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What Does Digital Offer? - Leigh-Anne Stradeski


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Leigh-Anne Stradeski (CEO, Euraka!) shares the learning and opportunities developed as Eureka! The Children's Museum devises and implements its digital strategy.

Published in: Business, Technology
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What Does Digital Offer? - Leigh-Anne Stradeski

  1. 1. Journeys with Audiences Leigh-Anne Stradeski Eureka! National Childrens Museum @eurekacorporateonline: #wddo
  2. 2. Leigh-Anne Stradeski Chief Executive
  3. 3. Strategic Objectives Use social media to: • Build brand and reputation as experts in play and learning • Increase visitor numbers and income by connecting social media with a visitor experience that exceeds expectations
  4. 4. Eureka! Experts: developing our brand & reputationFebruary – November 2011 workedwith Northern Lights PR who:• Developed an Experts blog• Launched @eurekaexperts on Twitter• Trained our management team on social media use
  5. 5. Has resulted in:• Huffington Blog• Consultancy opportunities• Invitations to speak at events & publish articles• Steady increase in blog views and comments:
  6. 6. Play 20: Bridging Experts & Audience• National campaign to get families playing together• Potential to extend brand into every home and achieve step change in attitudes to play
  7. 7. Play 20: Bridging Experts & Audience• 3,000 visits (9,000 page views)• Some great endorsements…• …and even greater feedback:
  8. 8. Using social media to build our audienceCreation of Communications Specialist role in 2011, as directrecognition of the increasing importance of digitalcommunications.6 months since beginning of the role:• Facebook: 2,000 “Likes” to 4,500+• 14,000+ check-ins• 1.4 Million ‘friends of friends’• Twitter: 675 to 1700+ followers• Email subscriptions from 10,000 to 18,000+• Two blogs - more than 1,000 views per month• 600 followers on Google+And more: LinkedIn, Foursquare, youtube, Instagram…
  9. 9. Quality, as well as quantity… Social media is great for listening. Whether feedback is good or bad, we: • Acknowledge & say thank you • Share with colleagues • Find out more Bad feedback is an opportunity to talk about what we are doing right!
  10. 10. Set, meet & exceed expectation 110 reviews Average rating: “very good”
  11. 11. Time for a quick plug…• Follow us - @eurekamuseum @eurekaexperts @eurekacorporate• Like us!• Read our blog:• Visit Play 20 and start playing:• Follow us on LinkedIn & connect with us!• Watch out for our shiny new website later this year…