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ITCN - Age Of Engagement


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ITCN - Age Of Engagement

  1. 1. TUESDAY Ideas With A Digital Soul All Rights Reserved ©Tuesday Interactive 2009 D2C>DM TUESDAY D2C>DM
  2. 2. A Revolution Doesn’t Happen When The Society Adopts New Tools A Revolution Happens When Society Adopts New Behaviors The Age of Engage A Presentation By Umair Mohsin TUESDAY D2C>DM
  3. 3. 1. Digital Is Not About ‘The Internet’ 2. Digital Marketing Is Not About ‘Online Banners’, ‘SEO’, ‘Social Media’, ‘SMS Marketing,’ and so forth 3. Digital Is About Behaviors, Not Technology 4. Digital Marketing Is About Stories & Values, Not Channels Per Se… In The Next 14 Minutes We’ll Hopefully Agree TUESDAY D2C>DM
  4. 4. <ul><li>Attention is </li></ul><ul><li>A. Becoming Increasingly Expensive </li></ul>The Status Quo TUESDAY D2C>DM
  5. 5. B. Experiencing Decreased Effectiveness TUESDAY D2C>DM
  6. 6. <ul><li>Thanks To Technology’s Immersion In Everyday Life , Everything Is Changing. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Old Hierarchy Of Needs Disclaimer: Intended For Discussion / Humor Purpose Only TUESDAY D2C>DM
  8. 8. New Hierarchy Of Needs Disclaimer: Intended For Discussion / Humor Purpose Only TUESDAY D2C>DM
  9. 9. TUESDAY D2C>DM Life & Digital Life Are Becoming One And The Same Thing
  10. 10. TUESDAY D2C>DM Technology is Strengthening Existing Social Structures.
  11. 11. The New Status Quo From Mass Media To MyMedia TUESDAY D2C>DM
  12. 12. TUESDAY D2C>DM
  13. 13. The Future Of Marketing <ul><li>is not About ‘Interrupting Conversations’ but Contagiously Igniting Them…… </li></ul>by Engaging Your Customer TUESDAY D2C>DM
  14. 14. <ul><li>Every Screen, Interface or Object Is An Opportunity For Dialogue, Interaction , Response & Collaboration . </li></ul>TUESDAY D2C>DM
  15. 15. Digital Touchpoints SMS / Voice Story Telling Context Blogs / Conversations Communities Micro-Media Social Networks Customer Service Networks Retention Transmedia Blogs / Platforms Documents Mashups Wikis Convergence Social Bookmarks Comment & Reputation Crowdsourced Content Life Streams Twitter / Micro-blogging Life-Casting Pictures From Traditionally Personal Activities To Shared Entertainment Experiences Branded Utilities Games & Gaming Location Based Video & Video Aggregation Events Digital Channels Awareness
  16. 16. TUESDAY D2C>DM
  17. 17. Thank You TUESDAY D2C>DM
  18. 18. [email_address] @Umair Mohsin TUESDAY D2C>DM