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This eBook reveals the main secret of nature.

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The amazing universal essence - free eBook

  1. 1. Jairo Alves1 Introduction…………………………………32 Existential Evidences………………………..43 Existential Prerequisites……………………..64 Identification of the Universal Essence……..85 The Vital Essence…………………………..106 Concluding Remarks……………………….12 2
  2. 2. The Amazing Universal Essence1 IntroductionThe intention of this essay is to draw attention to a fact that seemsobvious enough, but it certainly goes unnoticed by many people.This fact is naming this essay, i.e., "The Universal Essence". As thename suggests, "The Universal Essence" is the only input that existsin nature. In other words, all existing things in the universe frommicro to macrocosm are composed of this essence. To be morespecific, this eBook aims to show why its author concluded that allexisting material forms, since the smallest particle to the galaxies aremade of a single entity, i.e., that everything is made of a "UniversalEssence". To show the consistency of this assumption, that is acertainty for the author, the following procedure will be adopted:First, we present the evidences for the existence of this "UniversalEssence". Later, we will list their existential prerequisites. Next, weidentify clearly and unambiguously the "Universal Essence" in orderto show that everybody knows it a long time. Finally, we will showanother side of this essence that is essential for the functioning of theuniverse. Without further ado, lets see what are the factssupporting the existence of this universal essence. 3
  3. 3. Jairo Alves2 Existential EvidencesThe purpose of this topic is to present facts to substantiate the claimthat everything in the universe are composed of a single entity, i.e.,reveal why everything in the universe have the same essence.The first fact that allows us to infer the existence of a universalessence is the subliminal knowledge that we assimilate from oureating need and the certainty of our death. The eating need and deathlead us to make sure that we are "processors", "output" and even"input" into a huge system. We can be regarded as "processors"because we process substances captured in environment and most ofthem are cosmic waste that has already been processed by otherorganisms. We are "output" too, because we expel to theenvironment: gases, fluids, excrement, and even our bodies, when wedie. It is important to perceive that our "outputs" are also "inputs" inthe environment. This relationship of systemic interdependenceinduces everybody to fell that we are made of dust and to dust weshall return, or that all of we are systems where dust is the input andoutput at the same time. This feeling is a collective perception thatleads everybody to know that all things have the same essence. 4
  4. 4. The Amazing Universal EssenceThe second fact that supports the existence of a universalessence is the natural organization. The organization of theuniverse is undeniable, since all its components from the micro to themacrocosm are complementary. It is not possible to say that theworking of the universe is chaotic, as this view may be just a figmentof our stage of cultural development. In other words, until we havereal evidence to the contrary, we can only say that the functioning ofthe mechanism of the universe is unknown, nothing else. Thesciences only can say that all actually proven magic is that universeis fully structured from the micro to the macrocosm in accordancewith the laws of nature. This structuring is evidence that allowsconfirming the existence of a universal essence, because is fact thatthe structural decomposition of the material forms and the reductionof existential diversity go together. In other words, as deeper as thediving into the microcosm, less existential possibilities will be found,i.e., as smaller as a particle, fewer components it contains. Physicstacitly admits that the structure of the universe leads to the possibilitythat all things are made of the same entity. A prime example of this isthe construction of a particle accelerator with nearly 30 kilometerslong at CERN in Europe, because its mission is to find the smallestportion of matter that exists, i.e., the Higgs boson, or God particle. 5
  5. 5. Jairo AlvesAs we see in practice there is no conflict between the collectiveperception and scientific view, since both lead to the same point, sowe just need to identify what are the relevant points to consider anessence as universal.3 Existential PrerequisitesThis topic will present some facts that support certain that everythingin the universe is composed of a single entity. To get them, well starttrying to figure out what are the necessary properties for an entitythat could become itself in all things in the universe. First, this entityshould be able to turn itself into all material forms. Second, it wouldalso have to be alive, conscious, intelligent, autonomous andsensitive. In other words, this entity should be able to support bodiesand to possess its own will.This universal essence should not be material, because this restrictionis as important as the above properties. There are two reasons forthis: First reason, It´s fact that the interventionist ability of everymaterial form depends on its development stage. In other words, it is 6
  6. 6. The Amazing Universal Essenceknown that as more as simplistic is a material form, as reduced as itscapability to interfere in the environment. Example: An atom has notthe same power we have to transform the environment, because itsstructure does not allow it to think and mobilizing other forces likewe do; Second reason, a universal essence cannot be decomposedinto nothing more, since the existence of any entity that is capable ofdecomposition is conditioned upon the existence of another entity, soit has no autonomy to turn by itself in all the material things of theuniverse.In short, any entity to be candidate to universal essence must have itsown will and be immaterial, but with the capacity to materializeitself. On this basis, "The Universal Essence" will be tentativelycalled of "prematter". This concluding allows us to deduce and saythat the Higgs boson or God particle is not a universal essence,because no matter how small it is, it always will be matter. Now thatwe have the basic rules for identifying the "Universal Essence”, letssee what is the only entity that satisfies them fully. 7
