Swrk 180 cyc power point (jahaira fernandez)


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Swrk 180 cyc power point (jahaira fernandez)

  1. 1. California Youth Connection Created by Jahaira Fernandez
  2. 2. MISSION CYC is a youth led organization that develops leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster care system through legislative and policy change.
  3. 3. GOALS Increasing CYC membership. Promoting skill development & leadership with youth. Expanding CYC financial & community support.
  4. 4. CONT. Strengthen CYC organizational infrastructure. Advocating for effective implementation of statewide legislation & changes in practice at county & state levels. Strengthening & increasing the ability of the chapters to promote, create, & respond to emerging & current policies & being able to initiate at a state & county level.
  5. 5. Main Goals • To increase youth membership. In order to see an increase, members attend different events where they are able to establish relationships with other members. • Change policies.
  6. 6. POPULATION-AT-RISK CYC addresses the needs of foster youth that are from ages 14-24. It focuses in trying to make changes for youth from ages 0-24.
  7. 7. WHAT COMMUNITIES DOES CYC SERVE? Fresno Madera Mariposa Merced
  8. 8. MEMBERS’ INCOME LEVELS  The income of all youth varies:  Depends on the type of foster parents they have.  Some youth have jobs others do not.
  9. 9. TRANSPORTATION Bus Social Worker Adult Volunteers Personal transportation
  10. 10. AGENCY INTERACTION  Court Appointment Special Advocates: Advocates speak for those who have experienced neglect and abuse in the foster system.  Independent Living Program: Prepare youth to become independent.  Building Healthy Communities: Hub of network agencies that provide funding for the central valley office.
  11. 11. CONT. Youth Engagement Team: It is an extension of Building Healthy Communities where youth organizations work together to change local policies. Youth Training Project: All CYC members work on curriculum and leadership (statewide level).
  12. 12. Services  CYC does not give direct mental health.  Offers Indirect: • Support services • Moral support • Emotional support  Members have check-ins with other members or with Hector Cerda the Regional Coordinator.
  13. 13. BOARD OF DIRECTORS TOP MANAGEMENT  California Youth Connection is a non-profit organization founded in 1988. The Board Of Directors are:  Parissh Knox is the Past-President in Los Angeles, CA (Attorney, Best Best & Krieger LLP, 2nd Generation Orphan).  Edmund Fernandez is the Treasurer in San Bruno, CA (CPA, Oracle).  Carlos Senior Admin Analyst, Management Rotation Program, City of Santa Monica (Former Foster Youth Collard, President, in Los Angeles, CA.
  14. 14. CONT.  Cassie Morton, Resides in Coronado, CA Dean for the San Diego Community College District (Retired).  Daniel Heimpel, Resides in San Francisco (Director, Fostering Media Connections).  Jennifer Rodriguez in Davis, CA (Attorney, Youth Law Center, Former Foster Youth)  Karen Grace-Kaho, Resides in Sacramento, CA (Foster Care Ombudsman, State of California
  15. 15. CONT.  Laura Ziemer, Youth Member in Arcata, CA (Trainer (PRIDE), College of the Redwood, Foster/Kinship Care Education Program; Former Foster Youth.  Marilyn Mackel in Sausalito, CA (Commissioner in, Los Angeles Superior Court (Retired).  Myesha Jackson in Sacramento, CA (Chief Consultant, Assembly Human Services Committee.  Shawn Clark in Thousand Oaks, CA (Owner, Applied Network Solutions, Former Foster Youth.
  16. 16. CONT.  Sokhom Mao Youth Member in Oakland, CA (Data Specialist, UC Berkeley, Former Foster Youth)  Sopheavy Clarke in San Antonio, TX (Student at UT San Antonio, and Intern at Valero Energy Corp, Former Foster Youth).  Tonya Hightower in Anaheim, CA (Senior Adjustor, Infinity Insurance, Former Foster Youth).  Lazara Martinez, Secretary, Youth Member in Fresno, CA (Student, Former Foster Youth).
  17. 17. Executive Director Joseph Tietz Bookkeeper (Contact) Lynette Cox Director of Program Jenny Vinopal Manager Programs NorCal Hermal Sharifzada Regional Coordinator Bay Area Kate Teague Regional Coordinator Central Valley Hector Cerda Regional Coordinator SoCal Kenny Brown Regional Coordinator SoCal Rebecca Leach Social Media Coordinator (Contact) Theo Fowles YTP Coordinator Sophia Herman HCTACY Admin Sarah Duncan Director of Training Jaime Lee Evans Conference Coordinator Jude Koski Director of Operations Tiffany Johnson YTP Admin Jeanie Yoon Volunteer Coordinator Darryn Green Director of Development Jacque Lindeman CYC Admin Assist/Development Associate Angela Martin Legislative Coordinator Chantel Johnson Director of Policy Vacant Contact Policy Coordinator Crystal O’ Grady Regional Coordinator NorCal Roderick Venter Regional Coordinator NorCal Chris Ketchum
  18. 18. FRONT-LINE WORKERS & INTERNS Jenny Vinopal Hector Cerda CYC Interns
  19. 19. ROLES  In CYC, members are considered the clients and they work together as a team to find ways they can add or eliminate things on the foster care system.  The consumers create trainings for foster parents so that they can have more knowledge on how to help the youth be more dependent and learn how to open savings accounts.  The constituents have meetings where they discuss what policies they want to change, help with foster care trainings, organize events, and make decisions of what person will make the best fit as a supporter.
  20. 20. HOW CYC FUNCTIONS Principle of social work: • CYC brings justice to the foster youth who might not have had rights before. • It serves as a voice of foster population. Empowerment Model: • The foster youth are the voice of fosters.
  21. 21. INTERNATIONAL AGENCY IN CANADA  Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks is a non- profit organization and it is led my foster youth.  The youth members from ages 14-24 work together to make positive improvements on the lives of many BC members.  Some members are in foster homes, group homes, residential mental health, & independent living.  FBCYICN helps the youth form their own voice in order for them to change policies in the foster care system.