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Pp Poultry Series

  1. 1. Joe A. Gayle 877-342-3413 jgayle@thejunctioncrew.com
  2. 2. Poultry House Insulation Retrofit Market Size • Approx. 50,000 poultry houses in the U.S. • Range of cost: $6,000-$40,000.00 » Tyson Foods: 151.30 » Pilgrim's Pride Corporation: 109.06 » Gold Kist: 61.79 » Perdue Farms Inc.: 51.32 » Sanderson Farms: 30.39 » Wayne Farms LLC: 28.95 » MountaireFarms Inc.: 23.44 » Foster Farms: 16.51 » OK Foods Inc.: 15.80 » PecoFoods Inc.: 15.60 » Total 504.16 MM lbs
  3. 3. Typical Poultry House FOOTPRINT: 50’ by 500’ WALL AREA: 8800-9600 square feet CEILING: 20,000-30,000 sq.ft. Cost Range for complete retrofit: $7,000-40,000 The Question is: Can the average farmer do this himself OR is a professional applicator needed? We’ve found that most broiler houses that need retrofitting are not constructed with sufficient access to allow most professional spray foam application rigs to enter the facility. Therefore, we’ve been actively working on programs for the various sized houses that one could rent, or buy, the equipment necessary to apply closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam and purchase refillable & returnable containers of foam product pre-dyed for your poultry needs. Multiple sizes-Returnable cylinders-Short learning curve-Maximum Results?
  4. 4. (Outside average maximum temperature 91°F/32.8 °C) House with insulated roof Interior temperature 92°F/33.3°C Mortality Rate 0.5% House with no insulation Interior temperature 99°F/37.2°C Mortality Rate 14.3% • Sunny day metal roofs reach 150°F/66°C • Ventilation systems cannot handle heat loads from non-insulated roofs • Radiant roof heat affects birds before ventilation can comes into play in many instances Source: Auburn University in cooperation with U.S. Egg & Poultry Assoc. Newsletter
  5. 5. Closed-Cell Foam Insulation There is no better insulating material that can seal your broiler house from air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your house, and protect your poultry investment from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens than Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation. Benefits of Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Stops air and moisture infiltration Saves on energy costs Adds strength to the building structure It is permanent and will not sag Keeps dust and pollen out Reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear of HVAC equipment
  6. 6. The Product…..
  7. 7. We are extremely proud of our relationship with Polyfoam Products. With customer service exceeding exceptional & prompt deliveries, this arrangement promotes flexibility in product lines, incidentals, and shipping with locations convenient to service you better. Furthermore, The Junction Crew will have an experienced professional in your time zone to answer questions and guide you through the tough spots. Pictured top: Order by the set OR- Pictured bottom: Order the 350 gallon set for the big houses.
  8. 8. The Product….. For clarification, all SPF products are bio-based. However, whether they contain soy-based or sucrose-based polyols to create the reaction necessary to form the polyurethane foam, a significant portion of the total formulation in all SPF products on the market today is petroleum-based. Some foam systems even substitute water as their blowing agent rather than HCF or HCFC gases, giving them an added degree of green content and renewability. There is a popular misconception that the bio-containing foams (whether soy or sugar) are more substantially green, when, in fact the final polymers are still mostly petroleum based. However, the USDA has offered the criteria that if a material is at least 9% renewable content, the claim of being “bio-based” is valid.
  9. 9. The Product…..
  10. 10. Result-Oriented Application 1. Poor quality foam EQUALS an upset customer which translates to a technical service nightmare among other things. 2. Poor yield, or more appropriately, yielding less than a customer pays for EQUALS. 3. The adjacent picture shows 2 examples of a failure to control the temperature of your foam. (Top 2 stud cavities.) 4. The Junction Crew focuses on educating, training, & supporting the customer on the importance of temperature & ratio control *see next page for further description. with a strong focus on safety.
  11. 11. The importance of Temperature Which of the above appear to have the best quality?
  12. 12. With a few notes of importance. These photos will be posted inside your rental unit.
