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The ultimate search of the perfect customer experience By Brian Solis


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Are you experienced?
The ultimate search of the perfect customer experience: What is means for brands and how to create them. Presented by Brian Solis.

Brian Solis is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet company. He is also an award-winning author, prominent blogger/writer, and keynote speaker.
A digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on business, marketing, and culture. His research and his books help executives, and also everyday people, better understand the relationship between the evolution of technology and its impact on business and society and also the role we each play in it. As a result of his work, Solis also helps leading brands, celebrities, and startups develop new digital transformation, culture 2.0, and innovation strategies and that enable businesses to adapt to new connected markets from the inside out.

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The ultimate search of the perfect customer experience By Brian Solis

  2. 2. What is the biggest challenge you are facing in competing for the future? 1. Understanding how customers are evolving 2. Corporate culture is too rigid to innovate 3. Leadership isn’t leading the way 4. No sense of urgency or incentive to change 5. Don’t know where to start 6. Lack of expertise or skillset
  3. 3. Digital Darwinism The evolution of society and technology and its impact on behavior, expectations and customs.
  4. 4. “What was offered in the past and what is offered today were designed for different times, expectations and experiences in a world that didn’t have much to choose from. Convention, business as usual, was very much the standard.”
  5. 5. Welcome to a new era of business where your brand is defined by those who experience it.
  6. 6. A maturity model serves as a diagnostic tool to benchmark against other companies in their transformation
  7. 7. CX is the number 1 catalyst for advanced digital transformation
  8. 8. The Great Endemic of Digital Out of Touchness EXECUTIVES Business Outcomes Cost control Margins/Profit Shareholders/Stakeholders Scale Growth Innovation EMPLOYEES/ CUSTOMERS Digital-Mobile 1st Personalization Lifestyle Convenience Immediacy Ambition Happiness Appreciated Me, Me, Me EXPERIENCEDIVIDE
  9. 9. Businesses that mapped the customer journey within the last year. Down (54%) from 2016. Roadmaps are developed and investments in CX are made without understanding customers. 35%
  10. 10. The State of design in 1 Picture
  11. 11. What is brand?
  12. 12. What is brand experience?
  13. 13. What is customer experience?
  14. 14. The customer’s experience is the sum of all engagements a customer has with your organization, in every touchpoint, throughout their journey.
  15. 15. What is user experience?
  16. 16. UX User X-pectation User experience is all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.
  17. 17. What is Experience?
  18. 18. Experience is something you feel, something you sense and interpret…it’s measured by how you react.
  19. 19. BX CX UX Brand Experience User Experience Customer Experience The experience that users should have before, during and after engagement with the platform? How does this fit into my lifestyle? Where does this add value? What value does it add? What do I feel? What do I tell people? The individual + the sum of all interactions in each moment of truth. How does CX bring to life the confluence of the brand promise and the brand experience? The design of a person's entire experience with a products and services. Customers expect frictionless movement across channels, devices and physical touchpoints. BRAND Brand The brand is the culmination of the experience people have in each moment as defined by BX and delivered through moments of CX, SX, UX. BX reflects evolving customer preferences, expectations, values and behaviors. It’s more than creative, design and pillars, it’s emotional, personal. ServiceExperience Service Experience The design, staging and delivery of experiential services through orchestrated roles, props and processes. How do we enliven experiences through operations and services?
  20. 20. What is the experience people should feel? And how is the experience enlivened through spatial design, service innovation and UX IRL?
  21. 21. MINDSET IS EVERYTHING Innovation is all the work you do to conform to expectations and aspirations of people as they evolve instead of making them conform to your legacy perspectives, assumptions, processes and metrics of success.
  22. 22. Business “as usual” is an outdated mindset. Modern customers are connected and empowered. They want things NOW and PERSONALIZED in the moments that matter how they communicate, discover & connect.
  23. 23. The Law of Accelerated Societal and Selfie Disruption As technology exponentially grows, so does its impact on behaviors, societal norms and cultural beliefs.
  24. 24. They spend 177 minutes on their phone per day. 1500X Mobile Changes Everything
  25. 25. The line between reality and virtual reality is blurring. Customers want to feel like physical spaces are designed for their digital lifestyle.
  26. 26. Make critical decisions using mobile Consumers expect more They rely on social and reviews They're over- informed They expect answers + transparency
  27. 27. Once you’ve felt a truly personalized experience, it becomes the new standard for engagement. You, and other customers like you, don’t go back. Every business now needs to recognize the Ubers of the world as disruptive competitors in experience design -@briansolis
  28. 28. You are designing CX strategies for people who vomit rainbows. Think about that.
  29. 29. Ladies and gentlemen, The Cluster Funnel
  30. 30. Are you being served? Why UX is now as or more important than marketing or customer service People are 100 times more impatient online. Than they are in physical reality.” “
  31. 31. Most shoppers are too stressed to a point of losing their temper during online shopping
  32. 32. more search traffic than text or image. (Aberdeen Group) 41%Video content sees more than
  34. 34. The Rise of Advisor Brands
  35. 35. 1.Research - The ‘well-advised’ consumer 2.Impatient - The ‘right now’ consumer 3.Expectations - The discerning ‘right here’ consumer
  36. 36. 90%of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online. 73%say getting useful information from a business is the most important attribute when selecting a brand.
  37. 37. Mobile searches for “best toothbrush” have grown more than 100% over the past two years.
  39. 39. Connect the dots between evolving customer behaviors and preferences and your value proposition, touch points and consumer experience.
  40. 40. What they want or don’t know they want, but can’t live without it once they have it. What we think they want. CUSTOMERS BRANDExperience Design The Relevance Gap: Ask Different Questions Does it fulfill their needs? Does it complete their lives? Will it brighten their days? Does it arouse their curiosity? Will it simplify their lives? Will it help them finish their tasks better/faster? Does it give them new hope? Does it bring them closer to their goals Does it resonate with them? Does is solve their problems? Does it offer new possibilities and outcomes? Does it give them something to share or talk about? Does it make them want to help others?
  42. 42. Design Technology Service perienceE Brand Customers Employees Space
  43. 43. Do You Have An Experience Style Guide?
  44. 44. CX should be designed like a Disney or Pixar movie, complete with character and story development, storyboarding, woven into a thoughtful and methodical universe where the experience is linked, immersive and enchanting in every moment of truth." @briansolis
  45. 45. Airbnb went through the Pixar storyboarding process to learn how to re-imagine the Airbnb brand and the experience for guests and hosts. This lead to a cohesive vision and a guide to help hosts deliver and guests receive a desired brand experience.
  46. 46. Philips Experience Architecture
  47. 47. Constantly map the customer journey to create smooth cross- channel customer experiences
  48. 48. Engage in deep consumer research for a unified view of the customer
  49. 49. Cultivate the necessary digital skills AND mindsets across the organization
  50. 50. Invest in cross-functional innovation pilots…prioritize innovations that target the connected consumer. cross-functionally to unite the customer’s experience. Test. Learn. Share. Together!
  51. 51. It isn’t just disruption you should worry about, it’s mediocrity that will drive your customers away.
  52. 52. with us.
  53. 53. Brian Solis Altimeter, the digital research group at Prophet @briansolis