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Setting Up A Paper Using Mla Format


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instructions on how to write a paper in MLA format

Published in: Education
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Setting Up A Paper Using Mla Format

  1. 1. Setting up a paper using MLA Format<br />
  2. 2. Overview <br /> The instructions you are about to read are about how to write a paper using MLA formatting.  I will be giving instructions on;<br /><ul><li>Setting your margins
  3. 3. Spacing your sentences
  4. 4.  Applying a header to the page, etc.</li></ul>  <br /> This power point will walk you through setting up the paper step by step using screen shots and written instructions to ensure that you correctly accomplish each step before moving on to the next.  This power point will help anyone who is trying to write a paper in MLA format and should not be used if MLA format is not the desired format of the paper they are trying to set up.   If this is knowledge you wish to acquire then lets begin.   <br />
  5. 5. Knowledge Needed to Begin<br /><ul><li>You will need basic computer skills.
  6. 6. You will also need to have access to Microsoft office Word 2007. </li></li></ul><li>Setting Margins<br /><ul><li>Select Page Layout Tab
  7. 7. Select Margins
  8. 8. Select Normal(1” on all margins) in the drop down menu.</li></li></ul><li>Line Spacing<br /><ul><li>Click on the Home Tab
  9. 9. In the Paragraph section click on the Line Spacing icon
  10. 10. Set the Spacing to 2.0</li></ul>(All the writing in the paper should be double spaced including the heading)<br />
  11. 11. Setting Font<br /><ul><li>Select the Home Tab then go to the Font section.
  12. 12. Select Times New Roman in the drop down menu.
  13. 13. Select 12Point Font in the drop down menu to the right of the Font Theme.</li></li></ul><li>Applying a Header<br /><ul><li>Select Insert Tab
  14. 14. Select Page Number
  15. 15. Select Top of Page in the drop down menu.
  16. 16. Select plain 3 in the drop down menu. (The number will be on the right side of the screen)</li></li></ul><li>Adding Text to your Header<br /><ul><li>Type your last name to the Left of the number.
  17. 17. Highlight your name and number.
  18. 18. Select the Home Tab
  19. 19. Change the Font to Times New Roman, 12 pt
  20. 20. Select the Design Tab
  21. 21. Select the X icon to close the Header and Footer</li></li></ul><li>Heading<br /><ul><li>In Upper Left Corner
  22. 22. Type in Your name and press Enter
  23. 23. Type your Teachers name and press Enter
  24. 24. Type in Class name and press Enter
  25. 25. Type the Date and press Enter
  26. 26. Insert the Title into the center of the paper by clicking on the Centering Text icon in the Home Tab.</li></ul>(Example)<br />Ivy White<br />Dr. Rodriguez<br />Comp. 2 1412<br />3 March 2010<br />
  27. 27. Beginning Paragraph<br /><ul><li>Press Enter
  28. 28. Select Left writing text in Paragraph section of the Home Tab.
  29. 29. Press Tab
  30. 30. Begin Writing your paper. (All other paragraphs in the essay should also begin like this.)</li></ul>(Example)<br /> MLA format is used for many college courses etc…<br />
  31. 31. Congratulations<br /> Thank you for using my power point instructions and congratulations on setting up your paper in MLA format.  You will now be able to help other students who do not know how to set up their papers.  Be aware that this is only one way of  formatting a paper there are many others such as APA that are also effective and sometimes required which you can enjoy learning in the future if you would like, or if need be.  Now you will be able to approach each MLA assignment with less stress and be able to focus more on the actual substance of your paper because of your confident in your formatting skills.  I am glad my instructions could be of help to you and hope you will refer others to this power point when asked for instructions on how to write a paper using MLA format.<br />