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Content Marketing Predictions for 2012


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-How Businesses Use Content Marketing; Content Marketing Predictions for 2012;Tips For Content Marketing in 2012 and Beyond….

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Content Marketing Predictions for 2012

  1. 1. • How Businesses Use Content Marketing• Content Marketing Predictions for 2012• Tips For Content Marketing in 2012 and Beyond….
  2. 2. •Search engines are used to search content •Social media is used to socialize on web
  3. 3. Businesses use web to –• Draw more people to the sites• Convert prospects into customers• Change customers into repeat buyers• Drive Sales• Avoid Expenditure on Traditional Forms of Advertising
  4. 4. • Selling Stories • Starting a two -way dialogue with customers• Creating a lot of relevant content
  5. 5. •Interesting and unique•Helpful and educational•Able to answer customer’s queries•Eye catchy•Properly optimized to rank high in searchengines
  6. 6. • Draw more people from social media and search engines• Build brands• Make visitors to re-visit the site• Increase conversion rates• Enjoy more traffic• Enhance sales• Increase business profit• Attain success
  7. 7. The first thing businesses must remember is that theyshould prefer quality to quantity any day of the week.This will be even more important in the months andyears ahead.
  8. 8. Freshness and relevance of content is important at alllevels.
  9. 9. In the past being unique alone was enough, but nowyou need to be interesting with your content.
  10. 10. Enables a person to• Stop• Read• Think• Act