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  • Who’s in the room?&Co cultural leaders: the people in the room with the power / authority / responsibility - to make digital-driven change happen. Certainly when funding is tight, you have the authority to give permission to people to do things differentlyA range of people in organisations with new or renovated buildings that are being supported by the Audience Influencers programme - funded by ACE through &Co. We’ll hear more about &Co shortly.Why are we talking about digital?The Audience Influencers programme is partly a response to the challenge of realising a return on large capital projects – relatively big spends on managing renovations and investing in new builds of cultural spaces. This shapes the next big challenge for arts organisations – it’s not enough to rely on getting just your traditional audiences through the doors of those buildings. Reaching out to develop – or influence – new audience segments, becomes an important marketing goal in the business of the arts. When those potential audiences aren’t coming to your physical spaces, you need to go out and meet them in the places they hang out. One thing that digital offers is the means to extend your reach and build brand engagement through virtual channels, which you would hope then drives the footfall that helps realise the value of capital projects.This approach to digital is reflected in the Arts Council’s current policies:social media targets in contracts between ACE and national portfolio organisationsThe Space: an experimental digital arts media service and commissioning programme in collaboration with the BBC launched in Feb 2012Digital Research and Development Fund for Arts and Culture run by the Arts Council England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and NESTALeaving aside the role that digital has to play in the production of cultural objects and experiences, the challenge for the arts is convertingthe opportunity that digital presents for growing and engaging audience – through new tools, technologies as well as processes and different ways of thinking and doing business. To some extent we can separate this from the arts and replace audiences with customers, or patients, or citizens. In reality, the challenge of leveraging digital is not just a challenge for the arts, but for all organisations across public, private and voluntary sectors, and its partly about positive sustainability - and resilience – and partly about changing the way that an institution relates to its customers and suppliers in an increasingly networked world. Today’s programme brings to the cultural sector some of the lessons learnt from tackling the challenges and exploiting the opportunities that digital offers from a broader range of experiences, and in ways that go beyond simply marketing or commoditising audiences … instead - in ways that can strengthen the cultural and operational fabric of organisations and builds resilience … and in ways that embrace the changing relationship between institutions and their audiences, by creating dialogues that challenge the role of the audience influencer and the audience influenced.
  • Before we hear from our guest speakers, who mostly come from outside of the arts, to share their experiences of how digital attitudes and tools can be used, we should set the background for today’s programme.This event has been produced by us in partnership with Dan Bates of Sheffield Theatres, to complete the Audience Influencers programme, which itself has been made possible through &Co and the Arts Council. So first, Alison Edbury with Chris Bailey from &Co will give us an update on the future of &co. Then we’ll hear from Dan and Leigh-Anne Stradeski from Eureka, both of whom participated in the Audience Influencers programme. Dan will give an overview of the aims of the Audience Influencers programme and the key leadership challenges it addressed. Leigh-Anne will share some of the learning and opportunities that areemerging as Eureka have been devising and delivering their digital strategy.Then, to shake things up a little, we’ll be hearing from a range of speakers who will be presenting different perspectives of what digital means and how it shapes how their organisations and audiences relate. So, to get things started … a word from our sponsors …
  • Thanks to the Audience Influencers programme for setting the scene.Now we’ll hear from our guest speakers who will give their take on the question of What Does Digital Offer?The Open Business PlanDaniel Kirby (MD, Techdept) examines how he builds successful businesses using open methodologies inspired by web culture with his clients, peers and team.Authenticity and the Limits of Social Media Digital native Jake Orr (A Younger Theatre) challenges our assumptions about social media as just another marketing tool. Total Customer Experience starts OnlineKimb Jones (Barnsley NHS) explains why social media tools can improve the customer journey, but the experience doesn’t end with Marketing. Building Digital Capability Hannah Goraya’s research (Sheffield Hallam University, Barnsley Council) identified that growing the digital confidence of audiences involves building the digital skills of the whole organisation, and shares insight into how this can be applied to the arts.
  • What Does Digital Offer? Conference

    1. 1. What Does Digital Offer? Symposium for Cultural Leaders Crucible Theatre, Sheffield 30 March 2012online: #wddo
    2. 2. What Does Digital Offer? Socialising technology for the arts and audiencesonline: #wddo
    3. 3. What Does Digital Offer? &Co: The Future Alison Edbury, Chris Bailey Journeys with Audiences • Audience Influencers Dan Bates • Eureka! Leigh-Anne Stradeskionline: #wddo
    4. 4. &Co: The Future Alison Edbury, Chris Bailey Jane Wood @alisonandcouk @andcouk @chrisbailey @janelwoodonline: #wddo
    5. 5. Journeys with Audiences Dan Bates Sheffield Theatres @danbates @crucibletheatre @sheffieldlyceumonline: #wddo
    6. 6. Journeys with Audiences Leigh-Anne Stradeski Eureka! National Childrens Museum @eurekacorporateonline: #wddo
    7. 7. What Does Digital Offer? The Open Business Plan Dan Kirby Authenticity and the Limits of Social Media Jake Orr Total Customer Experience Starts Online Kimb Jones Building Digital Capability Hannah Gorayaonline: #wddo
    8. 8. The Open Business Plan Dan Kirby TechDept http://techdept.co.uk @trackhead @techdeptonline: #wddo
    9. 9. Authenticity and the Limits of Social Media Jake Orr A Younger Theatre ayoungetheatre.com @jakeyoh @ayoungertheatreonline: #wddo
    10. 10. Total Customer Experience Starts Online Kimb Jones Barnsley Hospital http://barnsleyhospital.nhs.uk @mkjones @barnshospitalonline: #wddo
    11. 11. Building Digital Capability Hannah Goraya Sheffield Hallam University, Barnsley MBC @yorkhannah http://bit.ly/disydocsonline: #wddo
    12. 12. What Does Digital Offer? Socialising technology for the arts and audiencesonline: #wddo
    13. 13. Thank You Jag Goraya Emma Cheshire @jagusti @germinatesonline: #wddo