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Magazine Evaluation2


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Magazine Evaluation2

  1. 1. Magazine Evaluation
  2. 2. How does my Media Product use, Develop, and Challenge forms and Conventions of a Real media Product? Throughout my Research and Planning I kept in mind how I would relate my Media Product with a Real Media Product in the Market (Magazine). I had studied and put to use Codes and Conventions of real Magazines among my Genres and Others too. This is evident throughout my Magazine including Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread. i.e. The Top Strip: Many magazines, in fact Most Magazines consist of a Top Strip, which are ultimately a Marketing/Promoting Convention on the Magazine, although this Convention is Optional, I deliberately included the Top Strip to Attain my Target of getting as Many of My Targeted Audience to Read My Magazine. They reside of either a Exclusive within the Magazine or in Many Cases Competitions. Competitions are a Great Way to Catch Audiences attentions as nobody turns down anything Free. On My Music Magazine, I had constructed a Top Strip, to, in a way, Promote my Magazine further. My Top strip was promoting a Competition that could win you Tickets to London 2012, In My opinion, including Features like the one just Explained, Increases Sales. The codes and Conventions of other magazine such as Top Strips have a Similar Concept. Top Strip from my magazine and a Top Strip from Hip Hop Magazine, same idea 2 different concepts .i.e. My strip is a Competition whilst the Hip Hop Magazine top Strip is a Freebie
  3. 3. My Media Product develops and challenges the Forms and conventions of a Real Magazine In Multiple ways, a couple of which have just been Mentioned. I strictly follow the Codes of Conventions a Music Magazines to Create Dynamic Effect upon the Reader, Increasing Sales by catching the Consumers/Readers Eye and So. I went along the Conventions of a magazine within my Field (Genre) which in the case is Jungle/Drum and Bass. ATM (aka Atmosphere) was the Perfect Magazine, which covered Most Topics from within the Techno/Drum and Bass/Jungle region. I based my magazines heavily on the Conventions of the Magazine but at the Same time Made it Different. It challenges the Typical Codes and Conventions of a Music Magazine such as The Masthead, Pug, Puff, Coverlines, Main Image, Top/Bottom strips and Barcodes. I also included the Optional Bottom strip too, having in mind my target of getting as Many Consumers as Possible. My Optional Bottom Strip that I have Decided to include. This would give the reader a Insight on a Exclusive as Shown
  4. 4. Top Strip Pug Masthead Puff Pieces Barcode, Price and Issue Number Bottom Strip Main Article Main Image Background
  5. 5. My Genre was Drum and Bass , often seen as Night Music stereotypically , as well as A Dark element to the Culture and Street Life , whereas in fact if evaluated Further, Drum and Bass and Jungle are both Elements of a very Concept for Bringing all Communities together , Brilliant for Social Life , Especially with The Teenage/Young Adult Community . Most Drum and Bass Magazines use Bright Colours within Magazine/ Posters (Within) and on CDs (Freebie) too, this is done so no Dark aspects of the Genre are left in peoples heads , trying to eliminate the Negative light from which it is seen within the Genre, whilst simultaneously trying to expand the Genre through the Techniques just explained. This Indirect ‘Campaign ’ against the negative side to the Genre has also been ‘ Supported’ through my magazine as I have also used Bright and Vivid Colours to Create a Positive atmosphere for Everyone Amongst the Community . My magazine Front Cover Background was a White Background , the Reason for this being that many of the DnB/Jungle Magazines have a Background which consists of Light Backgrounds and in many cases Lighted Backgrounds representing the Rave Scene , Usually in the Club or a Party etc . The Background creates a Subconscious Mood for the Reader thus is a Very Important factor , many People Just Judge the Magazine according to either its image Or Background. Genre DJ Mickey Finn (Drum and Bass Legend).
