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If you follow up with
web leads within 5
minutes, you’re 9
times more likely to
convert them.Source:
The best times to
email prospects are
8:00am and 3:00pm.
Source: GetResponse
The best time to cold call is
4:00-5:00pm. The second
best time is 8:00-10:00am.
The worst times are 11:00am
and 2:00pm.
Thursday is the best day to
prospect. Wednesday is
the second best day.
Tuesday is the worst day.
Top sellers use
LinkedIn 6 hours
per week. Do you?
Source: Jill Konrath
In 2007 it took an average
of 3.68 cold call attempts
to reach a prospect. Today
it takes 8 attempts.
Source: TeleNet and ...
The average
salesperson only
makes 2 attempts
to reach a prospect.
Source: Sirius Decisions
Only 2% of cold calls
result in an appointment.
Lesson: Find new ways to
reach decision-makers
Source: Leap Job
In a typical firm with
100-500 employees, an
average of 7 people are
involved in most
buying decisions.
Source: Gartner Gr...
The average salesperson
makes 8 dials per hour and
prospects for 6.25 hours to
set 1 appointment.
Source: Ovation Sales Gr...
The early bird gets the
worm. 50% of sales go to
the first salesperson to
contact the prospect.
Email Marketing has
2x higher ROI than
cold calling, networking
or trade shows.
Source: MarketingSherpa
Nurtured leads
make 47% larger
purchases than non-
nurtured leads.
Source: The Annuitas Group
Visuals are processed
60,000x faster in the
brain than text.
Lesson: Use more visuals
in your presentations.
Source: Neo M...
After a presentation, 63%
of attendees remember
stories. Only 5%
remember statistics.
Source: Authors Chip & Dan Heath
The most memorable
part of a presentation is
the last 5 minutes.
Lesson: End with a bang!
80% of sales require 5
follow-up calls after the
meeting. 44% of salespeople
give up after 1 follow-up.
Source: The Market...
91% of customers say
they’d give referrals.
Only 11% of salespeople
ask for referrals.
Source: Dale Carnegie
70% of people make
purchasing decisions to
solve problems. 30% make
decisions to gain something.
Source: Impact Communicat...
Each year, you’ll lose
14% of your customers.
Lesson: Never stop
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  • Milton which stats are you referring to, I would like to know because it looks like the stats on each slide show are from different sources. Can you let us know which stats are wrong and please provide a link to the accurate stats. Thanks
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  • This slideshare should be taken down. It's full of bogus stats.
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  • Terrific stats; How to change how we sell is obvious. Do the opposite. Thank you, more of the same quality intel please guys, P
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  • Download this 3-step guide to creating an avalanche of leads for your business through LinkedIn, without using outdated or spammy online marketing tricks:
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  • I'm amazed at James Murray's comment wondering "how...these facts will change how we sell." Knowledge is power only if it is applied. To see where we are to where we want to be in sales, we have to look at what we are doing in light of these statistics. Brian Tracy says we just need to acquire 10 percent improvement in any area of our lives to see a marked difference. If follow up success occurs at or after 5 attempts and I'm making only one attempt to follow up, then I need to increase my follow ups by at least 4 to get one more sale. If I'm cold calling between 10 and 3, instead of 8 to 10 a.m. and 4-5 pm, I just need to alter my schedule to get better results. If I would learn how to market via email more effectively, I might be able to get a better return on my investment. If I ask for more referrals more times, I'll have more "preferred" leads to call on. James, if you're doing all these and still not getting better results, I would recommend getting a refresher course of sales training to hone skills that might be past dull. Good luck in 2017!
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