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A2 media evaluation


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A2 media evaluation

  1. 1. A2 Media Evaluation Jae Plummer
  2. 2. Question 1 • In what way does your media product develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Trailer Influences • Black Swan Black swan influenced the development of my main character. I was particularly inspired by the way the girl in black swan was characterised and I implemented the lonely and venerable Generalisation into my character. I have stuck to the conventions of the genre, which is a psychological thriller as well as including a binary opposite as the girl is being stalked by a killer. Shutter Island This film inspired me to use a tense soundtrack as from watching the trailer I feel that the soundtrack can also emphasise the feeling on screen, which will effect the audience. The shutter island trailer soundtrack starts very slow paced and then picks up speed as the trailer goes on. This is something that I tried to emulate in my trailer as by building pace of the soundtrack this will contribute to building a tense atmosphere for the audience. I feel that I have Stuck to the conventions of the genre in terms of the soundtrack as it is used to build a tense atmosphere for the audience hence intensifying what is on screen.
  4. 4. Challenging conventions I decided to put my film trailer in black and white, which is not a typical convention of a psychological thriller however I decided to challenge this convention as I felt it would add to the feel of the trailer. By the trailer being in black and white I felt that it added to what was happening on screen and emphasised the isolation of the girl character. The black and white effect also creates the feeling that we are in the girls dream as simple detail such as colour is taken away and also suggests this is a nightmare as a pose to a dream. Sin City 2 (2014) is a more recent example of a film that uses a black and white effect and is a crime thriller Genre. However some colour is used to emphasise key things in the film. Trailer: 9T1nl0tJE6g
  5. 5. Ancillary Products One of the ancillary products that I created was the cover of a film magazine. The film magazine style that I emulated was ‘Little White Lies’, which has a niche target audience. The images show my front cover next to two front covers that have been created by the magazine. I feel that I have stuck to the conventions of the magazine well in order for my magazine cover to fit with the style of the magazine. I have kept the masthead centralised, which is a convention of every issue of this magazine. As well as this I have also followed the conventions of the images of the magazine. The conventions of the images of Little white lies are designed to look like drawings and I feel that I have emulated this convention well in my magazine through using the right combinations of editing techniques. I again stuck to the conventions of the text on the magazine cover as the only text on the magazine cover is the films name that has typography that links in with the rest of the magazine.
  6. 6. Ancillary Products The poster for my magazine was inspired by this Straw Dogs poster, which is a film from 1971. The two main things that I was inspired by this poster was the image, which is half a face I feel this effective and have incorporated this idea into my own poster as I feel it creates a more uneasy direct address with the audience as only one is on the poster. The other feature of the Straw dogs poster I took inspiration from was the use of a tagline. Not a lot of posters do actual have a tagline that or if they do it isn't in such big text. I adapted a tagline based upon the events in the film and also used the right typography and colours so that it ties in with the poster and the overall genre. Again I feel that I have mostly followed the conventions of a film poster as I have all of the main conventions, for example film title, main image and main actor’s names. However the one convention I feel I have gone against is the positioning of the tagline through the inspiration from straw dogs, as the tagline is usually positioned below the film title.
  7. 7. BBFC rating I felt that my film would be classified as an 18 by the BBFC. My film will be aimed at the target audience 18 to 40, due to the content I would include such as: - Violent content - Bad language throughout - Weapons such as knifes - Strong horror
  8. 8. Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary products?
  9. 9. Branding Little white lies is a magazine that only features independent films. I felt that this was the best magazine for my film to feature on as it fits perfectly under the independent film specification. I also feel my film is best suited with the magazine style of little white lies magazine as I was able to make the main image the focus and let it speak for itself. After Dark films is an independent film producer and distributer and I feel this was the best company to choose for my film rather than a company from the ‘big six’ such as 20th century fox as after dark films specialises in horror films which is a similar genre to my film trailer, which is a psychological thriller. An example of a film that this company has produced is a film called Kill Theory. As my film would be independent it would mean that it could feature upon the front cover of little white lies magazine hence making a link between the two parts of branding and the chooses made.
