those channels, they are present on the platform.Mobile & GeoLocal
  13. 13. •  Companies today prefer Facebook for local advertising today over Google.•  Brand websites or landing pages can also be built and optimized for mobile web viewing.•  Mobile-optimized web pages can be promoted with QR codes •  mobile scanning •  company info access •  texting opt-insThe Mobile Web
  14. 14. •  To appear in search engine local results, location keywords (such as in an address) can be placed in the search-friendly areas of a web page such as the page title, H1s, meta tags and page content. •  Company contact NAP (name, address, phone) should be prominent and exist across the site and web (not just on the contact and directions page). •  Website should be registered with (local) directories such as Yahoo! Local and InsiderPages. •  Google Places and Google Maps can be integrated on the company website (tied to the NAP and Google search in general). •  What goes for Google, goes for Bing and Yahoo! tools as well…SeO Localized Keyword Integration
  15. 15. •  SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) merges with SEO •  Profile descriptions with keywords •  Long-tail keywords can describe services and products listings•  Some SEO experts say prominent, up-to-date registration with search engine local tools are more important than a companys actual website SEO!•  Consumer reviews achieve a broader web footprint and highly elevated search rankings •  So encourage and request customer reviews in local-friendly channels such as Yelp, Gowalla and Foursquare.Local Directories
  17. 17. Reviews for a Cartersville, GA BBQ
  18. 18. •  See Viral Vid FilmSchool episode about online vid reviews•  Amazon started the reviews and recommendations revolution•  Today reviews keep growing in use and posting•  As do social technologies’ “recommendations engines”Recommendations
  19. 19. •  SoLoMo directories drive reviews•  So do Facebook and Google captured profile info and served promoted content and ads•  Angie’s List requires consumer payment just to access reviewsRecommendations
  20. 20. •  InsiderPages•  Indeed•  CitySearch•  Foursquare•  Yelp•  YP•  Gowalla•  SuperPages•  Google+/Local•  Kudzu•  TripAdvisorSome Channels…
  21. 21. A CASE STUDY
  22. 22. •  SuperWindshieldRepair •  Built the business on/with Google Places •  For years, number one in Google Places for searches on windshield repair atlanta’ •  Obtained customers from all over Georgia via search •  Constantly asked customers to write reviews for him •  Consequently obtained unprecedented quantity of reviews in short time in Google Places, Yelp, Kudzu and Yahoo! Local. •  The reviews again helped SEO.A Plus for IMC…
  23. 23. Google Maps
  24. 24. •  Then Kudzu went to a paid model and demerited Superbs listing (possibly removing reviews).•  Google Places tightened the radius of "Atlanta" to be around ZIP code 30303 (heart of downtown).•  Google, when restructuring Google Places, removed many of SuperWindshieldRepair reviews.•  Google presumably suspected foul play, i.e., black hat SEO - due to the quantity and rapid growth of SuperWindshieldRepair reviews.•  All of these activities pushed SuperWindshieldRepair off of first-page Google Places results for keyword windshield repair atlanta.’Not a Panacea
  25. 25. Google Maps & Local
  26. 26. A Google Places page( now Google+/Local )
  27. 27. Google+ Local listings
  28. 28. •  Even so, Superb remained number one in organic listings for that keyword phrase (due to still large amount of reviews and additional channel listings).•  However Google increased space alloted to Google Places listings for local search in the SERP (search engine results page); for this keyword it consumed most above the fold.•  This pushed traditional organic listings low; less prominent placement.•  Kudzu changed its model, emphasizing paid listings, consequently hurting Superb and its reviews.•  All of this contributed to a reduction for Superb down to about a quarter of original revenue.Even Top SEO isn’t enough
  30. 30. •  Stay away from the "daily deals” •  this is a model in demise •  circa 50%-off coupons attract many first-time buyers, but not enough loyal customers to see long-term profitability•  SEM/PPC (search engine marketing and pay-per-click) ads can be purchased for location-targeted criteria.•  There are web technology tools to help automate and advance a companys local search • Local/Mobile Options
  31. 31. •  For service providers with opt-in customers and marketing savvy, lifetime retention could be achieved •  Via consumer channel preference promotions •  Mobile redemptions•  For consumers on the run: •  Fast, simple two-way communications •  Receiving location discounts upon availabilityMobile Tactics
  32. 32. •  Traditional print coupons required visibility in front of the consumer, at the right place and time •  Print coupons require customers to store and remember the coupons for future use.•  Outdoor and other promotions can show QR codes: •  “Scan for neighborhood discounts”?Mobile Tactics
  33. 33. •  The QR code, or MMS, or even just SMS text verbiage (cheaper), could send the consumer: •  to a mobile service or website •  to opt-in with address •  and deliver redemption instructions•  Or mobile scanning/texting can serve as lead-gen: •  customer service phone responders can follow up with opt-in leads•  Food trucks have been operating successfully on this model for years •  texting their locations/schedule to customers in the area •  Simultaneously posting in Twitter (SMS has been integratable with Tweets since the beginning) •  E.g., Kogi BBQ food truck (L.A.)Mobile Tactics
  34. 34. •  Take a pizza shop… •  Promoting outdoor signage or ads with a QR code (or more traditionally, an SMS/MMS/texting request) •  When viewers QR-scan or text to the pizza shop, the shop automatically then has their mobile number (think mktg list opt-ins)•  Look for response rates: •  Traditional DM and email response rate 1%-4% •  In 2009 SMS marketing averaged an 8% – 14% response rate. •  In 2009 20% – 25% of Papa John’s revenue alone was driven from mobile, and mobile advertising.•  The mobile era sees a shift from the old promotional marketing AAU approach, to a model of Need-Search-Retention (or engagement).One Approach to Mobile Marketing
  35. 35. •  What are the technologies fundamental to Web 2.0?•  What are the technology platforms?•  How they influenced/birthed social media?•  What’s the role of mobile marketing and mobile web?•  What’s the merit and use of consumer reviews?•  What’s the value and application of Geo-Local technologies?•  How can all above be applied?Recap