  6. 6. The Mastheads of Many Drum and Bass Magazines have a Very Fundamental Idea of Construction and meaning behind them, however they are made to look more sophisticated than what they really are, In Comparison I kept the Theology , I had a Very Basic Idea behind My Logo , and I kept the Masthead ‘Straight Shooting’, straight to the Point . I had created many different Flat plans for my Masthead until I finally came to one that I thought was Perfect and one that had a Much More Realistic Approach. I got through many Different Designs on Paper one of them being a Very Complex Logo, consisting of Letters within letters and a Ripped Paper Effect Behind it as a Background for the Magazine. I had then thought through this and had come to a conclusion that the Masthead would not work, I started to be More Critical With my Work , My Planning and the End product Being Produced . Thinking through this Thoroughly, I had finally come to a Masthead that I had thought Perfect for My Magazine, it was Sophisticated but Fundamental at the Same Time in My Opinion. The Basic Idea behind it was that it would just be Letters but will have a much more complex Look, and it had worked. The Similarities between the ATM Logo and My Logo (dee.b) both have very similar concepts however the Designs Differ. I have a Colour Scheme whilst the ATM Logo has a Very Basic Black and white, this is very typical of a Drum and Bass Magazine, however I have tried to changed the Concept a bit so no all the Magazines in the Market are the same, increasing Colour Meaning creates Excitement amongst the Reader which then Primarily makes him/her Read on. Change is essential as time goes on. This is one of the Ways My Magazine Develops and challenges a Real Magazine Masthead
  7. 7. The Top/Bottom strips were a bit of a Nightmare to create, the reason being it was my First Time Using Indesign, and I was Still the Hang of it, in addition I wasn’t completely aware of all the Features the Application had To Offer. I had Looked at the ATM Magazine , but I had noticed that there was no use of Any Top/Bottom strips thus to increase sales I used top and Bottom Strips as Promotional Pieces and Marketing Reasons Also. They are often seen as Promotional Extras , that are usually giving a Insight of a Exclusive or in many cases informing the reader about a Competition or freebie etc. On My Top strip I had Information about a competition my magazine was Promoting; Techniques like this are an excellent way , In Ones Way to Get the Readers Attention when the magazine is on the Shelf . Many Drum and Bass Magazines such as ‘Resident’ (a Austrian Based Magazine) have a Promotion as A main article endorsing a Event with a Special DJ at a Nightclub or something on the Lines of. I thought it was important to include all Codes and Conventions for a Typical Music Magazine to achieve Maximum Marks . Top/Bottom Strips
  8. 8. I had created and included a Pug also, as I thought it is an important factor, since I do have a Top Strip Explaining a Competition. The Pug would accompany My top Strip, making the whole Concept Appealing. PUG Same idea but a Different Design. My Magazine pug is a Triangular shape whilst the one from the other magazine is Round and Circular, its much more Basic than Mine, but has the same Ideology Behind it, this is another way my Magazine is Challenging and Developing Real Media Products My Pug was placed in the Top Right Hand Corner, a very typical location on the Front Cover to place such a Convention. A Cold Blue would most definitely catch the Readers eye, almost impossible to Miss as it is also located close to the Masthead. I had deliberately placed it there as I New one of the most important factors and a factor that the Reader would pay attention to would be the Masthead. Many Styles of Formatting were used just within the one Box (well technically a Triangle). ‘FREE CD’ was the Main Text within the Pug which was accompanied by some smaller text below it titled on a angle with the Main Text. The Reason I chose the Colour Blue for the Pug was due to the excitement and simultaneously the relaxation zone the Colour inserts you in, the White I used for the Font was due to the representation it has behind it, In Many Culture it might represent the Complete opposite of what many people assume, such as in the Chinese Culture it Represents Death whilst in other Countries, or in most countries around the World the Colour White Represents Purity and Freedom. This is the Main reason I used the colour White for the Text. The Colour white also looks appealing against colour like White and Black, or white and blue.
