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Frankfinn - CRM


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CRM Assignments.....

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Frankfinn - CRM

  1. 1. CRMJaifar. K.UC5 Batch
  2. 2.  The shops which I visited is Raymond and Van Heusen. I had a different experience from these two shops. I had some basic expectations, which every customers has. But the shop Raymond couldn’t reach up to my expectations. I wasn’t much satisfied from this shop.
  3. 3. My Expectations Cost Courtesy Communication Honest Selection
  4. 4. • He was in a well uniform and he gave me a warm welcome as I expected. He transferred me to the 1st sales man . For the securityWelcome guard I give 7 out of 10.Hostess • First i asked him about the Formal suit and all. He showed the way to the Shirt section, there had a communication problem. They were not attentive, dint pay courtesy. The sales mans were busy with1st Sales talking. I went to him and asked about the Suit. He shown me theAssistant way to the top floor. I felt disappointed. There were Time barrier. For him I give 3 out of 10. • As I went to the top floor, the 2nd assistant were there, he showed some suits which I liked it. But the suit hand length is not enough for me, I asked him whether u can fix it or not. Actually he doesn’t know anything about that. First he told me that its possible, later on he2nd sales told me that it isn’t. He was lack in product informations, not a goodassistant attitude, lacking in communication skills, he wasn’t honest at all. I was so dissatisfied. For him I give 2 out of 10.
  5. 5. Observation For the Security guard I’ll recommend to change the uniform to some other color. He’s good at everything but uniform. For the 1st sales man, he’ll have to improve his communication skills. He is not a good listener. He doesn’t have any customer handling skills. He must have a training. Get some product information’s. Be attentive when customers come. For the 2nd sales man, he needs serious training in this field. He doesn’t have any customer handling skill. No communication skills. He is not showing modest. No product information. Whenever I ask a doubt he simply goes to his senior and asking him. There were a serious time barrier. Not well groomed also.
  6. 6. • Well groomed, greets with a pleasant smile, pleasing personality, he immediatelyWelcome Hostess transferred me to the first sales man. I give him 7 out of 10. • I asked about the latest type of suit he explained to me in a detailed manner ,he has good communication skills, good in customer 1st sales man handling skills, respect the customer which I more like it. He followed with me to the Suit section, and introduced me to the 2nd sales man. I give him 7 out of 10. • He has a pleasing personality he’s good in communication, good knowledge about the products. Even I had to face the same problem 2nd sales man & which I faced in the previous shop. The suit Cashier length wasn’t much suitable for me, he said they could fix it within one day. I was so satisfied with the services they provided. I give him 8 out of 10.
  7. 7. Observation Welcome hostess: I completely satisfied with his service. He was empathetic too. I told why I’m there, he immediately transferred me to the sales man who handling the Suit section. 1st sales man: He was little bit faster while he communicate, which I couldn’t follow. He was handling more than 2 customers at a time. But he managed to get time ask my needs and all. He followed me to the 1st floor which suit section located. 2nd sales man: He was good at what he was doing. He has a high proficiency in customer handling. Good communication skills. I got the perfect suit which he suggested me first. He knows the customer needs. Well groomed with professional attire.
  8. 8. Conclusion After visiting both shops, I personally recommend Van heusen shop, than Raymond. Its completely dependable and reliable shop. Even the cost is comparatively lower than Raymond’s. I’m completely satisfied with Van Heusen shop. I got everything what I expected.