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The Ultimate Guide To Selling With Email


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Looking for ways to prospect without cold calling? Use these proven email templates to reach busy executives, generate interest, follow up, and close more deals. Includes proven email examples that you can tailor to your unique situation.


FUNNY SLIDESHARE: How To SUCK At Email Marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide To Selling With Email

  2. 2. Identify New Leads Connect With Buyers Nurture Cold prospects BuzzBuilder gives you powerful email marketing and social media tools that help you automate your sales & lead generation. See how it works!
  3. 3. Share The Love PRE-CALL EMAIL TEMPLATES Over the past few years, email has become a popular sales tool. However, the problem with most emails today is that they are ignored. It’s time to do away with generic sales pitches and create messages that even cold prospects will respond to. While there are numerous times you can use email, this guide will show you 5 key points in the sales process where you can use it most.
  4. 4. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #1: The Introductoin Use Name-Dropping To Reach Key People Email is a great way to connect with busy executives. It’s also effective because you can simultaneously contact multiple people in each account--think of this as “creating a buzz.” First, identify multiple executives who would be involved in the decision. Then, email each of them about the others you’re also planning to contact. Additionally, you can also name-drop similar companies you’ve worked with. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 2
  5. 5. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #1: The Introduction Example: Name-Dropping Similar Companies Hi Mary, I’m contacting you and Joe about a project we’re working on with XYZ Company that has helped them generate more inbound leads for the sales team. I understand you have a similar initiative and I’d like to ask for a brief meeting to discuss this further. What is your availability... PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 4
  6. 6. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #2: Second Attempt Use Email & Voice Mail To Follow Up If the executive doesn’t respond to your initial Email Introduction, you may want to follow up with a phone call. Leave a voice mail and then follow up with a quick email. To make this process easier, you should save email drafts that you can copy and paste or use an email marketing system like BuzzBuilder. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 5
  7. 7. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #2: Second Attempt Example: Follow-Up To Voice Mail Hi Mary, I left you a voice mail a moment ago about coordinating a meeting with both you and Joe to discuss your marketing initiatives. I’d like to share a project we’re working on with XYZ Company that has helped them create more qualified leads for the sales team. Please call or email me... PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 6
  8. 8. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #3: Third Attempt Using Empathy to Reach Unresponsive People After multiple attempts to reach an executive, it’s time to change your game plan. Remember that your prospects are busy and can’t respond to everyone. Leverage this fact in your emails by empathizing with them. Empathy can be a powerful sales tool when it’s genuine. Show prospects that you understand their situation and respect their time. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 7
  9. 9. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #3: Third Attempt Example: Empathy Email Hi Betty, I tried reaching you a couple of times last week and realize how busy your schedule is right now. At this point, I certainly don’t expect you to make any changes to your existing (mention current solution). All I’m asking for is a brief call to explore your options. If this sounds fair enough, please let me know the best way for us to connect. Thank you for your time. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 8
  10. 10. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #4: Driving The Sale Using Email To Follow Up After A Presentation After you’ve presented your solution, it’s not uncommon for executives to get distracted and fail to respond to your follow-up attempts. When this happens, the key is to maintain momentum by leveraging other contacts in the account. This approach is similar to the Name-Dropping example mentioned in Email #1. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 9
  11. 11. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #4: Driving The Sale Example: Follow-Up After A Meeting Hi Joe, as a follow-up to our meeting I thought I’d call Mary (boss or peer) to brief her on the discussion and answer any questions she may have. However, if you think this would be premature please call me and we can talk about the best next step. Thanks again for your time. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 10
  12. 12. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #5: The Last Dance Move ‘em On or Move ‘em Out After 4-5 attempts, you’ll need to decide whether to keep trying or move on to greener accounts. You may want to transition the prospect into a Lead Nurturing Campaign. This approach leaves the door open for future conversations but frees you up to move on to other prospects. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 11
  13. 13. Share The Love MORE FREE TOOLS AT Email #5: The Last Dance Example: We Haven’t Been Able To Connect Hi Sarah, I know we haven’t been able to connect, which usually means one of two things: Either the timing may not be right or you no longer have a need. In either case, I want to respect your time so I’m going to go ahead and close your file. Otherwise, if you would still like to talk, please call me to discuss next steps. Thanks again. PROSPECTING WITH EMAIL ••• 12
  14. 14. DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GUIDE Get the Full PDF Version Now! Proven Templates No More Cold Calls Leads in Your Inbox