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Changes to IERC Schedule


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Changes to IERC Schedule

  1. 1. We have had a few changes to our 2012 IERCschedule (updated 9/4/2012)New Class: New Course #1300- Wildfire Initial Attack: Strategies for Safe and EffectiveFirefighting. Offered 9/14/2012 from 8:00am – 10:15am, Rm 139 at the ICC byDrew Daily, Fire Supervisor, Indiana Division of Forestry/DNRReplacement Class (new title, speaker and content): Pascal Arnes, Deputy Chief, Decatur Township Fire Department, will replaceJason Bush (course #912: “Developing Leaders of Tomorrow”) with course #802 -Reducing Risk through Cultural Competence. Check out course information by usingthe search bar with “802” entered.New Speakers (Similar content - but slight change in objectives. You maychoose a different class if the course no longer meets your educationalneeds): Sergeant David Miller, IMPD will replace Eric Post for Course #948 - StreetDrugs Today: Objectives 2/3 will include identification of drugs but not thetreatment of an overdose as Sergeant Miller is not qualified medically. He will alsobe joined by Sgt. Paul McDonald Dr. Robert Smith, Psychotherapist will replace Eric Post for Course #942 - PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. John Ramos, ECPD Crime Scene Investigator will replace Eric Post for Course#1020 – Ballistics and the Body (now titled Firearms Ballistics): Objective: Will beable to apply sound trauma care in effectively treating a patient with ballisticsinjuries is no longer part of the discussion. Lee Turpen will lead the EMS Commission Update (#855) as replacement forGary Miller. This is not an official EMS Meeting and no Commission business will beconducted at this session.
  2. 2. Dr. Pohlman will replace Dr. Reed for course #1182 Trauma Assessment andTreatment. Dr. Sood’s fellow will be giving the Advances in Burn care talk (#906) Angela Morris will replace Ryan Klitzsch for course #1092, Helping to SaveHoosier Lives on our Roadways. Gary Robison will co-speak.