  9. 9. Barcode/Issue Number/ Price The Issue Number and date are Very Important Factors of the Magazine as they Must be somewhere on the Page. The Issue number tells you what Issue the Current Magazine that your Reading is, and so is the Barcode as it needs to scanned so you can be Priced. Every magazine in the Most World would Definitely have a Barcode on their Magazine
  10. 10. The Puffs , I Believe, In My opinion, are very significant and have a Very Important Job of enticing the Reader Further into the Magazine. They are usually Exclusives or Celebrity Scandals on the Side of the main Article usually on either Side of the Main Article. My Magazine had consisted with just two Puff Pieces on the Right Hand Side . Now the main reasons for this, the first being that if I had inserted too many Puffs, this would have seriously damaged the Main Articles Status, the Attention would have drawn towards the Puff Pieces . I had to make the Puff Pieces stand out but at the same time not too attractive that it would take the Attention away from the Main Article. I tried to go along the Conventions of a Drum and Bass Magazine ; however this would not work for me because they usually have a Big Puff on the Side with all the DJ’s listed with it, I had to differ From the Magazine and not make My Magazine Identical to all the Other on the Market. Puffs My first Puff was about MC Dizzee Rascal , a current Grime MC from London, on a conspiracy that he has released a Underground Drum and Bass Album, I made this deliberately for a Very Valid Reason. This would then attract a Wider Audience , ranging From Grime To Drum and Bass , I could Potentially Double my Sales, having Doubled My Audience . I also intentionally made it My First Puff . My Second Puff was about the ‘ THE GREATEST MC COLLABORATION ’. I had made a small artificial MC Collaboration whose members consisted of some of the Best MCs In Drum and Bass Britain . The Main Colours for my Puffs were Blue and Black two very good appealing colours when experimented with.
  11. 11. Overall in conclusion for the First Question I think that my Magazine Challenges and Develops real Music Magazines in many ways, From the Masthead to the Barcode. I have used Typical Codes and Conventions of Drum and Bass Music Magazines, and without changing the Meaning and Conventions completely, I have put my own Twist to it. I also think that I have taken the Right steps of Construction to create My Media Product (Music Magazine) in a way that I could get as many as Consumers from my Target Audience and Many More.
  12. 12. My Contents Page, was in my Opinion the Best Looking Page out of the Magazine. I Experimented and played around with ideas. I kept the same colour scheme but changed the Concept around a bit, thus it was still representing Drum and bass through the Colours and images but had a little ‘Twist to it. The Logo/Masthead was Deliberately located there as It would be a Excellent way of Filling up space for a Start and second of all it would be subconsciously reminding the Reader of the Magazine. I Had changed the Background colour from the Magazine Front Page to black but I had enough Black on the First Page to support the Fact the Contents could be Black. I Then Used a Border line, a Brilliant way in which magazine make their pages look much more appealing by using Small Touches Like so. I Then had used Contrasting colour White against the Black with the Blue to create a Dynamic effect as through Research, results have shown that Blue is Quiet a Popular Colour, The Colours Creates Mood And usually Represent something, within the Drum and Bass Culture the Colour Blue Represents the Drinking Culture in Clubs. Contents
  13. 13. The Images are a Excellent way to keep the Reader Enticed within the Magazine, A good image will always change the Face of Your Magazine and if You have Consistent Good images throughout your magazine, you have a Better chance against Your Competitors in the market. I chose My Images Specifically , I took them the Way I did Intentionally. For example the First Picture, it a MC holding a Very Interesting pose with a exceptionally expressive face representing a Serious MC. This is representing from another point of view another face of drum and Bass, the Serious Side of it, the Producing and Developing. There is more to the Genre than just the Fun Clubbing Side of it too. I Took a Mid shot of his body showing the Power and Status He Has a DJ, ‘The Top Half’ of Drum and bass, and with the Lighting just perfect, I think there isn't much to complain About This Image Was Previously put to use on my old Music Magazine. I Thought Very Carefully about the Picture, as I had used it before as one of the Double Page Spread images, but it didn’t all fit in well, I had not used the Other Pictures (posted on Blogger) but I thought that this image wasn’t totally Useless, it did lack Character and Emotion but could still be used. So I used it in my Contents page as he now Stars as Black Tarantula. The Headphones and leather gloves are representing Oldskool Jungle Culture which was very Popular amongst the Teenage Social community, this shows that there are still oldskool aspects of Drum and Bass still alive today. Contents Images
