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Data for Dummies by Dan Katz, CDO at Safran


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Dan Katz, CDO at Safran enlightens the audience with the historical context of Data and it's applications in layman's term.

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Data for Dummies by Dan Katz, CDO at Safran

  1. 1. Data… …and 3 things that know you must!
  2. 2. ☆ An unnecessary Definition
  3. 3. DATA, plural noun Etymology : from Latin, literally: (things) given, from ‘dare’ to give 1. A series of observations, measurements, or facts; information. [American] Facts or figures to be processed; evidence, records, statistics, etc. from which conclusions can be inferred; information 2. Information in a form suitable for storing and processing by a computer 3. Data is information presented in numbers, letters, or other form. Usage: Although now often used as a singular noun, data is properly a plural. In general English, the noun data is usually followed by a singular verb, but in technical English, it is often followed by a plural verb and the singular form of the noun is datum. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers
  4. 4. DATEN, die, 1. Plural von Datum (Kalender) 2. (durch Beobachtungen, Messungen, statistische Erhebungen u. a. gewonnene) [Zahlen]werte, (auf Beobachtungen, Messungen, statistischen Erhebungen u. a. beruhende) Angaben, formulierbare Befunde [Pons: gemessene Werte] 3. (EDV) Jede Art von information die ein Computer verarbeitet. 4. (Mathematik) zur Lösung oder Durchrechnung einer Aufgabe vorgegebene Zahlenwerte, Größen Herkunft nach englisch data, Plural von: datum < lateinisch datum, datum Synonyme zu Daten : Angaben, Einzelheiten, Fakten, Größen, Maße, Messwerte, Tatsachen, Werte, Zahlen; (bildungssprachlich) Details +
  5. 5. DATA, subst. masc. plur. Faits donnés, connus d'eux-mêmes ou par la science. Peu usité, et seulement dans cette locution : les data et les desiderata. Ailleurs on dit « donnée ». Étymologie : Latin, participe passif datus, au plur. neutre : les choses données. Littré, Émile. Dictionnaire de la langue française. Paris, L. Hachette, 1873-1874. Version enligne par F. Gannaz. DONNÉE, subst. fém. A. Math. Quantité connue dans l'énoncé d'un problème et qui sert à trouver la solution. B. Par extension : Ce qui est connu et admis, et qui sert de base, à un raisonnement, à un examen ou à une recherche. Ensemble des indications enregistrées en machine pour permettre l'analyse et/ou la recherche automatique des informations. TLFi : Trésor de la langue Française informatisé,, ATILF - CNRS & Université de Lorraine.
  6. 6. BIG DATA, nom masculin invariable Étymologie : mot anglais « données volumineuses » Domaine technologique dédié à l’analyse de très grands volumes de données informatiques (petaoctets), issus d'une grande variété de sources, tels les moteurs de recherche et les réseaux sociaux ; ces grands volumes de données. (Recommandation officielle : mégadonnées.) OPEN DATA, nom masculin invariable Étymologie : mot anglais de open, ouvert, et data, données) Mise à disposition de données numériques, d’origine publique ou privée, libres d’accès et réutilisables par tous. (Recommandation officielle : données ouvertes.)
  7. 7. CONCLUSIO : Data = Information
  8. 8. ☆ ☆ The Vertigo of an infinite Vision of the World
  9. 9. Book Chapter Sentence Word Letter ByteLibrarianParking Valet ReaderJanitor
  10. 10. METONYMY, noun A figure of speech in which the name of one thing is used in place of that of another associated with it, e.g. the whole and the part, etc. Etymology : from greek Μετωνομία, of μετὰ (instead) and ὄνομα (noun). Data = Quantum Metonymy
  11. 11. So what about Big Data?
  12. 12. A bird is a bird !… ü Bigger cage ü More grain ü More noise ü Bigger droppings !
  13. 13. ☆ ☆ ☆ The Delights of Intellectual Improperty
  14. 14. Directive (EC) 96/9 of 11 March1996 on the Legal Protection of Databases Article 7, 1. – Object of Protection: « Member States shall provide for a right for the maker of a database which shows that there has been qualitatively and/or quantitatively a substantial investment in either the obtaining, verification or presentation of the contents to prevent extraction and/or re-utilization of the whole or of a substantial part, evaluated qualitatively and/or quantitatively, of the contents of that database. » Hey Law! Data?!?
  15. 15. Ownership vs. Possession Ownership = Legal relationship Art. 544 (French) Civil Code: Ownership is the right to enjoy and dispose of things in the most absolute manner, provided they are not used in a way prohibited by statutes or regulations. POSSESSION = Factual relationship Art. 2255 (French) Civil Code: Possession is the detention or enjoyment of a thing or of a right that we hold or that we exercise by ourselves, or by another who holds it or who exercises it in our name.
  16. 16. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, (General Data Protection Regulation) Article 4 - Definitions: « ‘personal data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person…» Did you hear anybody say Data Ownership ?
  17. 17. [Draft] Regulation (EU) on a framework for the free flow of non-personal data in the European Union Article 3 – Definitions : « ‘user‘ means a natural or legal person using or requesting a data storage or other processing service; … » I said: No Data Ownership !
  18. 18. Directive (EU) 2016/943 of 8 June 2016 on protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure Article 2 - Definitions : « ‘trade secret’’ means information which meets all of the following requirements: (a) it is secret in the sense that it is not, as a body or in the precise configuration and assembly of its components, generally known among or readily accessible to persons within the circles that normally deal with the kind of information in question; (b) it has commercial value because it is secret; (c) it has been subject to reasonable steps under the circumstances, by the person lawfully in control of the information, to keep it secret; … » I mean: there is No Data Ownership !
  19. 19. "Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act" ("CLOUD Act ») § 2713 - Required preservation and disclosure of communications and records [Chapter 121 of title 18, United States Code] "A provider of electronic communication service or remote computing service shall comply with the obligations of this chapter to preserve, backup, or disclose the contents of a wire or electronic communication and any record or other information pertaining to a customer or subscriber within such provider’s possession, custody, or control, regardless of whether such communication, record, or other information is located within or outside of the United States.” I really mean: there is No Data Ownership !
  20. 20. FALSE
  21. 21. IP anyone !?!
  22. 22. Protection…
  23. 23. Transaction…
  24. 24. Still, the morning after questions… WHAT ? WHO ? WHERE ? WHEN ?
  25. 25. Data, a collective good?…. The Data Kibbutz