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Business communication final

  1. 1. We are:  Shamim Ahmed 110711241  Zahidul Islam 110711301  Tohfatun nesa 110711131  Evana Parvin 110711231
  2. 2. Well ComeTo The Overview of
  3. 3. Our Presentation Structure…Who we are? (Our mission & Vision)Our historyOur Corporate Social ResponsibilitySpecial PoliciesOur Employment BeliefOur Basic FunctionOur BrandsPartnership with UniversityOur Global PresenceAbout Our Training & DevelopmentRecruitment PolicyHow to apply?Internship Program
  4. 4. Who we are?British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the oldestand largest multinational companies operating inBangladesh. The UK-based British American TobaccoGroup holds 65.91% share in the company. TheGovernment of Bangladesh owns 28.7% through several ofits agencies, while 5.39% is owned by other shareholders.We are a leading business organization in the industrialsector employing more than 1,300 people directly and afurther 40,000 indirectly as farmers, distributors andsuppliers. We have business contracts directly with around21,000 registered farmers who produce high qualitytobacco leaf.
  5. 5. Our Vision…Our vision is to achieve leadership of the global tobaccoindustry in order to create long term shareholder value.Leadership is not an end in itself, but a company that leadsits industry, is the preferred partner for key stakeholdersand is seen to have a sustainable business, should bevalued more highly. In order to deliver our vision, our strategy for creating shareholder value has four elements around which all our efforts revolve - Growth, Productivity, Responsibility and Winning Organisation.
  6. 6. Our history…British American Tobacco Bangladesh began its operationsin the sub-continent in the year 1910 as Imperial TobaccoCompany Ltd. Post 1949, Pakistan Tobacco Company(PTC) came into existence with its head office in Karachi.During that time, PTCs East Pakistan office was inArmanitola which was ultimately moved to Motijheel.After independence, in 1972, Bangladesh TobaccoCompany (BTC) was formed with British AmericanTobacco holding majority of the shares. In March1998, Bangladesh Tobacco Company changed itscorporate name into British American Tobacco Bangladeshproclaiming its common identity with other operatingcompanies in the British American Tobacco Group.
  7. 7. History Chain…
  8. 8. Our Corporate Social Responsibility."Success and Responsibility Go Together" is thephilosophy that has driven BAT Bangladesh over the years.We are carrying on with our commitment to contributing tothe development of the country through our endeavours invarious social, economic and environmental sectors suchas:
  9. 9. Free IT education for rural youth- Dishari:Dishari is a free basic IT education centre. Theeducation centre is aimed at providing basiccomputer education to those who can lessafford it. Up until today, nearly 700 studentshave been trained in our 4 Dishari centresbased in Kushtia, Moulvibazar, Manikganj andChakaria. 4 times National Award winner for afforestation programme: Over the last 25 years, since 1980 we have contributed with more than 50 million saplings We have recently been awarded the Prime Ministers National Award for our afforestation initiative in 2005. This is the fourth time we received this award after 1993, 1999 and 2001.Other community support initiatives:BAT Bangladeshs Community ServicesProject started in 2004. It reaches out tosupport nearly 21,000 farmer families. Theinitiatives taken under this project are:Education Assistance, Primary Health CareSupport, Malarial Prevention, SanitationSupport, Commercial Afforestation, CompostPits, Green Manuring, Neem Decoction, andVegetable Growing.
  10. 10. 1st part ends…Special Policies…Equal Opportunity And Diversity Policy:This policy ensures Equal Opportunity & Diversity to allwho are working at British American Tobacco Bangladesh.Maternity Leave Policy:In BAT Bangladesh we value our employees personalpriorities. We allow maternity and paternity leave in ourorganisation. Our maternity leave of 6 months has allowedour female manager to balance her career aspiration withher role as a mother. Nusaibah Alam is one of the firstbeneficiarys of our 6 month maternity leave policy. Wealso have a provision for 2 weeks paternity leave policy forour male managers.Education Assistance Policy:We offer Education Assistance to our people so that theycan pursue on with their higher studies and fulfill theirdreams. Under this policy our managers can avail 50% oftheir education expenses.
  11. 11. Our Basic Function…British American Tobacco Bangladesh has comprehensiveoperations in Bangladesh. Our different functions work inan integrated approach with shared goal of achieving thecompanys vision and objectives.CORA LeafHuman Resources Information TechnologyMarketing OperationsFinance Legal
  12. 12. Corporate & Regulatory Affairs …CORA functions with three main wings:- Managing Regulations- Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility- Driving Corporate CommunicationsA few examples of the activities of CORA are:• To ensure the principles of Corporate SocialResponsibility are embedded in every function and are driven withintegrity.• To develop the best comprehensive practice approach toSocial Reporting. If put simply, Social Reporting is a process for listening and responding to our stakeholders.• To maintain a good relation & continuous liaison with themedia,
  13. 13. Human Resources …The Human Resources department bears primaryresponsibility for creating and sustaining a winningworkforce for BAT Bangladesh. What this means isproviding opportunities for talented employees to feel thesatisfaction and fulfilment gained through being membersof a responsible, winning organisation; where they arerespected, rewarded and recognised; where their effortsare encouraged; where their careers are developed; wherethey understand the vision and strategy of the company;The HR function within BAT Bangladesh takes care ofthree broad areas:• Organisational Development• Reward• Talent Resourcing• Employee Relations
  14. 14. Marketing …Building Brands is the effective management of allelements of the Marketing Mix and is extremely critical toour business success.Trade Marketing & Distribution is all about developingand implementing distribution plans · implementingmerchandising and point of sale practices; monitoring andmanaging out of stocks and building an effectiverelationship with customers.Managing specialised channels is about effectivemanagement of business channels with key accounts inHotels, Restaurants and Cafes (HORECA), Grocery andConvenience channels.
  15. 15. Finance…Finance managers within BATB are part of the decision-making team, a business partner who is consulted andinvolved day to day, not merely reporting results andsetting budgets.Finance departments activities within BATBangladesh includes:• Setting and delivering against financial objectives• Planning and budgeting for optimal use of resources togrow the business and to satisfy shareholder expectations• Management reporting to the Board on businessperformance, current and future• Statutory reporting and support of investor relations• Audit and business risk management• Acting as a value adding business partner to all functions
  16. 16. Leaf…The Leaf Department is responsible forpurchasing, processing, packing, shipping, and storing leaftobacco for BAT Bangladesh.Essentially, it is the Leaf Departments job to ensure asecure, continuous and consistent supply of tobacco at thebest cost and right quality (as required by our Blenders) tomaintain the correct taste of final products for theconsumer. Therefore, the Leaf Teams skills make asignificant contribution to the ongoing success andreputation of our brands, as well as our Companysposition as market leader.Achieving this objective demands more than simply buyingtobacco. The team manages the tobacco all the way fromthe growers selling floor to input into factory production.
  17. 17. Information technology…With the emergence of super information highway and theever evolving technological environment, a competitiveadvantage is created for our business. At British AmericanTobacco Bangladesh, we have a robust InformationTechnology team which provides critically importantsupport service to all the other departments.A career in Information Technology could see youcontributing to BAT Bangladesh in a whole range ofways, from the general application of IT to specific adviceon hardware and software; from the application oftelecommunications for voice, data and video to solvingcomplex, strategic business challenges.
  18. 18. Operations…Operations function is at the heart of our business, so weinvest substantially in people and technology to ensure thatour processes are state-of-the-art, highly flexible andresponsive to the needs of our customers and consumersalike.Green Leaf Threshing Plant (GLTP): The companysGLTP, set up in 1994, is in Kushtia. It prepares the greentobacco leaf procured by our Leaf team for furtherprocessing and manufacturing.Primary Manufacturing Department (PMD): isresponsible for further conditioning of the tobacco to makeit ready for production.Secondary Manufacturing Department (SMD): uses thetobacco, which is blended and conditioned by PMD, alongwith wrapping materials, to manufacture cigarettes
  19. 19. 2nd part ends…Legal…Legal and Secretarial function is considered as the first lineof defense and an essential business process of thecompany.The major activities of Legal and Secretarial includeslitigation management, combat-illicit trade, trade marks &agreement management, in-house legal counsel, sharemanagement which is listed with two stock exchanges andoperating under central depository system, companysecretarial function, records management, shapingregulatory environment, trust fund management, policycompliance etc. Legal and Secretarial function also drivesto ensure Corporate Governance in the company.