  10. 10. Creating synergy across products Colour scheme • The colour scheme across my three products are strong excluding the trailer as I wasn’t able to incorporate the colour scheme I have flowing through my other two products. As shown below the clear link is a blue and green colour that also interlinks with the plot of the film as these colours give off a more fantasy feel hence indicating a dream. Black is also a colour that is part of the colour scheme as it is incorporated in all three products Examples of colour scheme
  11. 11. Creating synergy across products Construction of representations • In film women are often represented as being a number of things such as weak dependant and vulnerable and example of a female character with these traits is the main character from black swan. I feel that I constructed a typical representation of a vulnerable girl very well across all three products. I feel that in the trailer the camera shots enhanced the characters vulnerability for example a tracking shot which shows the character is being followed and has been identified as a ‘target’. The film magazine also continues the vulnerable and troubled female character through the mise-en-scene of makeup, which gives the impression the character has cried her makeup off and crying is usually linked with weakness and vulnerability. The Film poster again intensifies the representation of vulnerability as the poster shows a half face image which is an extreme close up shot that highlights the makeup run down the characters face. As well as this I feel that the overlaid image , which ahs sort of given the image a hologram effect represents the characters confusion between reality and dream, which is part of the films plot.
  12. 12. Creating synergy across products Mise en scene • Costume- Out of the three products the main character is seen wearing the same jacket in the trailer and the magazine front cover therefore meaning that an audience would be able to make a clear link. The jacket is not seen in the poster as the shot used is an extreme close up. • Hair and makeup- Throughout the three products the hair is the same style throughout and the poster and film magazine show the same makeup used to give the effect of make up running down the characters face, however this is not shown in the trailer. • Location- The same location, which is by train tracks is visible in all three products hence meaning the audience will be able to link the three products together through the location. • Lighting- Lighting is not a huge factor across my three products due to the trailer being in black and white the lighting will not make a difference. I therefore feel for this reason the lighting throughout the three products will not be something an audience will pick up upon to make a link between the products. • Blocking- Due to there only being one character throughout my three products this character will be the centre of everything and for this reason this part of mise en scene doesn’t really apply to my products.
  13. 13. How Successful I feel I was • I was most happy with how I created and portrayed a vulnerable character, which is exactly what I intended through the camera work of the trailer. • I think that as well as this I executed the camerawork very well as the camera was held still and I incorporated as much different shots as I could for example tracking shot and POV shot. • I also thought I was successful with the change of pace and incorporating the surroundings in order to do this for example the use of the change to signify the change in pace. Overall I think I am happy with the trailer that I have produced as I feel that it follows the conventions of psychological thriller trailers. The reason I think this is because the trailer is able to create a tense atmosphere for the audience without giving too much away as well as leaving the audience on a ‘cliff hanger’ at the end of the trailer hence creating suspense. This is often used at the end of trailers to create a desire for the audience to go out and watch the film.
  14. 14. Theory Levi Strauss binary opposites The most common binary opposite is good vs evil. I feel that my trailer includes a massive binary opposite, which could be described as a predator vs prey. The female character is shown as a target and has contrasting characteristics with the ‘male’ character within the film. The women character is shown as vulnerable and weak where as the male character is threatening and strong.
  15. 15. Question 3 • What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  16. 16. Online feedback Survey Monkey Survey monkey allowed me to create an online questionnaire that people can answer. The use of this gave me answers from my target audience, which gave me the right guidance of what to include into my products as this means that I will be able to alter my trailer to my target audiences preferences hence making the product better suited to them. An example of this is shown below: audience-survey-monkey.html Twitter I also incorporated the use of a social media platform to engage with my target audience so that I was able to receive some suggestions and preferences of on going work. I felt this very useful as it meant that I was able to communicate with my target audience through a more exciting way rather than just using questionnaires in order to receive feedback. An example of this is shown on the link below: ng-audience-research-through.html
  17. 17. Questionnaires I used questionnaires a lot throughout the creation process in order to gain knowledge of my target audiences preferences this enabled me to suit my ideas to them as this will be the films primary audience. I used questionnaires in order to receive feedback for the following: Target audiences expectation of a psychological thriller: Film title selection: Film logo first draft response (shown below): Presenting Questionnaire results I used an app called ‘Pie Chart 3D free’ to present my questionnaire results. I found this helpful as it showed what percentage of my target audience preferred one answer to another.
  18. 18. Feedback of trailer Teacher and class comments When I had completed my first draft of my trailer I presented it to the class and my media teacher in order to gain some feedback. After viewing the trailer I was given some sort of feedback from a few members of the class and teacher, which included the following. What went well: - Good range of shots included - Change in pace in the middle of the trailer Improvements: - Make transition between shots smoother. - Put a film ident in for example 20th century fox. - Slightly speed up the clip that was slowed down as it breaks up the trailer too much. It was fairly easy to do these improvements and I know feel that my trailer is better because of these improvements and therefore feel that feedback is important especially as a large amount of the people in my class giving feedback would fall under my target audience.
