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Are you ready for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasil


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Are you ready for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasil

  1. Are You READY for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  2. The World Cup happens once every four years and lasts for a month in the summer. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  3. The FIFA WORLD Cup 2014 will start from 12 June 2014. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th FIFA World Cup. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  4. Hosting Country – Brasil © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  5. 32 nations taking part. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  6. Bosnia-Herzegovina is The Only Country To Have Qualified For The First Time. They won the UEFA zone Group G. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  7. Honduras and Bosnia-Herzegovina Are The Only Countries Which Have Never Won A World Cup Match. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  8. Germany Will Play Their 100th World Cup Match When Playing Portugal. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  9. 25 Referees Will Officiate The 2014 World Cup. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  10. 12 different cities, 12 different stadium more than any other finals. on record. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  11. 64 matches will be played in FIFA World Cup 2014. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  12. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Embarked On A 267 Day Journey The FIFA World Cup Trophy, FIFA and the Coca-Cola Company organised a tour around a total of 90 countries. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  13. "FIFA World Cup Trophy", was introduced in 1974. Made of 18 carat gold with a malachite base, it stands 36.8 centimeters high and weighs 6.1 kilograms. The trophy was made by Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni company. It depicts two human figures holding up the Earth. The current holder of the trophy is Spain, winner of the 2010 World Cup. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  14. Tournament’s mascot Fuleco, a Brazilian three-banded armadillo. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  15. The official matchball is called the Brazuca which has 6 panels on it. It symbolises 2 things: bracelets that locals wear in Rio De Janiero and the huge Amazon River that runs through host city. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  16. The first symbolic kick The first symbolic kick will not be made by any known or famous person. The first kick of the World Cup will be made by a paraplegic teenager in a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit. The teenager is paralyzed from the waist down, but will ‘feel’ the kick due to sensory feedback. He will stand up from his wheelchair, walk over to the midfield and take the very first kick. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  17. 2nd Time Brazil Will host A World Cup • The 2014 World Cup will be the 2nd World Cup to be hosted in Brazil. Brazil has hosted the 4th World Cup in 1950 • Brazil Is The 5th Country To Host A World Cup For The 2nd Time • First there were countries Mexico (1970,1982), Italy (1934,1990), France (1938,1998) and Germany (1974,2006), which hosted World Cup for the 2nd time. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  18. This year's host country, Brazil, has won the World Cup on five occasions. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  19. 2014 World Cup Is The Most Expensive World Cup Ever The costs so far are 14-16 billion US Dollars! See here the total costs of the last 5 World Cups: 1994 USA:US$ 30 million 1998 France: US$ 340 million 2002 Japan/South Korea: US$ 5 billion 2006 Germany: US$ 6 billion 2010 South Africa: US$ 4 billion The costs include stadiums, transport and security. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  20. Official 2014 World Cup Song Is Called ’We Are One’ The official 2014 World Cup song is performed by Cuban rapper Pitbull, ‘Bronx Diva’ J.Lo and Brazilian singer Claudia Leite. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  21. Official 2014 World Cup Anthem Is Called ’Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way) Since the 1998 World Cup in France, each World Cup introduced both a song and anthem. Swedish electro DJ Avicii, guitar legend Carlos Santana, Brazilian Latin Grammy winner Alexandre Pires and Haitian-American rapper Wyclef Jean will perform the 2014 World Cup anthem.© Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  22. Brazil Is ‘The Most Expensive Team’ In The 2014 World Cup Brazil has a market value of 507,8 million Euros. Spain is the 2nd most expensive participant with a market value of 504 million Euros. Argentina completes the top 3 with 475,2 million euro market value. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  23. Lionel Messi Is ‘The Most Expensive Player’ In The 2014 World Cup Lionel Messi has a market value of 139,6 million Euros. Cristiano Ronaldo is the 2nd most expensive player with a market value of 104,2 million Euros. Neymar completes the top 3 with 67,4 million Euro market value. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  24. 2014 World Cup Champion Will Win 35 Million US Dollars. Runners-up will claim 25 Million USD. The team winning the match for the third place will win 22 million USD, and the 4th place country will win an amount of 20 Million USD. Each country which makes it to the knock-out stage will receive a guaranteed minimum of 8 Million USD. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  25. The total amount of money available for participating countries and clubs will be 576 Million USD. 4 years ago in the 2010 World Cup this amount was 420 Million USD. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  26. The World Cup Will Be Broadcast Over The Whole World Argentina and Brazil have the most parties which have the rights to broadcast the World Cup. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  27. Thanks! Jagriti Prasad © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad