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AI-monitor & Marketing Factory, customer case study by Valerie Voci


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Customer Testimonial: Leveraging Jahia's Marketing Factory solution to drive personalisation, AB testing and analytics for multi-lingual websites. Presented by Valerie Voci, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of AI-Monitor

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AI-monitor & Marketing Factory, customer case study by Valerie Voci

  1. 1. A global media organization taking the pulse of the Middle East via its award-winning, multilingual platform that publishes a diverse set of perspectives; going beyond the headlines with in- depth analysis. With over 160 authors, contributors, editors, and reporters, we reach a global audience who seek intelligence on the trends shaping the Middle East. Al-Monitor
  2. 2. WHAT I’LL ATTEMPT TODAY • Who am I and what do I know? • What is Al-Monitor? • How do we use Jahia to publish? • What are our near term goals for audience development and business goals? • How do we collaborate with Jahia to extend Marketing Factory capabilities? • What will personalization look like? • How do we integrate other software for e-commerce, newsletters, registration, audio, video, and interactive maps with Jahia?
  3. 3. Who is this woman and why should I listen to her !?
  4. 4. GROWTH PLANS • Grow registered users by 20% Q4 • Use Marketing Factory to personalize user experience Q4 • Deploy premium products for a fee - Subscriptions in Q1 • Ongoing tests to determine value of video and audio programming to grow the desired audience
  5. 5. OUR STACK • Jahia DX (CMS) • Marketing Factory • SailThru (ESP) • (e-commerce CRM)
  6. 6. Registration