  19. 19. Feedback of poster Family and friends feedback Once I had completed the first draft of my film poster I presented it to friends and family in order to receive feedback, this was important as the people who I asked all fall into the category of my target audience. The feedback I received was what went well and improvements to make. What went well: -Film title adds a nice identity to the poster -Colour scheme -Main image creates direct address through the one eye showing Improvements: - Seems a little plain and a tagline could be added - Positioning of text of actors names would be better suited another place on the poster. I felt that the feedback given was useful and helped me to target my research and planning upon these improvements. I took inspiration from a straw dogs poster for the tagline to be positioned the way it is and the sizing as tag lines are normally smaller than it is on my poster. Repositioning the text of the actors names was very easy and was just simply a case of experimenting different positionings in order to find the best outcome.
  20. 20. Feedback of magazine Teacher comments In order to receive some critic from my teacher I showed him my first draft of my magazine front cover. I received some feedback that included what went well and areas that I should look to improve or change. What went well: - Colour scheme - Positioning of film title, main image and masthead is good Improvements: - Change the edit of the main image in order to match the style of the magazine it is for (little white lies). - Change film title to match style of magazine. I found it fairly easy to respond to this feedback as I am very comfortable with experimenting and editing and in the end I felt I found the right edit for the main image. I also felt that I chose the right font for the film title text as well as the colours of the text so that it ties in with the rest of the magazine. Below shows the improvements I made to the film title and how the film title looks next to a real example from the magazine.
  21. 21. Question 4 • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  22. 22. Blogger I used blogger as the blog platform to show my progress throughout the three projects including drafting and planning, organisation, targeting an audience and similar products. The use of a blog allowed me to express ideas and work in a more interesting way as I was able to incorporate different types of media for example YouTube videos. Using a blog for coursework is a lot easier compared to using handwritten work as the use of a blog means that I was able to edit any mistakes quite easily where as written work mistakes cannot be removed and means I would need to start again. Another advantage of using blogger is that I had the app on my phone meaning that it was accessible to make a post If I was to have an idea or a moment of inspiration. YouTube YouTube was something I used a lot especially when looking at different similar products and analysing them. I was also able to use the YouTube app making it accessible for me at any location. I used YouTube to analyse the trailer for black swan for example: products-analysis_8.html
  23. 23. Technology used-Trailer Tools used To shoot the clips for my trailer I used a recording camera. As the camera was made to record moving images rather than still images it meant that it was adapted to the task of shooting clips for a trailer. Some of these features were a strap on the side of the camera, which meant the camera was steady when using it hand held. Another tool used alongside the camera was a tripod. This meant that I was able to record a shot while the camera remained still in order to capture a clip that has good quality and the camera is not shaking. However the tripod was something I only used a few times as I wanted to give a POV perspective a lot of the time meaning the camera was hand held. Editing Once I had all of the footage that I needed I then put it all into a software called movie plus. This software enabled me to do things such as crop footage to remove any that is unwanted and slow or speed footage up and do different cuts between clips such as a fade cut. I Found the editing process fairly simple as I found the software easy to use. I felt that I was experimental when editing the trailer as I incorporated different editing techniques for example speeding up a clip for effect.
  24. 24. Technology used-poster Tools used To get the images for the poster I used a still camera, which was the cannon EOS 450D. This meant that I was able to capture good quality Images in order to give myself a good platform for the editing process. When taking pictures I attempted different shots so that I gave myself a choice of pictures and decide, which would be best fitting. Editing To edit my images I used the two features on pageplus called cut-out studio and photo lab. Cut-out studio enabled me to cut out an image from its background so that I was able to overlay it over a different background as I did with my poster. The photo lab meant that I was able to edit and add effects to an Image I used effects on my image in order to add effect and so that it fits the genre and plot of the trailer.
  25. 25. Technology used-Magazine cover Tools used To get the image for the magazine cover I again used a still camera, which was the cannon EOS 450D. This meant that I was able to capture good quality Images in order to give myself a good platform for the editing process. When taking pictures I attempted different shots so that I gave myself a choice of pictures and decide, which would be best fitting. Editing To edit my images I used the two features on pageplus called cut-out studio and photo lab as I did with my poster. The Cut-out studio enabled me to cut out an image from its background so that I was able to overlay it over a different background as I did with my poster. The photo lab meant that I was able to edit and add effects to an Image I used effects on my image in order to add effect and so that it fits the genre and plot of the trailer, as well as fitting with the conventions of the magazine where the covers look like they have been drawn and have an artistic style.

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