  20. 20. Our brands…Informed adult smokers are our consumers; it is theirneeds and wants for world-class cigarette brands that wewish to cater for. All our marketing and manufacturingactivities are geared towards understanding and satisfyingtheir diverse preferences. British American TobaccoBangladesh operates in the key segments of the cigarettemarket of Bangladesh with its drive brands like Benson &Hedges, John Player Gold Leaf, Pall Mall and Star.
  21. 21. Benson & Hedges …Benson & Hedges cigarettes were created for the thenPrince of Wales in 1873. British American Tobaccoacquired the rights to the brand in a large number ofoverseas markets in 1956. Today, British AmericanTobacco Group companies sell Benson & Hedges in morethan 80 countries, including Australia, NewZealand, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa.Launched in 1997, Benson & Hedges (B&H) maintains ourdominance in premium segment and drives the growth ofpremium price segment in Bangladesh market. BATBangladesh was the first market to launch the new pack ofB&H at the beginning of September 2005.
  22. 22. John Player Gold Leaf…John Player Gold Leaf is today sold in over 20 countriesand is particularly popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh, SriLanka and Saudi Arabia. The brand dates back to the1890s. Launched in 1980, John Player Gold Leaf is one ofthe highest selling brands of our Company - dominating themedium price segment.
  23. 23. Pall Mall …Pall Mall was introduced in 1899 and, with a strongAmerican heritage, is now sold in some 60 countries. PallMall is the first Global Drive Brand to be launched inBangladesh on 19 March 2006 All three variants (FullFlavour, Lights & Menthol) of Pall Mall have created newexcitement and vibe in the Taka 2 segment.
  24. 24. Star…Star, launched 40 years ago, is still a dominant brand inthe low segment. Recently a new pack of Star waslaunched and currently it is the highest volume generatingbrand for the Company.
  25. 25. Partnership with University…We have always valued and nurtured our partnership withthe universities which are the source of our "Talent Pool".We run several partnership programmes with theuniversities in Bangladesh. Battle of Minds - TalentPromotion Programme is one such endeavour.Besides, we regularly interact with the university studentsand graduates through our internship programmes, jobfairs and campus presentations.Talent Promotion Program: IBA of the University ofDhaka became the champion while Independent UniversityBangladesh (IUB) and North South University (NSU)became the first and second runners up respectively. Apartfrom the team awards, 23 individual participants wereawarded with free tickets to "BAT BangladeshsAssessment Centre" inviting them to take on the challengeof becoming part of the winning organization.
  26. 26. Career Talk…"Career Talk" sessions are organised to familiarise BritishAmerican Tobacco Bangladesh with the variousuniversities. A typical "Career Talk" elaborates on ourcompanys activities and initiatives in Bangladesh andaround the world. Top Team members as well as the seniorHR specialists of our company also talk about thetraining, development and of other opportunities theorganisation provides. Besides, "Career Talk" includes adiscussion on bridging the gap between the student lifeand the professional world.Paul Thompson, Head of Operations is seen in the picturetalking to the students of BUET (Bangladesh University ofEngineering and Technology) at the BUET "Career Talk".
  27. 27. 3rd part ends…Internship…We offer internship to students of selected universities tofacilitate practical learning to the students before they jointhe corporate world. There are top ten Universities ofBangladesh who are enlisted with us from where we choseinternees from. We work with the internship placementoffices of the universities for the selection. We takeinternees during the Spring, Summer and Autumn sessionwhere students work on specific projects in ourorganization.
