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Postec Intro Summary


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Retail Fuel Industry automation solution

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Postec Intro Summary

  1. 1. Wetstock Management Solutions Postec Data Systems
  2. 2. Wetstock Management Solutions A truly International user base 8,000 sites in 20 countries
  3. 3. Wetstock Management Solutions A common platform for the entire network Wide Area network connectivity incl VSAT, Leased Line, Dial up, GSM, GPRS, ADSL The Postec Forecourt Controller provides a consistent point of access
  4. 4. Wetstock Management Solutions • Solid state – reliability • Real Time, Transaction oriented O/S – performance – security • Scalable – expand with your business requirements • Battery Backup – Ride through power fluctuations – Managed shutdown capability • Integrated Single Board Computer – added functionality: EPS, customer specific development platform – Linux, CE, XP Embedded • Connectivity – Site: Forecourt devices, POS and Back Office Office systems – Regional and Head Office systems: LAN / WAN, Dial Up, VSAT, GPRS, GSM The Postec Communications Controller the core of our solution set