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Published on - Learn what makes WSI different from other SEO companies. Find out how we can help YOUR business grow!

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WSI We Simplify the Internet SEO Services

  1. 1. Who Else Wants Top Google Rankings that Can Produce 100’s and Even 1000’s of NewLeads EVERY MONTH For Your Business?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Overview WSI – Online Digital Agency Jaime Paredes Principal
  2. 2. Be on PAGE ONE of Google! 69% of visitors to Google search are clicking on the first four results: #1 - 42.13% #2 - 11.90% #3 - 8.50% #4 – 6.06%You absolutely must be on the first page on Google, and ideally, in the first four results, or you’re nowhere.
  3. 3. Are you or your SEO company doing all this?500-500- man hours of consistent, high-quality, hand- high- hand- crafted SEO work that Google LOVES.. LOVES..  Article Writing  Video Production  Account Creation  Backlinking  Uploading  PAD File Creation ..and a bunch of other powerful SEO methods!
  4. 4. Week in, Week Out, Month After Month, We build links!Most people fail at SEO. Theybuild a bunch of links withsome software or by hand, andthen they don’t see resultsquickly so they quit.
  5. 5. Consistency is the KEY! Consistency is the key with SEO. Consistent linking will bring high rankings.After 3 months with our SEOservices, most people startseeing a HUGE increase intheir organic rankings!
  6. 6. The WRITE StuffHate writing? A lot of people do. Soleave it to us. We provide high qualityarticles -- not pieces that read likethey’re written by someone in India orineffective spinning software.Most SEO companies and services use Junk articles –NOT US. We use professional English-as-primary-language writers who turn out unique 300-500 word qualityarticles.
  7. 7. Videos We believe in diversified links. Article sites, social bookmarks, RSS feeds, blogs, forums and videos. That’s what Google and other search engines want to see.We will make videos for you each monthHigh quality videos are submitted to 2 dozen video sharing sites. This diversifies your links and provides even more exposure to your brand. Videos simply work, and we include them!
  8. 8. Binary Backlinks - PAD FilesSoftware Directories are starving for new softwaresubmissions, and eager to list your new listing. Inreturn for letting them list your software they give youan “Author” link back to your website.PAD is a Portable Application Description, and it helpsauthors provide product descriptions andspecifications to online sources in a standard way,using a standard data format that will allow webmastersand program librarians to automate program listings.
  9. 9. Software DistributionWe will submit various kinds of software like toolbars, calculators, and screensavers todifferent software sites for free downloading providing backlinks to your site.
  10. 10. WSI Secret #1 Guaranteed Indexing of Links Did you know that many of your links are never found? Not so with WSI SEO services!We use special technology and link-building techniques to ensure that all links get juice flowing through them. This makes a HUGE difference in your rankings!
  11. 11. WSI Secret #2 Account Longevity A lot of accounts for people who use software get shut down almost immediately. Not us. We use special submitting procedures (this is huge!), VPN’s,dedicated servers and private proxies to make sure all submissions, account creations and backlinks stay put. It wouldn’t work as well otherwise.
  12. 12. How Many Links Do We Build? Roughly 4000+ to your site directly each and every month. We then go above and beyond to point links back to those links… Thousands of them! This is to create an intricate network of link juice which all flows to your MAIN site. Here is the power in what we do. You are getting thousands of links to your site, consistently, consistently everyday.With our systemized trade secrets, we can provide you with quality articles, links, and best of all – rankings rankings.
  13. 13. Where Do We Get Our Links?We get links from Social Bookmarking sites (50+), video sites (20+), articlesites (50+), web 2.0 Profiles (a LOT), RSS Feeds (3 sites), Forums, Social sites (like Hubpages, Squidoo, and we Ping.There are two links per article, and 2 articles submitted over all places over 7 days. 1 video submitted over a week – plus all the backlinking to the backlinking equals over 1000 backlinks built per week. We also do forum and blog commenting.
  14. 14. Here is a diagram on what your backlinks may look like after a month or so.
  15. 15. Do We Guarantee Rankings? Yes, in a sense.We guarantee that you will improve your rankings over time. However, there is something called the “Google Dance”. You may see your website move DOWN in rankings before climbing back up and much higher. Don’t panic. It’s normal. We just ask for 3 months to show you results!
  16. 16. $650 a Month Gets You All This:Unique, High Quality, Hand-Crafted Articles, Written For You EachWeek!Unique, High Quality, Hand-Crafted Videos, Produced For You EachWeek!2000+ Backlinks Directly to Your Site Submitted Over One Month (Notall at once, but over 30 days consistently, day in and day out)2000+ Backlinks Pointing to Your Backlinks Forming a NetworkSubmitted Over One Month (Again,not all at once, day in and out over amonth)Custom Submission Process Guarantees Link Staying Power! –Custom Linking Process Guarantees Links are IndexedVariety of Link Networks Styles and Locations – Diversity is the Key!Blog and Forum CommentingPAD File and Software Distribution.Edu and .Gov Backlinks!
  17. 17. What Separates Us From All the Other SEO Companies?*The biggest issue you’ll have with some other SEO offers is that you may not rank for super competitive keywords. Their link structure all comes from the same types of sites. Often, just lowly directory submissions.But, we can get you rankings for competitive keywords.
  18. 18. What Separates Us From All the Other SEO Companies? We do a huge variety of links, plus generate the content for you. *We write high quality, custom, We unique articles for submission No submission. spun crap. No junk produced articles.Most companies either require YOU to submit the content, or they “autogenerate” it. It comes out to be pure crap. We don’t do that.
  19. 19. What Separates Us From All the Other SEO Companies? We produce videos for you as well. Most companies don’t do this. They just do backlinking. Our custom submission process, our dedicated hardware and network proxies ensure that your links stay put.Our custom linking techniques ensure your links get indexed.
  20. 20. What Separates Us From All the Other SEO Companies?Most companies just do one “burst”of backlinks. That is not helpful for good rankings.We continually build backlinks each and everyday. Consistency in backlinking brings results.
  21. 21. Contact Us Today! www.Jaime- (blog) (digital business card) Cell: 305-972-3474 305-972-
  22. 22. Thank You!