  14. 14. Double Page Spread
  15. 15. My Double Page spread is very Similar to other Music Magazine articles, thus it is capable of catching a Wider Audiences Eye. The Image is Very Fashionable within itself, exactly what my Audience wants to see, as in a Way I am trying to sell them a Lifestyle. Again I have used a Consistent House style, challenging and Developing forms and Conventions of a Real magazine as you will see on the Next Page a Real Magazine Double page spread. I've kept the Background with the same colour Scheme Blue and White and the Black has been used to Illustrate the Quotes, Making the Colour Different on the Quote Would Most definitely make the Quote Stand out amongst ht Other Elements of the Double Page Spread. I have also created and Placed Little page numbers on the Corners of the Page accompanied by the Magazine Masthead again. I Made the Title Stand out By Editing it with a Effect called Fade, I have also made it look Bigger and Bolder compared to the Rest Of the Typography on the Page, The Borders were added as a Finishing Touch to the Magazine adding a Little extra Feel with it. The fact file in the top right hand corner of the page is a technique and convention I have used to keep the Reader entertained for a little longer giving him/her a deepre insight into the Magzine. Double Page Spread
  16. 16. Another Double page Spread
  17. 17. Other Double Page Spread
  18. 18. How does your music magazine represent particular social groups? How does your music magazine represent particular social groups? My Magazine Represents the Junglist/Raving Social Community in many ways with many factors of the Magazine, from colour to images and Even Representations from within. Very stereotypical views on the Junglist/Ravers community would seriously offend Dedicated Listeners to Drum and Bass. When the Word ‘Junglist’ People often visualise immediately Ali G or a Black Male with dreads dressed in Camouflage wearing Belchers and Multiple Rings with Sunglasses, accompanied with a ‘Spliff’ in their Mouth, Listening to Loud Music on his car Bass Box sitting in a Fully Kitted Renault GTI tuned into the Local Pirate Jungle Radio Station. This may have been the Case in Early Jungle Culture, However Traditions and Cultures change over time, just like other Music Cultures like Rock ‘n’ Roll and Hip Hop. nevertheless not all the Culture change, for example, Drum and Bass/Jungle DJs and MCs wear Jewellery, chains Rings Gold Teeth watches and other Extras. A Excellent example of this would be Goldie, a world Renown DJ who is often considered as the Grandad of Drum and bass, since many believe he made the Change in Jungle to Create what is known to us now as Drum and Bass.
  19. 19. Junglist Fashion and Clothing was very popular amongst many different Social Groups , including Hip hop and RnB in Britain, it was Dominant and at its peaks in the Mid 90’s . Clothing has also changed; Junglist and Ravers are difficult to distinguish from other social Groups, they no longer wear Camouflage , in some cases, there may be some Very Dedicated ‘Oldskool’ Junglists with the same old thought and Theology of fashion and Lifestyle , but this is still Very Rare. Junglists are now usually distinguished with the Kind of Language they speak and Jewellery they wear and how they wear it. On My magazine Front Cover, the Artist is representing Modern day Rave Culture through the Jewellery he is wearing and through the Exciting pose he is holding, also representing the Live and Active Life. My magazine represents my Target Audience social group by the choice of colours used to create the magazine cover and throughout the Magazine. On My contents page I have a Image of another Artist, who has a Pair of Headphones around his neck representing Deejays. Wearing a Headphone would immediately create a Image in your mind of something associated with music and if it was a Individual from the Social group itself (Drum and Bass), you would understand that he is a Deejay. Fashion Jewellery is a key part of Junglist fashion and this is represented throughout my Magazine
  20. 20. Colours have also been used to represent the Social group of Junglists/Ravers, throughout the Magazine, from the Front Cover to the double page spread. The Colours have been used in a specific way to represent an aspect of the drum and Bass Lifestyle, for example the Colour White represents freedom, a very distinct Aspect of a the Lifestyle of Junglists and Ravers, as they do want they want, and what they want to do is Party. The colour Blue represents in most countries in Europe, drugs or Alcohol, which is heavily associated with Partying and especially in Rave Culture where they use Drugs like Ecstasy which hallucinate you and make you enjoy Music more and Enjoy Yourself. The Black Representing the Night Life associated with the Genre, the Clubbing Partying etc. this is very important to include this as Magazines, Especially Music Magazines, Sell their Consumers a Lifestyle, that’s what its all about Lifestyle. Colours A Consistent House style of colours used to attract the Audience in a Unique way by representing their lifestyle and Culture.
