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Jwol elevator pitch


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Jwol elevator pitch

  1. 1. Elevator Pitch!! – Jainism and Jain Way of Life  Jainism is a religion and a way of live.  For thousands of years, Jains have been practicing vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, and environmentalism. Jains believe in the existence of a Soul which is eternal and divine, and that each living being has a soul.  We are all independent souls, and yet interdependent for bringing peace to our lives as well as to those around us. Jains seek spiritual upliftment by practicing the three core principles of Jainism: Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, and Non- Possessiveness.  Non-Violence is compassion and forgiveness in thoughts, words, and deeds towards all living beings. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King were popular leaders of this philosophy.  Non- Absolutism is respect for the view of others. Jains seek and encourage dialogue and harmony with other faiths.  Non-Possessiveness is balancing of needs and desires, while staying detached from possessions. Jains encourage respect for the environment and appropriate use of resources.  By living a Jain Way of Life (JWOL) we can bring peace and spirituality to our lives and to those around us.