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How to Save for a Down Payment


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If you're planning to buy a h

Published in: Real Estate
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How to Save for a Down Payment

  1. 1. 63% 11% tap into savings cash out investments Hey, thaws who; ,1’; there for} Legitimate reason to pull from stocks or CD5. 38% E 11% generate more income gifts Take freelance work or pick up Thanks, guysl DOWN i & PAYMENT 2 2 % Here's how most people get 8 % the cash for a real estate ovemment ro rams $00" programs Cagmirgmize or down payment, as well as _ PU" from 40‘ k eliminate your down payment some ideas for other creative ""5 C0‘-lld 9"“? Y0“ me 5'0” Y0“ ' ways to get ready to buy, need for a bigger investment. OTHER OPTIONS: CU? living expenses private loans existing equity Wlidl daily C05'5 C0UlCl 90 Borrow money from family and If you can, take advantage of l0WOfCl$ SOVIDQS instead? pay it back without the interest! your current property. PI 1 &. . ‘ o “- IS -. . 4* Q‘ For Source Citation and More Information, visit: Q; / HouseHunt. com/ rea| estate~newsl