  21. 21. Who would Your Target Audience Be and Why? Who would Your Target Audience Be and Why? Who would Your Target Audience Be and Why? My Target Audience is blatantly obvious, Clubbing, Partying, Drugs, are all Pieces of the Teenage/Young adult Lifestyle Jigsaw. College and University students are the Perfect Target Audience for my Magazine. My Magazine Promotes the Culture including Partying and Clubbing etc. thus making Students and Young Adults my Audience. The Colours that have been used are all representation in some ways or another of The Lifestyle and Interests of a Certain Social Group. The Male Young adult social group would be perfect for my magazine however this does no mean that the Product is not aimed at the Female Young Adult Market, as there is a Huge number of women who enjoy Listening to Drum and Bass, since they do party more than men, and the chosen genre in clubs is Drum and Bass.
  22. 22. The Information and Topics covered would Seriously Attract the Target Audience as Students love to be informed on new Music, Culture and Crazes. I try and Sell a Lifestyle through my Artists Representations, for example them Wearing Jewellery and going clubbing everyday etc. this is what the target Audience want, they want to hear more about the Artists and what they do. Clothing is another aspect, My Main Artist is wearing clothes that in my opinion, would interest My Possible audience. The Image on my front cover is bound to catch the Audiences Attention amongst the Social Group I am Targeting. I used a Young Aspiring Fresh MC (MC EE) as my Main Article and Image; this would definitely catch the Attention of My Young Teenage Audience, and other aspects such as the Clothing etc would attract the Young Adult Community. The Content Within my magazine would Interest the All genders in the Market, Interviews, scandals, and Interviews with some of the Biggest Stars in the Field. On My double page spread, the Article is about a MC who has apparently made a Comeback into the Music Industry, Articles like this would grab the Readers attention as since it is a Music Magazine and the Content is about someone who has attained a High Status, Readers look for new Releases or MCs, that’s why they Read Magazines. Audience amongst the Middle Class Target Audience The Content within the Double Page Article cover topics in which readers find Interest, and gives a Sense of Belonging.
  23. 23. What kind of Media institution might distribute your music magazine and why? There are many Media Institutions that would distribute my magazine, In My Opinion the Big Institutions such as Time Warner would be perfect. IPC Media would be another Magazine Institution that would Possibly Distribute my Magazine as they have a huge profile of a Variety of Magazines and are a Huge Company who do know they are doing. My magazine is similar in many ways to other magazines that have or are being distributed by the Institutions; As IPC does offer something for anyone and everyone. Institutions also look for potential and a Large Audience that a Magazine could be Marketed at, and My Music Genre for my magazine has a Growing Audience as it Is Turning Very Popular amongst the Teenage and Young Adult Community. Institutions like IPC Would be very willing in ones opinion to distribute my magazine as it would Benefit Me and most importantly them Further. Newsagents usually sell magazines that are popular amongst the Consumer Market, and with a Growing and Uprising Genre like Drum and Bass, they shouldn’t hesitate to Sell My Product Either I should think. They be looking for Opportunities to find Good Magazines that could Benefit their Company, and I don’t see anything the other magazines have got that I haven’t.
  24. 24. How did you attract and address your audience? I used many Techniques, Codes and Conventions to get through to My Audience and address them in the way I thought would be best. Through the Use Of Colour, Typography, Image and the Use of Language I have successfully attracted my Target Audience shows my Audience Feedback. Throughout my magazine I have not failed to get, In My Opinion to go over the Top in what I did, everything I did do was Realistic. My Double Page Spreads Content and Tone of language was enough to fulfil My Primary Targets. To try and keep a Realistic Approach I kept in mind Other Music Magazines in the Market and Related Every so Often to them, thus keeping no space for ‘Messing About’ on the Magazine. My Masthead was a Very Important factor as I have mentioned within the First Question, I kept it Big and Bold, Fashionable But readable. The Image without a Doubt is a Key Factor of of the Enticing and Influence used within the Magazine to catch the eye of the Right Audience, My Target Audience, keeping Everything Relevant. I Used a Young Male MC as My Main image and My article made up by Fashion and Clothing, the Pose the Artist is Holding is unmissable, even a blind man would see that, its amazing.
