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Victorian Era: Social Class System


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This presentation is a informational slide that shows the different levels of the Victorian Era: Social System.

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Victorian Era: Social Class System

  1. 1. The Victorian Era: Social Classes 1837- 1901
  2. 2. Different Levels of Society● Upper Class Upper ● Middle Class Middle ● Working Class Working
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  7. 7. ~Middle Class Picture Inforfmation~Who created this picture?A: The person that created this pictures name is; Daniel Wise.What was the motivation behind this picture?A: The motivation behind the making of the picture was that he was trying to portray that, “Cooking,cleaning, and child care were seen as women’s jobs back in that time.”Where did you find this photo?A: I found this photo on a electronic library called the; Smithsonian Institutional Library.Why was it included?A: The photo was included to give an visual of what is trying to portray.What is being presented in the image, and how does it relate to your topic?A: In this image, it is presented as a women with her daughter and the women is cleaning. It relates tomy topic because, it show how the middle class had no maids or services to help, so they did itthemselves.What does the image tell you about the life in the Victorian time?A: It tell me thats how the middle class women were view and valued in The Victorian time.
  8. 8. Working/Lower Class
  9. 9. In the conclusion...At the end we realized that the higher society people worked less andstill had more money. The wore fine clothes and experienced andenjoyed things lower class couldnt, they also didnt have to work much.They higher class was also the only class where women completededucation and signified availability for marriage.The middle class was just in the middle and had some of the luxuries thehigher class did, but not all. They wore regular clothes, had limitedmoney and would have to work harder then the higher class.The lower class had the least accessories of life. They wore second -hand and often torn clothes, they were not allowed to participate in anyentertainment or sports. They had to work the most but however giventhe least or no money.
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