  13. 13. FACTS: • It takes as little as 4 hours for ANY of the available DIY Kits to cool down to the point where the product performs poorly. • It takes up to 4 days to reheat to optimum temperature. • A board foot (BFT) is a square foot of foam that is one inch thick. • Refillable kits are sold according to the board foot (BFT). • Industry professionals typically charge $.80-1.00 per board foot to apply closed cell foam for their clients. • The Junction Crew promotes Returnable Dispensing Kits include safety equipment & a fresh air system and will cost .75- .85 per board foot or less on larger applications.
  14. 14. Do it yourself? The Junction Crew, LLC is one of a growing number of environmental advocates in the United States that cater to the use of refillable containers. A manufacturer’s representative for Polyfoam Products, The Junction Crew is your support conduit devoted to environmentally applying SPF products. Why is this important? Spray foam insulation is a plural component chemical mixture that is formed when these two chemicals meet and react at the gun. The result is the inert product that we know as Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation (SPF). However, the A-side or Isocyanate, is a particularly nasty product by itself that vigorously reacts with water and throwing away a container that held, or still most often holds Isocyanate goes against the very principle of environmental stewardship. The Junction Crew promotes the use of refillable tanks through several National Suppliers of refillable spray foam products and provides training & support.
  15. 15. The Do It Yourself Option WHAT YOU’LL NEED: 1. 50-150ft. Of Hoses: Either heated or non- heated depending on your situation. 2. Nitrogen-Pick it up locally 3. Nitrogen Regulator 4. Dispenser Gun 5. Calibration Tips & Calibration scale 6. Dispenser tips of different sizes 7. Noish Approved Fresh Air System 8. Personal Protection package for you and your help 9. 24/7 Customer Support from the industry’s best! Quantity of items needed 10. Manual with trouble shooting guide. dependent on the job- And that’s what you’ll get! GUARANTEED BUY IT or RENT IT The choice is yours.
  16. 16. Sizes? • Back left: System 100-120 12,000 board foot system OR 4000 square feet of an R19. (wt. 2800lbs/set) • Back right: System 60- 6000 board foot system OR 2000 square feet of R19. (wt. 1750lbs/set) • Front mid: System 17- 1,700 board foot kit OR 567 square feet of R19. (wt. 600lbs/set) • Other sizes available
  17. 17. OR: • A 350 gallon set • Traditional used as a “refill station” • Set it on a trailer-connect the hoses & the Nitrogen and; • Spray 35,000 board feet with a single calibration. • Very competitively priced • BIG DEPOSIT/Big Return
  18. 18. OR-Check with your local rental store for- “Junction Series Rental Units” • 6x12 Enclosed trailer • 7,000 gvw • Spare tire • Fully insulated box • Diamond plate floor • Plywood Walls • Chemical storage & strapping • 150 feet of hose • Nitrogen tank storage & strapping • Heating sleeves • Shore powered to plug in overnight. (Keeps the tanks at optimum temperature.) • Tool box for storage of pieces & parts • NOISH APPROVED Fresh air system • FULL safety package with eye wash kit, ear & eye protection, respirators, fire extinguishers, & Tyvek suits. • Display items-foam wall, brochures, data sheets, benefits, 6x12 pictured And if they don’t have it- TELL THEM TO CALL US!
  19. 19. And yet another option- The Pro-FAMILY! The Pro-FAMILY consists of professional applicators concentrated in the geographic locations shown above. There are nearly 250 applicators that we communicate with monthly in the states shown above-AND, our Supporting Manufacturer GACO WESTERN is there to provide the dyed product & support that best suits your poultry need. CALL US TO FIND ONE NEAR YOUR BROILER HOUSE.
  20. 20. What’s your COST? DIY or PRO The cost of application is going to range from 0.70-1.00/board foot (sq.ft/inch). Multiple variables should be considered to calculate your cost. Call for help in calculating your cost. 877-342-3413 Here’s what we’ll need: 1. Area to be sprayed and, 2. The R-Value desired! Your COST is easily projected thereafter-YOUR SAVINGS AWAITS.
  21. 21. 1010 Twin Rivers Road Greensboro, Georgia 30642 (office) 877-342-3413 (fax) 706-454-3077 (cell) 706-474-0173 (email) jgayle@thejunctioncrew.com Multiple websites available-CALL FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS