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Destination marketing


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Destination marketing

  1. 1. Destination marketing through product placement through films The Case of Pondicherry
  2. 2. • To implement a proactive, strategic visitor centric approach towards Pondicherry by using films as a medium of communication and placing the destination as one of the favored destination in the viewers travel itinerary.
  3. 3. Agenda: • Travel to destination associated with films. • Someone who is inspired by the film and travels to the Film tourism destination becomes a film tourist. • Positioning the destination as a product in films. Destination placement • Film location as tourist locationsFilm location astourist locations
  4. 4. Film Tourism: A Scene from upcoming movie “LIFE OF PI” shot in Pondicherry by award winning director Ang lee.A Scene shot in one of thestreets of the French colonies inPondicherry starring leadingstars of South Indian cinema.
  5. 5. Using Film for destination placementNetwork Regularly with Indian & International Film offices Initial market research Analyse market opportunities Team up with producers Work with Partners
  6. 6. Marketing Elements: Strong narrative High visibility Uplifting Tone Wider Brands Historical Locations Role of Destination in story
  7. 7. Forming strategic alliances with Destination marketing organizations willenhance the visibility of the destination used
  8. 8. An experience contest can create the curiosity and interest amongviewers to visit the destination.
  9. 9. Tourism CampaignsPondicherry Tourismimage Can be formedaround the movies shot inthe area to influence theviewer’s perception.
  10. 10. Destination ActivitiesBefore Release: Making of Destination Press Website Location the film Testimonials Movie Maps Conference features guide book (Tourism From Cast on site Image) and crew
  11. 11. After Release: Co operation Location tour with Special Film with invited partners for premiere travel Media joint promotions
  12. 12. High Recognition value of film location is essential for visitor satisfaction
  13. 13. Film location tours can provide an ultimate experience for visitors to recreatescenes of movies.
  14. 14. Film specific accommodation package can provide the visitors a tinge of suchlifestyle.
  15. 15. Film specific Festivals and events