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The logical prison - free eBook


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The purpose of this ebook is to show why the supernatural does not exist.

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The logical prison - free eBook

  1. 1. Jairo AlvesSumário1 Introduction……………………………..32 The Logic……………………………….43 The Sciences……………………………54 The Incoherencies………………………65 The Contestations……………………….96 Concluding Remarks…………………..11 2
  2. 2. The Logical Prison1 IntroductionThis eBook is titled "The Logical Prison", because its purpose isto show that everything is absolutely logical. The biggestproblem in reaching this conclusion is the difficulty of peoplebelieves that the supernatural does not exist. Theoretically,supernatural is everything out of natural, i.e., every phenomenonthat is not adhering to the laws of nature. The main causes forthe acceptance that there is: magic, spells and superpowers are:ignorance, insecurity, beliefs and values.The ignorance of: ourselves, the workings of the universe, themechanism of creation and our role in reality are some reasonscontributing to the acceptance of supernatural phenomena. Inother words, ignorance of the engineering of nature is the mainreason, to consider as supernatural many usual phenomena.The insecurity of there is future after death also contributesgreatly to the acceptance of the existence of supernaturalphenomena. In other words, the fear of death acts as an inhibitorof rationality, because it promotes the misjudging andacceptance of illogical ideas. 3
  3. 3. Jairo AlvesOur beliefs and values may constitute barriers to acceptance thatunexplained phenomena can also be natural. In other words, itsvery hard for anybody to exchange an explanation that isgrounded in beliefs and values by another that is still incompleteor does not exist.In short, the fight against fear, ignorance and cultural barriers isextremely important to the demystification of reality andcultural evolution of humans. The battle will begin next topic,because it will administer the only antidote that can minimizethese effects.2 The LogicThe intent of this topic is to tell which parameter is essential toshow for all things imaginable are prisoners of the logic. Toaccomplish this, it is not necessary to conceptualize the logic,just to know that it is associated with the order and form, whichrelates the components in any spatial or chronological entity. Inother words, now only of interest to know that every logical 4
  4. 4. The Logical Prisondepends on an order. The order is always implemented by a setof rules, so it can be stated that the occurrence of any physical ortemporal phenomenon depends on it. The set of rules thatenables the occurrence of all natural phenomena is known as"laws of nature".In short, the logic structuring any body or event is alwaysimplemented through a specific set of rules. The main evidencefor this will be presented in the next topic.3 The SciencesThe sciences are the main evidence that the logic is supported bya set of rules. To understand this, it is necessary to cite thescientific methodology of research. The methodology ofscientific research is the set of rules guiding the validation ofscientific knowledge. In other words, knowledge only gains thestatus of empirical, if the hypothesis that is holding it resistswhen tested in accordance with the methodology of scientificresearch. 5
  5. 5. Jairo AlvesThe hypotheses are attempts to establish causal relationships,i.e., hypotheses attempt to show cause and effect relationshipsbetween different facts. In other words, the hypotheses assumethe existence of rules, i.e., hypotheses attempt to identify thelaws of nature.In short, the sciences are the main evidence that the logic issupported by rules. It is thanks to them that all sciences exist. Inthe next section will show why any fact cannot dismiss this setof rules.4 The IncoherenciesThe purpose of this topic is to show the main incoherencies thatcan be credited to the set of causes that promotes the acceptanceof supernatural. For this, the incoherencies will be introduced inthree categories that most interest us: speculation, fiction andfalsehood. 6
  6. 6. The Logical PrisonSpeculation is the attempt to reach the truth without theapplication of scientific method. Speculative incoherencedepends on compatibility that exists between the variables thatmake a guess. In other words, the coherence in speculationdepends on its adherence to natural laws, that is, the speculationcan reflect the truth or not.Fiction is a lie assumed, because it doesnt intends to misleadanyone, just externalize an imaginative capacity. The fiction hasno obligation to be fully coherent, since the main idea in it is theamusement and not to reach the truth.However, nothing prevents the fiction is so creative that can become reality. Jules Vernes works are filled with good examplesof this. The fiction shows existential possibilities through facts,speculations and lies without the intention to sell them as truth.In other words, the fiction revolves around the laws of natureand does not hide its incoherencies.The lie is information that claims the status of truth, withoutsubjecting itself to the scientific method of research.The purpose of the lie is to provide a situation that is favorableto its propagator. The lie enables to trick someone and then stealit, recruit it, compromise it, conquer it and so on. However, the 7
