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Emails and Memos by Students


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Emails and memos by students from around the world.

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Emails and Memos by Students

  2. 2. Professional Emails GREAT WORKS!
  3. 3. Clear Goal and Intention Dear Mr.Jaime Am writing to inform you about my selected type of project under the go green project.Am specifically focusing on the environmental conservation through the recycling of wastes from commonly used products. Attached is my memorandum and the learning style answer shit am sory i have not sent it because our computers have no conertors of pdg toenable me fill it up. Am ready for your onward action and ready to correct any mistakes. Thank you very much. yours, Nawanji Janat. 1. The intention of the writer is very clear. 2. The goal of the message is in the first sentence of the first paragraph 3. The message ends on a positive note.
  4. 4. Intention and Positive Ending Dear mr Jaime,i would like to know why am under averrage with your attendance records because i have never been absent ever since the semister began in either lectutre or tutorial,and the first time we registered our emails you sent me almost two messages but how come this time i did not receive the email? i really feel so bad about the assignments i missed.Am sorry if am not so proffessional to you sir.thank you sir. 1. The intention of the writer is very clear. 2. The message ends with a positive idea.
  5. 5. Positive Start and End Dear Mr.Jaime Good morning, Iam very pleased with your reply to my memorandum . Regarding the quiz,iam requesting for the notes about the elements of communication[ the 44 components of communication]. Thank you very much for your unlimited support. Nawanji Janat[Group 6] 1. The message begins with a positive idea. 2. The message ends with a positive idea.
  6. 6. Business Memos GREAT WORKS!
  7. 7. Heading & Body Labels TO: Mr. Jaime, Lecturer Undergraduate Studies Program FROM: Soe Moe Tun, Student Undergraduate Studies Program of Computer Science Albukhary International University DATE: October 10, 2012 RE: Saving Electricity Energy to Go Green Theme This is about my final project for Professional English, Saving Electricity Energy to Go Green that is topic for my project. There are so many ways to go green our environment. Among them, saving electricity energy is one way to go green. By turning off lights when no one is in the room or when you leave the office or classroom, you can do to help cut our energy bill and go green too. Target audience As I already mentioned that I am an IT student, I suggest that you should turn off your computer when you leave work. My target audience is students; staff from the companies, from the office, from the university; and especially who use computer. Leaving their computer idle was like leaving a 40-88 watt light bulb burning 24/7. By turning off their computer when they leave, they will reduce energy consumption by about 73%. But it may take a long time to start up our computer in the morning which might be the reason why we don’t want to shut down our computer at night. So I will explain how to solve this problem and save energy to go green our world that is my final project.
  8. 8. Identifications To: Mr. Jaime Cabrera Professional English Lecturer Under Graduate Program Of Albukhary International University FROM: Mohamed Anees Under Graduate Student From Bachelor Of Banking And Finance Albukhary International University DATE: October 10, 2012 The project is mainly considered about the nature of the environment. The greatest environmental issue of the modern world is waste of garbage. The project is related to recycling the resources of the garbage. It's mainly related to the people who are working on the Public markets. They are the one who have less consideration about the green nature. By showing the methods of recycling will help the region to be clean and beauty. It should be very useful for the marketers and the customers. According to my Business Course, i am willing to go through with the business strategy. It can be come under product and services. The steps that i am going to include in this project are creating a new kind of garbage boxes, which will preserve more environment concern. Next thing is giving awareness through the logos and pictures in the garbage box. There are lots of people seeking the food for their pets in the markets. The garbage box will be the answer for their searching. I hope it will be a good solution to protect the nature
  9. 9. Identifications TO: Mr . Jaime Professional English Lecturer Undergraduate Studies Program Albukhary International University. FROM: Amri Shabani Mwaruka Freshman Student Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science Undergraduate Studies Program Albukhary International University. DATE: October 10, 2012. SUBJECT: Conservation of Natural Resource. Due to increases of destruction of our natural resources around our environments in and outside our campus. It is my pleasure to introduce the useful ways and methods that can conserve our natural resources. The project will involve creating posters around our campus and outside near our university, which show the ways on how we can conserve our natural resources. It will involve pictures and demonstration on how to conduct
  10. 10. Intention and Language TO: Mr Jaime FROM: Ziaawalhaq DATE: 10 October 2012 SUBJECT: Notification of my registration I am writing to inform you about a change in my registration in your lecturer. As you also might know, I had registered in one of your lectures on Wednesday, but there were some problems with my schedule. It was clashing with my other subject (Intercultural Communication), so I had to change my lecture from Wednesday to Tuesday. Therefore, I sincerely request to switch my name to your Tuesday’s lecture. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The goal of the message is in the first sentence of the first paragraph The use of tentative language is very professional. The 2nd body paragraph contain details that support the main idea. The use of polite language is professional. The last paragraph summarizes the key ideas.
  11. 11. Simplifying Complex Ideas To: Mr. Rusdi, Instructor of OOP; Mr. Nazri Musir, Instructor of Principles of Microfinance; Mr. Mohammed Madi, Instructor of Discrete Mathematics; Mr. Jaime Alfredo Cabrera, Instructor of Professional English; Mr. Azni Abdul, Instructor of Intercultural Communication From: Nay Lin, Freshman Student (Computer Science) Date: 15 October 2012 Subject: My discoveries of Learning and Motivation Styles Self-assessments I’d like to share you my discoveries of Learning and Motivation Styles Self-assessments that I’ve done as my additional work. 1. My results of Learning Styles Self-assessment a. Primary Learning Style : Visual b. Secondary Learning Style: Tactile or Kinesthetic As my result, I’m strong at Visual Learning Style. Thus, I will draw the pictures and take notes in my class to improve my skills. I have noticed that it’s easy to memorize by doing these in my learning process. 2. My results of Motivation Styles Self-assessment a. Primary Motivation Style: Learning-oriented b. Secondary Motivation Style: Relationship-oriented My result shows that I’m good at learning-oriented. I think, it’s true because I prefer to learn by own instead of teaching me. Besides, I’ve got more concentration when I’m alone.
  12. 12. Body Labels TO: Mr. Jaime Cabrera FROM: Sukraj Tamang DATE: October 12, 2012 SUBJECT: Bio-gas From the Human Waste: Sustainable And Green energy Theme Protecting the environment Target audience or beneficiaries There are many areas that may be covered by the project. Especially, countries like where people are still using wood for cooking due to the high cost of gas which are imported from third countries. So, this project works in communities, schools, hostels, hotels, child care centers, and so on. Most importantly, this project helps to have better food quality in the AIU. Type of project The project might help to reduce the usage of expensive energy which are imported from third countries. Indeed, it saves living cost, and helps to protect natural resources i.e. jungle. Moreover, it might be considered as a time saving approach because there will be no need of going forest to collect woods. In the context of AIU, it helps to save cost of energy (gas) in a sustainable way. Benefits of the project There might be many advantages of the project among them some of them are: reduce cost of living, reduction of various diseases that are caused by smoke, protect natural resources, increase income in many sectors, help to produce healthy new generations, etc. Green aspect
  13. 13. Congratulations! Keep up the good work, scholars.