M 604 ch1


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Draft Chapter 1

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M 604 ch1

  1. 1. Chapter  1   INTRODUCTION  Topic  name  :  Tool  for  share  informa/on  media  via  internet  1.1  Overview  Now,  This  is  a  Globaliza/on  period,  the  businesses  have  high  compe//on  also  the  high   technology   has   high   development,   communica/on   and   telecommunica/on  have  more  important.  Therefor  there  have  found  new  way  of  communica/on  as  internet   and   other   mobile   device   thats   easy   to   access   many   informa/on   in  any/me  and  anyway,  observed  from  News  reports  by  mobile  phone  as  a  picture  or   video   clip   in   very   dangerous   pace   as   the   riot   at   central   world   plaza,   its   very  quick   and   easy.   Also   more   programming   show   via   internet   become   talk   of   the  town   with   the   individual   idea   and   content.   Podcast   will   become   new   age   of  communica/on.  Social   network   and   internet   community   be   come   stronger,   also   technology   of  mobile   device.   4.6   Billion   people   are   access   new   informa/on   from   their   mobile  device,   also   Facebook   become   their   iden/fica/ons   profiles   on   the   internet  networking,   and   Youtube   channel   become   their   favorite   program,   as   a   news,  anima/on,  music  video,  any  entertainment  and  also  home  video  channel.      Last   10   years   ago,   Outdoor   Broadcas/ng   had   use   OB   satellite   car   unit   and   they  have   6-­‐8   members   in   their   crew,   5   years   ago,   they   had   use   just   camera,  microphone   and   laptop,   they   had   3-­‐4   member   in   crew.   And   now   Broadcas/ng  have   change radically   from   10   years   ago,   he   or   she   just   use   mobile   device   to  broadcast  by  himself  or  herself,  just  like  one  stop  service.  
  2. 2. 1.2  Scope  of  use  and  situa?on  From,   the   Conference   of   the   Online   News   Associa/on   in   Washington,   DC,   in  October,   2006.   They   found   the   word   “MoJo”   refer   to   Mobile   Journalists   that   is,  staff  or  freelance  reporters  who  write  their  stories  from  their  communi/es  thanks  to   technical   tools   such   as   digital   cameras   and   camcorders,   laptop   PCs   with  broadband   wireless   connec/on   or   Smartphone.   And   the   another   one,   Backpack  Journalism   is   a   form   of   Broadcast   Journalism   that   requires   the   journalist   to   be  reporter,   cameraman,   editor   and   producer   of   stories,   oTen/mes   in   remote  loca/ons  that  are  inaccessible  to  regular  field  reporters  and  their  camera  crews.  These   journalists   are   oTen/mes   referred   to   as   Video   Journalists,   Mul/media  Journalists,  and  even  Journalists  of  the  future.  Prac//oners  have  oTen  referred  to  the   form   as   "a   character-­‐driven   methodology   with   a   specific   approach   and  applica/on  that  yields  unique  results  and  that  does  not  work  in  all  situa/ons.  Aspect   the   users   group   as   Amateur   freelance   journalist   who   write   their   stories  from   their   communi/es   also   requires   the   journalist   to   be   reporter,   cameraman,  editor,  designer  and  producer  of  stories  and  have  oTen  referred  to  the  form  as  a  character-­‐driven  methodology  with  a  specific  approach  and  applica/on  that  yields  unique  results  and  that  does  not  work  in  all  situa/ons.  And  a  lot  of  people  express  their  idea,  emo/on,  opinion    In   Thailand   from   a   few   past   years,   many   fuss   situa/on natural   disaster, poli/c  phenomenal   and   etc.   Many   people   have   use   their   technology   update   their   media  in  their  situa/on.  Suddenly  Mobile  Journalists  have  working  on  it  and  share  their  news  informa/on  that  they found  or  done  something    
  3. 3. 1.3  Project  opportunity  and  contribu?on  This  kind  of  business  is  growing  up  also  the  market  need  a  uniqueness  design  and  s/ll  have  share  market.  Many  technology  have  been  develop,  can  selected  to  the  project.  This  project  aim  to  educate  people  to  discover  their  news  informa/on  ,  explore   their   experience   or   skill   and   share   or   publish   their   media   to   their  community  and  network.    There  have  3  main  factors  which  are  Physical,  Cogni/ve,  Social  and  Cultural  Physical  This   project   should   have   the   ergonomic   involve   to   the   design,   as   the   tool   to  recording,   steaming   and   share   in   any   situa/on.   Also   there   have   to   comfortable   to  portable  in  everyday  life.    Cogni?ve  This   project   is   directly   about   communicate,   try   to   understand   news   informa/on  media.  Also  the  process  of  broadcas/ng  and  make  them  look  more  professional  and  easy  to  share  or  publish  to  their  community  and  network.  Social  and  Cultural  These   people   have   an   individual   culture   and   society,   almost   they   have   do   the  explore   of   their   experience,   share   with   other   people,   network   and   community.  Then  they  try  to  be  uniqueness  and  break  out  the  rules.   Probability  is  that  be  able  to  design   Tool  for  publish  and  share  informa/on  media  via  internet  Physical  ac/on   Service  system   Interface  ac/on   Specific  tool   Community  service Applica/on  soTware   Or   Or   Or  Add  on  device   Networking   Web  site  The  design  should  be  able  in  one  or  the  other  or  combina/on  of  them.  
  4. 4. 1.4  Research  plan   Have  divide  to  4  phases   1.  Explore  idea  and  Find  concept     in  June   2.  Field  research  and  Data  collec/on     in  July   3.  Analysis  data  and  Prepare  presenta/on   in  August   4.  Doing  document  and  Document  proof   in  September   30.06 Proprosal present 15.07 interview *This  plan  is  s/ll  in  development   13.07 interview 10.07 interview 25-29.06 06.07 Analysis data & interview Prepare presentation 04.07 interview 02.07 interview p’ no JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER Explore idea Field research Analysis data Document proof Find concept Data collection prepare presentation 05.07 meet adivsor 08.07 Class 16-21.07 studio working observe 22.07 Class 03.06 01.07 26.08 30.09Proprosl submit#1 Proprosal submit#2 Reseach presentation Chapter 1-2 Design direction subbmit What  to  be  know  ?   How  Broadcast  processing  in  studio/  outdoor  and  tape  steaming  ?   Who  have  any  job  or  experience  in  Broadcast  ?   What  device  used  in  Broadcast/Podcast  ?   How  they  find  the  content  ?   How  is  Podcast  processed  ?   How  is  it  different  between  Radio  sta/on  and  TV  sta/on  ?   How  access  of  informa/on  news  by  mobile  device  ?   What  do  you  think  about  media  (TV,  Radio,  internet)  ?   Which  situa/on  you  need  to  share  your  informa/on  media  ?