  25. 25. The Lighting on the Image was used to make the Image Stand out and Represent more than what it actually is. The Camera Shot that I had used for my Main Image was a mid shot, trying to catch the Expression and Emotion being expressed. High Key lighting is excellent for Representing, a Mood such as an Enjoyable mood, Excited or Happy Mood too. The Pug which primarily promoted a Free Offer within the Magazine, was Edited so it could Be Seen amongst the other Aspects of the Magazine. Giving Free Offers is an Absolutely Brilliant way for catching the Audiences Eye. I sometimes, along with others, see it as a Bribe, ‘YOU BUY THE MAGAZINE AND I GIVE YOU A FREE CD’. I made the Pug Stand out using colours Like Blue and White against a Bit of Black along side my Top Strip which was appealing enough with a White Background and appealing Blue and Black. The puffs were also located and created to make the Reader read on and appeal more. The Persuaders like these are very important; they give insights into the magazine, just what the Reader wants to see Lighting & Addressing Audience
  26. 26. What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this music magazine? During My Construction of the Magazine I have learnt numerous things about the New Technologies and Software’s, two of them Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. The use of Blogging Sites like have given me a wider intellect and Understanding Regarding Blogging Sites, which I could use again in other subjects and Aspects. At the Beginning of the construction Process I had hardly any Knowledge Regarding Adobe Photoshop but as time went on I had learnt many skills such as shortcuts on the Application and Effects, Magic Wand Tool etc. However Photoshop Wasn’t my Primary Application for the Production of My Music Magazine, My Magazine Cover, Contents and Double page Spread were all constructed and Produced in Adobe Indesign. I had no knowledge at all on Indesign As it was a completely new concept and Application, introduced to me about a Month ago. I had through Experimentations, made and worked my way through Indesign with a Slight Hand of help of Our Media Teacher who had given us Basic tips here and there on how to carry out Basic ‘operations’ like making Grid Lines etc. I had used High tech and Very Expensive Technology to Create My Picture using Powerful, Professional Lights used by Professional Photographers etc. I had used the Green Screen, again another aspect which is used by professional and aspiring Photographers. I had used a Top of the Range Nikon Camera to Produce these amazing Images, which were then edited in Photoshop, which I have evidence of on my Blogger. Overall, using all the Technologies that were available to us I think I have learnt a huge amount of Stuff Regarding Technologies, and in conclusion I have also learnt how to use different Programmes such as Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Indesign.
  27. 27. Genre Research + Target Audience + Code and Conventions + Institution = Music Magazine Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? There are so many things I have learnt in the Progression to the Full Product (Music Magazine). I have learnt so much about Music Magazines and Media Products similar to them; I have increased my Knowledge of Music Magazines from, Mise en scene to my understanding of the Codes and Conventions of a Music Magazine and about the Consistent Colour and Overall house-style which I have learnt and then Put Into Practice showing that I have Progressed since my last Magazine Production (Last Year).
  28. 28. The Importance of Language and tone has also hit me however there are many things I have still to learn, as the Magazine I have Produced was not 100% how I wanted it to Come out as, but overall I think that I have managed to Include all key aspects of the Magazine Within It. Music Tribes and my Target Audience have also been a huge part in showing me the way to use language to communicate with my Target Audience Better also. The Use of Different Technologies ha also been Displayed throughout my Production and Blogging and My End Product (Hopefully). I have also understood the Synergy the Magazine production and Publication, the concept that Producing a Magazine is far more than just adding images and a Title, its about, how the Genre is represented, it’s the genre and the Magazine that make the Overall Good Product. A Brilliant Overall Magazine, in my opinion with most of the Typical Codes and conventions of a Music Magazine. My Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Article
  29. 29. Last Question Continued I also took in the fact that Magazines Promote and advertise the Artists and the Genre of music the Institutions are supporting. The Magazine Institutions are the Ones on the Top of the Pyramid, they Decide what content goes on and they also very cunningly Advertise Their Own Products through e Magazines, Saving Time and A lot of money making a Big Turnover too. For Example, say if Disney had a New DVD Out or a toy or something they would advertise that Product through the Magazine they Distribute and Own. In Conclusion I think that there has been a lot I have learnt over the last Few Months, Theoretical and Practical and even Knowledgeable too. I’ve understood the Bases of Magazines and all there is to know about them. + =