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Live Streaming 101 - An Introduction to Social Live Streaming Apps


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The first installment of presentations on live streaming and the industry as a whole in addition to how the development of social live streaming apps are effecting today's digital world.

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Live Streaming 101 - An Introduction to Social Live Streaming Apps

  1. 1. Live Streaming 101: Introduction to Effective Live Streaming w/ Jake’n’Bake Presented by:
  3. 3. Who is Jake’n’Bake? Most recognized foreigner live streamer in China 0 to 225k+ fans since January 2016 Accumulated earnings of over $50k USD Involved in and observed live streaming since early 2011 B.S. in Marketing from Cal State Northridge, 2014 Studied Chinese language in Shanghai, China from 2014 - 2016 on CSC scholarship Discovered by the CEO of Livestar while streaming in China Community Manager November 2016January 2016
  4. 4. Live Streaming Today Recognized brands Uses Personal Business Events FOMO Killer Space is new, a lot of flexibility Standalone platforms
  5. 5. Platform Model - Social Live Streaming Simple, straightforward - Anyone can stream! Typically mobile based Typical Live Stream Channel Types: Social / Personality Talent / Specific Interest Curated Content Ability to monetize directly in the app Typically from viewers from gifts purchased in-app Streamers can “Cash Out” their earnings
  6. 6. Current Industry Platform model in China is considered a phenomena Within the last year and a half, industry has boomed New to the west Created a new type of influencer - Live Streamer Existed on Twitch Shift towards live streaming as a new marketing channel Oreo, Adidas, Sony, Xiao Mi
  7. 7. Top Streamers - Inke 映客 Streamer Time Earnings $USD* In-app Followers Zai Da Ren 6 mo. $3,000,000 629k Sunlike 10 mo. $1,500,000 420k Zi Hao 1 year+ $2,000,000 557k ● Top streamers in China are now viewed at the level we view top YouTubers here in the west. ● Created their own brands, working with bigger brands, even staring in movies and TV shows.
  8. 8. Why Live Stream? Personal: Space is not saturated - imagine YouTube 10 years ago Live streaming is still developing - you can truly impact the industry Ability to create an immediate revenue stream - no partnerships needed Expand current brand to new, innovative platform Business: Stay ahead of the video marketing curve Cost-effective Allows a brand to improv and be adaptable Allows for transparecy - behind the scenes Changes video marketing from passive to reactive More easily forge a community, allowing users to connect
  9. 9. Getting Started Your Username Your Profile Picture Navigating the App Top Streamers Search Featured Page Following Page Promotional Banners User Profile
  10. 10. Streaming Experience Caption Geo-tagging Profile Picture - Mini Profile Viewer List - Live Viewer Count Star Bucks - Contributor List Chat - Handle the Trolls! Streamer Features Likes - Counter
  11. 11. Viewing Experience Similar to Streaming UI Sharing + Golden Star! The Gift Store! Virtual gifts can be sent to streamers Gifts purchased with Star Coins Star Coins purchased in the Gift Store or User Profile Gifts allow streamers to earn Star Bucks Star Bucks can be cashed out through PayPal
  12. 12. Mastering Streaming Perfect the mechanics Develop your brand and channel personality Connect with others and get your name known Educate your viewers Be consistent and schedule content Create personal gimmicks Earning Your Money Don’t feel guilty, encourage support! Earnings are cashed out - PayPal
  13. 13. Conclusion Live streaming as a whole is still developing Industry has already boomed in China Social live streaming apps leading the way The new social platform For personal - not saturated For business - ahead of video marketing curve Direct monetization for content creators Big brands constantly watching the live streaming sector and how to leverage it Check out Livestar and choose your 3 favorite streamers Live stream 3x for 30min each minimum Google “social live streaming” and check industry news In 1 week, report your favorites, personal thoughts, and findings about live streaming and its potential to me Challenge For You
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Thank you! Contact: : @jakenbakeLIVE