  28. 28. Our Global Presence…British American Tobacco is the worlds second largestquoted tobacco group by global market share, with brandssold in 180 markets. With more than 300 brands in ourportfolio, we make the cigarette chosen by one in seven ofthe worlds one billion adult smokers. We hold robustmarket positions in each of our regions and haveleadership in more than 50 markets.The Groups subsidiary companies have 64 cigarettefactories in 54 countries producing some 678 billioncigarettes (including the make-your-own cigarette stix)and 7 factories in 6 countries manufacturing cigars, roll-your-own and pipe tobacco. The Groups associatecompanies have 14 cigarette factories in 7 countriesproducing some 232 billion cigarettes. Ourcompanies, including associates, directly employ almost97,000 people worldwide.
  29. 29. Our Global Presence…Our business enables governments worldwide to gatherover £15 billion a year in taxes, including excise duty onour products, over 8 times the entire Groups profit aftertax.
  30. 30. About Our Training & Development.Training and Development is an ongoing process in BritishAmerican Tobacco Bangladesh with the personal andprofessional development of our talent pool seen as a toppriority in British American Tobacco Bangladesh.
  31. 31. About Our Training & Development.We offer both on-the-job and off-the-job at both theoreticaland practical levels with training and developmentopportunities provided through a range of local, Regionaland International Training programmes that include trainingand development programmes at both functional andmanagerial levels.Our Training and Development enables our people todiscover their own personal leadership skills and qualitiesin an enterprising, safe and supportive learningenvironment, which make working with British AmericanTobacco Bangladeshs talented and emerging leaders botha pleasure and a privilege.
  32. 32. Recruitment Policy…We see recruitment as a part of our businessstrategy, ensuring that our company is equipped withmanagers of the highest calibre who can build our future. Itis a long-term strategic exercise to continually improve thequality of management with a consistent focus on futurerequirements.
  33. 33. Reqruitment policy…British American Tobacco Bangladesh has been in e-resourcing since 2002. We focus on e-basedadvertisement for more visibility and transparency besidethe conventional print media. All recruitment related noticesare posted on the website. Candidatesare required to fill up the blank resume format provided inthe website. A well-structured and systematic selectionprocedure is followed to get the most suitable candidate.Following the selection procedure,pre-employment medical examination and referencechecks are done.We entertain application from recognised universitiesfrom home and abroad.Applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh.We encourage students with good academic track recordto apply.
  34. 34. Reqruitment policy…We are not prejudiced against race, sex, religion, ageetc. Positions will be offered to the candidate on the basisof his/her ability and the requirement of the company. If your application is successful, you will be invited to apreliminary interview which will be taken by a member fromthe function to which you have applied and a member ofthe Human Resource team. This is a chance for you to findout more about us, as it is for us to find out whether youhave the competencies we are looking for. As a final candidate, you will be invited to a specificallydesigned British American Tobacco assessment centre. If you get through the Assessment Centre, you will berecommended to the respective Heads of Functions for afinal Interview. We are committed to keep you informed of yourprogress through every step of the selection process.
  35. 35. How to apply?You can apply for any advertised position you find suitablefor yourself through our online submission of yourApplication Form. Please read carefully the followinginstructions before you fill up the Online Application Form.There are 2 ways by which you can submit your JobApplication Form to the Online Job Application System.You can either fill up the form online (Procedure 1),i.e.while you are connected to the Internet or you candownload the Application Form, fill it up and submit it lateronline (Procedure 2).
  36. 36. Internship…A world class company demands nothing less than a worldclass approach from its people. It has always been ourphilosophy to encourage the graduates to experience thereal business environment through our InternshipProgramme.British American Tobacco Bangladesh offers internship tostudents of different universities/institutes in Bangladeshwhere it is a requirement of the course curriculum.Presently, the following universities are enlisted with thecompanys internship programme. If you belong to any ofthe following universities/ institutes and are willing toparticipate in the internship progamme, please contactyour placement office or responsible faculty.
  37. 37. Our employment belief…At British American Tobacco Bangladesh, we recognisethat the key factor to our sustainable growth is our humanresource. Therefore, we have always been committed togood employment practices and have set out theframework of our Employment Principles on workplacepractices, employee relations and employee human rights.Being the BestValuing IndividualityPersonal GrowthTeam EffortRewardsLearningPrinciple of MUTUAL BENEFITPrinciple of GOOD CORPORATE CONDUCT
  38. 38. Thank you for being with us
  39. 39. If you have any question you can ask us ………