  7. 7. Jairo Alvesidentification of a lie is not always easy, because ignorance,feelings, beliefs and values create an environment conducive toits acceptance and proliferation. The lie can combine history,inventions, fiction and even speculation. The credibility of thelie depends on how logical it seems. To achieve this, lie oftenmixes facts with inventions. The facts are adhering to the lawsof nature or reality, but the inventions have no the samecommitment. Sometimes, the inventions that contradict naturallaws are justified by creation of fake rules. It is this falseadherence to reality that gives credibility to the lie, for withoutit, the lies would not be convincing or even exist. The lie isincoherence in itself, since it only makes sense, because itcomplements the logic of facts.The conquest may be the most damaging application of lie,because it allows manipulation of people to achieve any kind ofgoals, even the pernicious. Through conquest people can berecruited for various purposes, persuaded to donate theirproperty, to leave their families and passively accept many otherinconceivable things. It isnt necessary to struggle too much toremember of other applications that are based on lies andentities who take advantage of them. The worst problem of lies 8
  8. 8. The Logical Prisonis not its false base, but rather its goal, because many times it ismalefic.The three categories of incoherencies above have up a commoncharacteristic. All of them need to create new entities withsuperpowers or merge reality with the supernatural, to empowernormal entities, such as: people, books, charms, rings, animals,etc. This happens, because even the imagination is hostage tothe logic. In other words, it isnt possible to imagine anythingthat is completely disconnected from reality.In short, speculation, fiction and lies also are logical constructs,no matter if they are true or not, otherwise they would beunintelligible. This matter will continue in the next topicthrough the analysis of main justification for the incoherencies.5 The ContestationsThe purpose of this topic is to use logic to refute the main reasonfor the incoherent information, because often its supporters saythat natural laws are not applicable in controversial issues suchas creation, the soul, death etc. They argue that these facts are 9
  9. 9. Jairo Alvesworks of supernatural powers, which inhabit other worlds,dimensions or universes, where the laws of nature areineffective. This justification is the greatest of allinconsistencies, because the evidences point exactly theopposite, that is, the facts show that there is no any separation.The fact that everything in nature is transformed is the mainevidence that there is only the universe and nothing more. Thistransformation occurs only because the universe has no exteriorto capture the resources that its works need. In other words, thetransformation is a proof that all things are subject to the laws ofnature, including those one that have not yet been explained.In short, categorize any fact as supernatural relying on theexistence of other worlds, universes or dimensions is a veryserious incoherence, because the facts indicate the opposite. 10
  10. 10. The Logical Prison6 Concluding RemarksIncoherencies are conceived by the imagination, but this do notturn them real, because the facts prove that there is only oneuniverse and that nothing escapes of laws of nature. In otherwords, claiming that there are other worlds, universes ordimensions, where the laws of nature do not apply is merespeculation or an attempt to conceal incoherent assumptions. Thissecond case is a disservice to understanding of the engineering ofnature as it contributes to the mystification of facts and slows thecultural and humanistic development.In short, the supernatural does not exist because the universe is akind of "logical prison" from which nothing escapes, not eventhe incoherencies, because even the untruths need to be logical tobe intelligible.The best way to prove the veracity of the arguments presented inthis work is to know step by step how nature works and the wayin which is possible to assemble the universe from micro tomacrocosm. "The Big Brain Theory" is the first and only bookthat provides this and more, without disregarding the logic orany empirical knowledge. To develop it took more than 35 11
  11. 11. Jairo Alvesyears of studies. The success of this endeavor is due to theauthors knowledge in the areas of data processing andtelecommunications, as they greatly facilitated theunderstanding of the engineering of nature. To learn more aboutthe "Big Brain Theory" “Only the Truth Frees” Jairo Alves www.jairo-alves.blogspot.com 12