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This week in sports

A look back at some of the headlines of the past week in sport.
There are links to relevant articles on each slide

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This week in sports

  1. 1. kings-new-logo-free-tattoos Loyal fans
  2. 2. What do these two Aussie coaches have in common? A clash of cultures?
  3. 3. “There seems to be an unspoken recognition that in our relentless focus on data-based coaching and science there is a danger that an entire system has become blinded to the impact on the athletes concerned.”
  4. 4. Solomon Haumono punches Manual Pucheta No body image problems for heavyweight boxers
  5. 5. "I hate every second of it. I hate the training, the boxing, the lot. “I would rather be at home eating some chocolate and watching TV with the kids. “I hate boxing, but I'm just too good at it and making too much money to stop." klitschko-expletive-laden-press-conference Is this the body of an athlete?
  6. 6. Rory is representing Ireland at the Olympics. But who will he not represent? to-sponsor-rory-mcilroy-ireland-at-olympics
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