  7. 7. Jairo Alves4 Identification of the Universal EssenceNow its time to see, if there is some entity that fits the profile thatwas traced to the "Universal Essence". For this, we use anindisputable premise that can be found in the following famouswords of Lavoisier: "In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost,everything is transformed!” This premise is the compulsorytransformation that nature imposes for its all children. It is evidencethat all things are ephemeral.In other words, transformation, death or the end of all things from themicro to the macrocosm is the starting point for identifying an entitythat can be a universal essence. If we start from the premise that allthings transform because they are events, we will be obligated toconclude that "Universal Essence" is a force.To check the veracity of this conclusion, it is first necessary toexplain more clearly what an event is. To stay as close as possible tothe sciences, we can say that every event is a phenomenon, fact orhappening which is produced by the action and reaction of a set offorces. In other words, force is the only entity empowered tomaterialize the reality. This means that the force has to beimmaterial, have its own will and materializable, because these are 8
  8. 8. The Amazing Universal Essencethe existential prerequisites for any entity that is a candidate for"Universal Essence".The only force with the necessary properties to be classified as"Universal Essence" is the time. This statement mayseem odd because were used to seeing the time just like a carpetwhere all events occur or as a reference unit to measure theduration of events and not as a living force. However, beforeanything else is important to realize that every event is a temporalmovement. The expression "temporal movement is" is a redundancythat was intentionally used to highlight the role of time in reality,because the terms the facts, phenomena or happenings alwaysdesignate temporal entities. Time is the only entity capable ofproducing temporal movements, because it is indisputable that "likefather like son". Time is the only entity that can turn into all things,because in addition its immateriality it is able to materialize itselfthrough events, too. There is one pending yet, that is, how to showthat time also have its own will? To achieve this, it would benecessary to explain the whole structure and functioning of nature.This will not be done in this essay. However, we show another waythat also allows you to see the consistency of our proposition. Forthis, we must consider the following expression: “Let it roll”. Itreflects our subliminal perception that all things are naturally driven 9
  9. 9. Jairo Alvesby the will of the time. Certainly, this perception is insufficientevidence, however, valuable to note, that the universe is the biggestexisting event and its temporal movement known as evolution, canonly be justified if it is driven by a will. In other words, theorganization and functioning of the universe are so complex that notcredit them to a will that is the same as neglecting the statisticalscience, since the probability of accidental occurrence of an event ofthis magnitude is zero.In summary, despite the disability of the argument above, except thetime, there is no other entity has the necessary qualifications tocompete for the role of "Universal Essence". This capability will bestrengthened in the next topic through an argument that is moreaccessible to everybody.5 The Vital EssenceIn this topic we will learn because the time can also be consideredour "Vital Essence". To achieve this, we must firstly to remember thefollowing concepts, which we already seen earlier: The first conceptis that all things are events, since all of them are ephemeral, 10
  10. 10. The Amazing Universal Essenceincluding humans. The second concept is that all events are temporalmovements performed by a force that can turn itself into anything.Now we need to analyze how to respond the following question:What am I? Whenever we try to answer this question, we could findonly three categories of facts: our history, our senses and our powerto generate and sense events. These three categories of factscan be related to the two above concepts as follows: a) Every history is a chain of interdependent events, so every story is supported by a force. b) As we are moved by feelings, these feelings are evidences that our will and force together compose our "Essence Vital". c) c) Our power is the result of a force, because we too are children of nature and this is the only existing possibility to generate and sense events. The force is only able to feel and generate events because it has will intrinsic.Assuming that everything is event, including ourselves, we are alsoobligated to admit the possibility that our "Vital Essence" is the sameforce of will that is able to turn itself into everything else in the 11
  11. 11. Jairo Alvesuniverse. In other words, time is also our essence, that is, time also isthe "Vital Essence" of the humans. In order to make easier to acceptthis possibility, its possible also add the following argument: We canonly talk about events, because all verbs can only narrate actions anddescribe situations in events, i.e., every verbs refers to temporal facts.Based on everything, we had already seen, now it is possible topresent an overview of reality, where time is the sole agent. This willbe done in the next topic through a very simple analogy.6 Concluding RemarksTo facilitate understanding of the ideas presented till here and showthe feasibility of that time is a universal essence, we can see theuniverse as a multi-dimensional immense origami. The term"Origami" is of Japanese origin and nominate every sculpture that aremade by folding paper In this analogy, time is the only existing paperthat is autonomous to bend itself in all sculptures physical, chemicaland biological that materialize the universe. Of course, this meansthat we can only have a holistic view of the universe, if we know indetail how the time does to become itself in all material things. Tolearn this, the author of this essay for over 35 years, has applied its 12
  12. 12. The Amazing Universal Essenceexpertise in the area of data processing systems andtelecommunications networks to understand the engineering ofnature. This study produced "The Big Brain Theory ". This is the firstessay that explains the universe in a contemporary and fullystructured way. To learn more “ othing is eternal, all is event, all is time” Jairo Alves 13